CEC LaRouchites save Melbourne from Barack HUSSEIN O’Bama’s Armageddon!

Defeat the British Crown’s Green Fascist Dictatorship!
Charles Darwin was a Fraud!

9 out of 10 experts agree: the LaRouche kvlt is one of the most entertainingly batshit political kvlts around.

Born in 1922, kvlt leader Lyndon LaRouche is an x-Trot who in the mid-1960s began to lay the groundwork for his movement among the student ‘New Left’. By the mid-1970s, the bizarros had formed a fully-fledged kvlt of epic trolling proportions (see : Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism by William Dennis King (1989/2007) for lulz). In Australia, LaRouche’s followers gather under the umbrella of the “Citizens Electoral Council”, which for many years has been run straight outta Coburg/Pascoe Vale under the leadership of the Isherwoods.

Initially established in the late 1980s as a pressure group seeking electoral reform, by the early 1990s the CEC had become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the North American ‘physical economist’. To the extent that they’re aware of its existence, most Australians would likely be familiar with the CEC either by way of their habit of running last in elections or, perhaps, through walking past one of their numerous stalls — generally concentrated on busy city streets or, sometimes, University campuses — where kvlt members decry the malign influence of The Royal Family over Australian and world politics.

Oh, and central role in the illicit drugs industry.


Funnily enough, back in 2007 I advocated a vote for the CEC.

Well… kinda.

That is, not really.

But even if I did, I doubt anybody would pay attention. After all, their track record is — quite frankly — appalling, the CEC’s candidates coming last in almost every ballot they’ve ever contested. In fact, the contrast between the CEC’s electoral performance and its financial status is one of the more curious features of the micro-party’s history. In the last decade, the CEC has generated many millions in revenue: in FY2010/11, $1,854,684.00; in 2009/10, $1,784,272.00; in 2008/09, $1,803,691.00; in 2007/08, $1,800,281.21; in 2006/07, $0; in 2005/06, $1,823,311.63… and so on, all the way back to 1998/99, when the party raised a mere $1,077,982.80.

In FY2003/4:

The second largest single donation was from Queensland man Mr H.R. (Ray) Gillham, who gave $500,000 to the right-wing Citizens Electoral Council.

The CEC, a group considered by most political observers to be an anti-Semitic organisation, confirmed that Mr Gillham was a “long-term supporter and regular candidate”.

Taking in other donations over the year, Mr Gillham – who stood, unsuccessfully, as a Senate candidate for the party at the federal election in 2004 – gave the party $864,100.

Not what you’d call value for money really is it?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah… KRudd’s plan for planetary annihilation.

SOMETIMES Strewth worries about giving more oxygen to the Citizens Electoral Council, but the thought occurs — usually while wading through a tract about Prince Philip’s lust for genocide — that it’s not oxygen they’re inhaling. Still, going by the broken clock principle and assuming there’s a chance the CEC is right now and then, it seems prudent to point out this vital Kevin Rudd-related headline in their latest report: “Kevin007 is pushing World War III.” Just bear that in mind next time you have an attack of Rudd-algia. Also included in the CEC report, “Should Australia grow more food?”

Who doesn’t like food?

As for averting nuclear war, LaRouche’s followers have documented their efforts to do so on the streets of Melbourne last weekend. As if to confirm The Royal Family’s control of the world drug trade and plan for total annihilation the British consul refused to meet with the protesters and to explain why The Queen’s puppet O’Bama behaves as he does.

See also : ‘Dialectic of Counter Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat for the Lunatic Fringe’, Martin Jay, Salmagundi, No.168/169, Fall 2010/Winter 2011, in which Jay gives partial credit to the LaRouche kvlt for propagating the right-wing meme about how The House of Windsor The Frankfurt School lies at the heart of The Problem.

…it wasn’t really until a decade or so ago that the School as a whole entered the netherworld of garbled memedom, and began circulating in a wide variety of narratives, such as that promoted by Estulin and Castro. Most of these, to be sure, came from a very different political direction. Patrick Buchanan’s 2001 best-selling screed against the nefarious impact of immigration, The Death of the West, was one major source, stigmatizing as it did the Frankfurt School for promoting “cultural Marxism” (a recycling of the old Weimar conservative charge of “cultural Bolshevism” aimed at aesthetic modernists). But the opening salvo had, in fact, been fired a decade earlier in a lengthy essay by one Michael Minnicino called “New Dark Age: Frankfurt School and ‘Political Correctness’,” published in 1992 in the obscure journal Fidelio. Its provenance is particularly telling: it was an organ of the Lyndon Larouche movement cum cult, one of the less savory curiosities of nightmare fringe politics.

Larouche and his followers have, to be sure, always remained on the fringe of the fringe, too confused in their ideology to be taken seriously by either radical left or right, with little, if any significant impact on the real world. But the germ sown by Minnicino was ultimately to bear remarkable poisonous fruit. The harvester was the Free Congress Foundation, a paleo-conservative Washington think tank founded by Paul Weyrich, who was also in on the creation of the Heritage Foundation and the Moral Majority movement. Much of the financial support came from his collaborator Joseph Coors, who knew how to turn all that pure Rocky Mountain water into a cash flow for the radical right. The FCF sponsored a satellite television network called National Empowerment Television, which churned out slickly produced shows promulgating its various opinions…

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