NSW local council election results : far left and far right (2012)

Update (September 17) : Huzzah! The Australia First Party (Penrith) and the Communist Party of Australia (Auburn) have both had members elected to council.

Results are trickling in for the 2012 NSW local council elections. Thus far, the ‘mysterious’ Australia First Party — which has stood a larger number of candidates than at any previous election — appears to have received only a negligible tally; so too Nicholas Folkes (the Australian Protectionist Party’s sole candidate in Leichhardt (Wangal/Rozelle-Lilyfield)) and Muslamic oppositionist Sergio Redegalli — though Sergio’s ticket has thus far attracted moar support than the beleagured Socialist Alliance in Marrickville (North Ward – Wali).

Australian Protectionist Party

Update (September 12) : Oops. While Folkes may have proven to be electoral poison in Leichhardt, Nathan Smith in Forbes has managed to attract 215 votes (3.9%). Placed 12th of the 14 candidates, Nathan narrowly avoided being one of nine candidates elected to Council.

The Australian Protectionist Party — widely referred to as Australia’s most Pathetic — stood one candidate in the local council elections: Nicholas Folkes (Leichhardt, Wangal/Rozelle-Lilyfield). The APP previously (June/July 2012) obtained some minor notoriety for organising a public rally in Sydney demanding that the Australian Government mass murder asylum seekers (the resulting publicity creating a minor split in the party and prompting the resignation of chief spokesperson Darrin Hodges) and briefly appearing in an episode of Joe Hildebrand’s ABC-TV documentary series Dumb, Drunk & Racist expressing hatred and contempt for the detainees at Villawood. Most recently, Folkes was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sadly for the Protectionists, Folkes has proven to be a massively unpopular candidate for local council, obtaining the puny sum of 32 votes (0.53%) [final total: 41]. Previously (2011), Folkes stood for the state seat of Balmain, obtaining more votes (289) but only a slightly improved percentage (0.60%). These dismal results are unlikely to dissuade Folkes from continuing to rabbit on about Filipinos and Muslamics, communists and homesexualists, but do suggest that the Pathetic party has a long way to go before its army of keyboard commandoes obtain even a modicum of electoral support from the general public.

Of related interest, fellow bigot and sometime APP ally Sergio Redegalli also threw his tinfoil helmet into the ring, joining two other concerned Australians (George Reiterbauer and Chelsea Kovic) competing for the political loyalties of the citizens of Marrickville (North Ward). For their efforts the trio received 396 votes (4.49%).

Australia First Party

The Pathetic party’s principal rival on the far right is the ‘Australia First Party’, currently under the leadership of convicted criminal and veteran fascist militant Dr James Saleam (pronounced ‘Sail-‘Em’, apparently). AF stood a total of 23 candidates in six councils: Blacktown (Ward 5), Blue Mountains (First Ward), Hawkesbury, Penrith (East Ward), Sutherland (Ward A) and Wollondilly (North Ward). Initial results suggest that the return has been negligible, the party appearing to have done best in Penrith (East Ward), obtaining a little less than 10% of the total. Surprisingly, given their outspoken support for what the party described as being the ‘White Civil Uprising’ in Cronulla in December 2005, AF only managed to secure the measly sum of 180 votes (0.7%) in Sutherland.

Bonus! The Battle for Communism in Auburn

A wombat has told me that a communist was also battling for a place on local council: Tony Oldfield in Auburn. Tony and his comrades have at this stage obtained a total of 1,269 votes (9.23%). Depending on the preference flow, this may mean Auburn will be re-dubbed Red Auburn.

Or maybe not.

Denis Doherty on the other hand is part of a historic shift in left politics in Sydney where the team of which he is the lead member is composed of Socialist Alliance members and other community members. The Housing Action Team has Ray Jackson from the Indigenous community, Raul Bassi an Argentinian migrant and now activist, Jay Fletcher journalist with the Greenleft and Andrew Chuter a maths teacher from Erskinville.

Sadly, the whole historical movement remains concentrated in the hands of the bourgeoisie — in Sydney, at least, as the historic shift has hit a slight roadblock, with just 548 votes (1.11%) being cast for communism.

