15,000 hits per annum? F*ck.


News Media Council eh?

The second change arises from the fact that there are many newsletter publishers and bloggers, although no longer part of the ‘lonely pamphleteer’ tradition, who offer up-to-date reflections on current affairs. Quite a number have a very small audience. There are practical reasons for excluding from the definition of ‘news media’ publishers who do not have a sufficiently large audience. If a publisher distributes more than 3000 copies of print per issue or a news internet site has a minimum of 15 000 hits per annum it should be subject to the jurisdiction of the News Media Council, but not otherwise. These numbers are arbitrary, but a line must be drawn somewhere.

I wonder how the Council will measure hits from the blog? In any case, 15,000 hits per annum is bugger-all: I get that many page views in a week (or two).

Moar later.

In the meantime…

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2 Responses to 15,000 hits per annum? F*ck.

  1. Ben C says:

    So instead of updating their laws for the digital age, just try to clamp down until it goes away?

    3000 print copies per issue (for a weekly? monthly? quarterly? do they know the difference?) is potentially vastly more than 15000 “hits” per year (which could be many less in terms of visitor numbers, if each one visits more than once over the year).


  2. @ndy says:

    Hmmm… dunno. Ain’t read Finkelstein’s report yet, and only a tiny proportion of the commentary. Fwiw, Littlemore reckons Disney got it right, which is that if The Media don’t want what’s in F’s report, they’re gonna have to give the paper tiger of the APC moar teef. Otherwise, yeah: it’s a bit odd that a report of this kind should fuck-up basic infos re copies ~v~ hits etc, and teh stoopid certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in its overall integrity…

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