Frank Cassar : No longer “Australia’s Worst Landlord”

On Tuesday a commenter on my blog claimed that Frank Cassar–dubbed Australia’s Worst Landlord–died last week.

It now appears that the story is correct…

See also : Move over Frank Cassar, here comes George Maatouk! (September 29, 2011).

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9 Responses to Frank Cassar : No longer “Australia’s Worst Landlord”

  1. LRD says:

    How did you confirm his death? I can’t find any death notices or obituaries for him.

  2. @ndy says:

    I haven’t. I’ve been assured by someone who should know that the story is correct. That’s why I write it appears that the story is correct. Meaning: it could be wrogn, but it seems unlikely. Presumably, investigations are continuing…

  3. Marty Monster says:

    I really wonder if Frank Cassar was the true Landlord of the Rooming House @ No 3 St George’s Rd, Elsternwick, 3185.
    The way the Caulfield RSL sold that building cheaply, was very suspicious.
    Rumour has it, that Frank Cassar is the true landlord of this old dump.
    Frank Cassar is Maltese and so is the neighbour at No 7.
    I asked the old Maltese guy at No 7 about Frank Cassar’s alleged involvement with the old Rooming House and he got quite upset and strongly defended Frank, looks as though he’s covering up something here.
    This property was managed by an Italian guy called Frank Leone (who’s since gone to Jail on Drug Trafficking charges), who also is related to Franco Cozzo and apparently managed another flop-house for Mr Cassar in the Western Suburbs.
    Maybe Mr Leone being sent to jail contributed to Mr Cassar’s death.
    If all of these rumours are true, then it wouldn’t be surprising.

  4. Danial swift says:

    Marty Monster this is the very first i have heard anything about frank owning or renting anything out that way so quite sure you should do some home work on that one because i have been a close follower of this man and wouldnt believe anything of what you said about. “You say Frank Cassar is Maltese and so is the neighbour at No 7” just because they are both maltese dont mean anything quite sure thats nothing at all to go off. and as you said rumour has it, noone can confirm with strong facts or proof that Frank Cassar owns or rents that house out. i think you just hoping this is correct information and have put it all together in the hope something comes of it. this information can not be surprising as you cant confirm it to be true or not as you have said if all of these rumours are true.

  5. Marty Monster says:

    In response to “know it all” Danielle Swift or whatever its name is, the only thing I got wrong, is the correct address of the Maltese guy in Elsternwick.
    It’s No 9 St George’s Rd not No 7, sorry readers my mistake!
    Also No 9 has security cameras on the property, so don’t try & trespass. (Ha! Ha!)
    Also I can confirm Frank Cassar’s involvement in the St George’s Road flophouse, because it was mentioned (from my memory) on the current affairs shows (Channels 7 & 9) that Mr Cassar also owned a rooming house in Elsternwick, at 3 St George’s Rd, to my knowledge is the only rooming house in Elsternwick (at that time), that must have been the one.
    Anyway Miss Swift or whatever gender you are, if you have Maltese background and are offended by what I say here, tough! Maltese are hard-nosed business people and they’re not millionaires for nothing!
    Anyway, it’s the fault of the Caulfield RSL committee (also on St George’s Rd) for selling the old Army Hostel in the first place!
    Mr Cassar & Leone, both western suburbs wogs, saw a financial opportunity and took advantage of it, that’s all! The RSL across the road is obviously badly run (despite having lucrative pokie machines) and flogged off the old hostel too cheap!

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