Peter Watson on homosexuality and paedophilia

Stone the bloody crows.

FTR, Peter Watson’s comments on homosexuality and paedophilia — as made famous in a Courier Mail report — were originally published as a comment on my blog on March 26, 2009 (not 2007 as some media maintain).

Here it is:

Peter Watson says:
March 26, 2009 at 9:15 pm

I am not lunatic and nor am I mad. The ideas that I am putting forward are really logical if you think about them. They are based on years of studying and thinking about the current situation and system that are facing the Australian people. The reason why you think that I am mad is because my ideas are totally different to … your ideas. I never said “mad discussions”. The reason why I refer to Drew as comrade is because he is a very good friend to have in the battle against international anarchism and the capitalist-intelligentsia regime which currently controls Australia through proxy forces in the legislature, executive and in the legal system. I was being serious when I was talking about the local gym and Drew’s decision to become involved in his local gym for young men. You people have no idea how serious I am when I talk about these and other matters at hand. Just wait until I prove my self and then all you people will be scared. Yes, I am homophobic. Homosexuals disgust me with their decadent attitudes to life and their life styles. They are really bad for our society and they need to be dealt with by the powers to be. The homosexuals are the true social degenerates. It is a proven fact that most paedophiles are homosexual. Homosexuality and paedophilia go hand in hand with each other. [T]o deal with one you must deal with the other in order to wipe them from society. They are social degenerates destroying our society’s values. We must come up with a final solution to solve these problems. You people think that I am trying to be funny or be a comedian. Well, I am not. In fact, I am more serious th[a]n most people think. Just wait until the new world order when we achieve power.

* “Drew” is John Drew, former member of Dr Jim Saleam’s Australia First Party and middle-aged leader of the now-defunct Patriotic Youth League, the yoof wing of AF, recently re-branded as the Eureka Youth League.
** Peter is also quoted by as follows: “One post from 2007 also talks about dressing up as Soviet soldiers to fight the US. “We all attack each other with water guns, rocks, sticks,” it says.” This comment — and not the comment above — was made in 2007 (August 6, 2007, to be exact).

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7 Responses to Peter Watson on homosexuality and paedophilia

  1. Dave says:

    Peter Watson had it 100% correct ! homo’s gays & the like are alll undermining Australian Family Values! if I had power id Nuke the lot (sterilization) after alll if your A Gay you realy dont have use nor need for reproductive equipment

  2. Doogemaster says:

    yeah, i agrees with the guy who says he’s not mad. us Australians lost a lot of really good family values in the Second World War when a lot of Aussies got confused by the Jews and did a lot to stop the spread of good Aussie family values when they interrupted Hitler’s invasion of Australia. Hitler had good family values and would have built plenty of death camps for homosexual Aussies. homosexuals are very un-Australian and probably Jewish or controlled by Jews. Aussie need to get more educated enough to read what Hitler said.

  3. Doug says:

    So this Watson kid was supposedly a member of AF at 16?
    That is after he’d passed through his Stalinist phase at 14, a tendency which was found wanting by the fractious tot after literally years of reflection.

  4. Lumpen says:

    if I had power id Nuke the lot (sterilization) after alll if your A Gay you realy dont have use nor need for reproductive equipment

    your A Gay


  5. @ndy says:


    Peter is a phantasist, so it’s a bit confusing. On VNN he wrote:

    “The Stalinist League ceased to exist in [September] 2009. I joined Australia First in April 2006 but was expelled in July 2006. I joined the Australia First Party in December 2009 and left in April 2011 over a disagreement with the Queensland Secretary and the Party’s state officials.”

    So in this account his pretend Stalinist party existed up until he was aged 16 or 17; its website (one of several Peter established, eg, and was last updated in July 2008.

    More :

  6. patty says:

    “It is a proven fact that most paedophiles are homosexual. Homosexuality and paedophilia go hand in hand with each other.”

    Wow, I am totally shocked. Don’t tell me that there is another more ill-informed and downright stupid person than Jimbo himself? Never thought I would live to see the day!

    Um Dave, sterilization does not mean castration. I think you might need to look these things up on the internet, actually read about them though yeah?

    Or do you think to ‘nuke’ means to sterilize? I’m confused. Do you think homosexuals should have their own gyms or do you think that you just should go to the gym to focus on fitness and exercise and not the sexual orientation of others? Which one?

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