Arthur Kemp ~versus~ Anti-Fascists Online

A few months ago now I was forced to remove from my blog a photograph of former BNP fascist Arthur Kemp wearing a very fetching cowboy hat and a colourful and highly-fashionable shirt. Oh, and posing in front of a Nazi symbol.

The image was re-published elsewhere, including on the blog Hurry Up Harry.

Then it too removed the image, as did blogger Edmund Standing.

Now the ‘Anti-Fascists Online’ blog has helpfully provided links to a range of free hosting services where the image is also available, claiming that in addition “I will make a zip file of the rest of the info that his ex wife sent me, including the Skype chats that she allegedly had with Kemp”.

That should make for interesting reading.

In the meantime, why not download a copy of the image yourself? You may even like to erect it as a billboard somewhere else on the information superhighway…

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  1. TheWitness says:

    A more recent photo of Arthur Kemp has just been published:

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