SA also stood candidates in Woodville Ward, Parramatta. They gots 284 votes (2.9%) for their troubles, thumped by Liberals (3836 votes/30.4%), Woodville Independents (3481 votes/27.5%), Labor (3314 votes/26.2%) and Independents (1722 votes/13.6%). As noted, in Marrickville (Wali Ward) SA also proved to be less popular than anti-Muslim campaigner Sergio Redegalli: 516 (5.7%) to 361 (4.0%).

See also : Two Communists running in local government elections, Dr Hannah Middleton, The Guardian, No.1559, August 8, 2012 | NSW local council election results : far left and far right (September 14, 2008).

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14 Responses to NSW local council election results : far left and far right (2012)

  1. Wombo says:

    “beleaguered”? It looks like they got their deposit back for a change. Hardly “beleaguered”, methinks.

    Also, it appears Sergio and friends were handing out oranges all day. Perhaps lemons might have been more appropriate?

  2. Wombo says:

    In other news, I hear the communist party may have won a seat on Auburn Council…

  3. @ndy says:

    Ah yes but are they a wombat?

  4. Sawl. says:

    Poor Penrith, I weep for thee.

  5. @ndy says:

    In the East Ward, Labor came out on top w about 37%, followed by the ‘Liberal-leaning’ ticket headed by Tricia Hitchen (24%) while AF and an Independent ticket each received about 10%… there’s five seats up for grabs so I guess it’s possible AF might grab one (depending on preference flows?).

  6. Allan Ritchie says:

    In my opinion your opposition to these socalled far right candidates australia first austalia protectionist and redegalli is unreasonable after all what is so great about the other candidates that results in such a extreme distinction Ive lost an amount equal to half my invalid pension since 1972 on shares and other financial system things yet Ive got no help from any of the parties so all I can say is none believe in the old saying do upon others as you would have others do upon you so I dont think they are in any way inferior to the others Allan Ritchie they just have a different point of view but in any event surely immigration will one day stop its just a matter of when as far as I can see these people are just of the opinion that that should be sooner rather than later

  7. Bongo says:

    It’s good to see the commos and nazis still getting out there and having a go. Fortunately for all humans and beasts they no longer have any impact upon anything, and as long as this is the case, they will have my utmost support.

  8. @ndy says:

    @Allan Ritchie:

    Whether or not the Australia First and Australian Protectionist parties may be regarded as far right obviously depends on how you define this term. If far right means extremely conservative or reactionary then I think a reasonable argument could be made that AF and APP may be regarded as ‘far right’; I’ve written about this question elsewhere, and partly in response to former APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges. (Sergio Redegalli stood as an independent candidate and, apart from being known as a glass sculptor, is mostly famous for his hostility to Islam and consequent association with the APP, attending their rallies and performing in some of their publicity stunts.)

    Regarding the other candidates, I’m not aware of any others that espoused the same or similar politics, tho’ I do refer to some candidates (CPA, SA) as belonging to the ‘far left’.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost a considerable proportion of your pension, but I’m not sure what this has to do with the above. I’m also not sure if human movement will ever stop — at least not until the species itself extinguishes.

  9. sergio says:

    Hi all, When will you people start getting the facts correct and stop all the B.S. you people have my phone number, try communicating and asking real questions and getting real information. After 2 years you people should have worked out more than you have! Regards, Sergio, always happy to talk about the truth.

  10. @ndy says:

    G’day Sergio,

    Dunno what you mean by “you people”: this blog is authored by me, Andy. Also dunno which facts you believe are incorrect: feel free to elaborate.

  11. Doug says:

    I can deduce from Allan’s remarks that he believes the Australian government should help Australians who’ve experienced financial problems ahead of immigrants who are arriving looking for “a better life”.
    Population movement will stop when there’s no longer any advantage to being in one place as opposed to another, in my opinion that will be never, when European societies eventually start to look like Brazil or South Africa the seekers of better lives will start moving toward China and the “Tiger” countries.

  12. @ndy says:

    You reckon the Australian government is responsible for the decline in the value of Allan’s shares and that it conspired to do so in order to provide recompense to (newly-arrived) migrants?

    Population movement is as old as humanity. The imposition of border controls dates from the late nineteenth century. European societies have been the site of and produced enormous human carnage, including in Brazil and South Africa.

  13. Josh Uthira says:

    What a shame to see the nuns with the guns in hand on this page!

    [S]hall we shall [sic] another protest for this!

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