Lies? Libel?

Uh-oh, spaghetti-oh.

Subject : Re: DreamHost allows Nazi Violence
Posted by : norm1037 (DH Smarty Pants)
Posted on : 07/07/06 12:00 PM

I think you are right.

[Norm, responding to a previous comment by another user on the subject of the now defunct neo-Nazi website / online hitlist Redwatch Poland, and the attempt to bring the issue to DreamHost’s attention : Their “offensive free speech” would accomplish less if you ignored it rather than posting about it for everyone to read.]

And the trouble with these so called free speech sites is that if the free speech made by others does not fit their own ideas then just change the speech and lie about what was said and by whom.

I have been targeted and libelled at this site just for making a comment in this thread.

Seems I work for DreamHost and mentioned something about rabbits or wabbits.

Clearly a strange person who runs the site and has never bothered to read the whole thread… sigh.

Just as well I am able to switch to another parallel universe and ignore it all!


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHost’s.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!
You act on my advice at your own risk!


But still…

Here’s what I wrote:

DreamHost employee ‘norm1037′ replies :

I am sure that most DreamHost customers would abhor the type of sites you refer to, myself included.

But I always have two phrases keep [sic] popping into my mind, “know thine enemy” and “knowledge is power”. I am sure it is better to know where these sites are, who is posting to them and who is reading them.

No doubt DreamHost could delete these sites in a micro-second, but I wouldn’t want them popping up again from some strange anonymously routed site or untouchable island in the middle of an Ocean. Perhaps where they are now is most convenient.

Let us perhaps be a little cunning [”we’re hunting wabbits!”] and wait and watch!

Just my two-pennyworth.


Two-penny? Hmmm. While it’s to be hoped that most DreamHost customers — with at least one obvious exception — would abhor redwatch, it’s not especially relevant. After all, whatever DreamHost customers might “abhor”, none are in a position to deny redwatch its access to DreamHost webhosting facilities. That responsibility lies with DreamHost.

Norm writes: “I am sure it is better to know where these sites are, who is posting to them and who is reading them.”


Better than what? Not knowing where these sites are, who is posting to them, and who is reading them?

Well, the first question is easily answered: DreamHost is where Polish fascism’s at. As to who’s posting to them and who’s reading them, until such time as DreamHost or someone else states otherwise, only DreamHost and (presumably) the site’s owner knows.

What’s the alternative?

They could be hosted elsewhere.

That’s the point.

“Know thine enemy”? Um, yeah. neo-Nazis for a start…

“Knowledge is power”? Um, OK…

Your first question, for 10 points, is…

What ‘lies’?

OK, so Norm’s not a DreamHost employee; I mistakenly assumed otherwise.

And for 20…

What ‘libel’?

Norm’s ability to switch, at will, to another parallel universe is truly awe-inspiring, but I’m less than impressed by his seeming inability to articulate his concerns to me directly.

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