“OK well that’s a strongly-held opinion on your part Greg but…” WE ALL HATE CATHOLICS AMIRITE?


It’s a conspiracy!

Foreigner Uncle Rupert’s Australian foreign editor Greg ‘Massacre? What Massacre?’ Sheridan reckons the ABC (Gay BC amirite?) has been conspiring with David Marr to launch an attack upon Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

‘Cause Tony’s a Catholic and they hate Catholics.


Marr’s essay contains a story about how The Mad Monk monstered a fellow student politician, Barbara Ramjan, back in 1977.

This attack upon The Monk has greatly angered Greg, and despite Marius Benson’s attempts to silence him, Sheridan’s effectively blown the lid off the whole thing:

“You might want to censor me but I want to say something here. This is the most disgraceful, sectarian, anti-Catholic campaign I’ve ever seen and the ABC should hang its head in shame for what it has given – uncritical and worshipful coverage to the most disgracefully incompetent, sloppy, inaccurate, vindictive piece of nasty writing by David Marr that has ever been produced. Not a scrap of evidence about it, not a single eyewitness, and nothing alleged in the first place anyway and if this was happening about any other politician it would be laughed out of court…

The importance of Tony Abbott being my best friend at that time is that we discussed every single aspect of any event of that kind whatsoever and nothing like that ever happened. This is just a smear campaign against a bloke… And you blokes are exaggerating an absurd and ridiculous – preposterous – tale in a way that you wouldn’t against anybody else and it comes down to anti-Catholic sectarianism on the part of the ABC and on the part of Marr… Why would the ABC give a worshipful, uncritical and unbalanced interview to David Marr on Lateline whose article is full of inaccuracies – full of inaccuracies – when Marr is a committed man of the left and motivated by an obsessive hostility to Catholicism…?”

Etc., etc., etc..

Back in April, Sheridan was sharing a coffee with his BFF Tony at University Cafe in Lygon Street when a commando unit of vicious screaming lesbian terrorists took them by surprise — the restraint the pair showed in the face of this outrageous provocation surely proof that Our Next PM is indeed A Top Bloke.

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6 Responses to “OK well that’s a strongly-held opinion on your part Greg but…” WE ALL HATE CATHOLICS AMIRITE?

  1. Carlo Sands says:

    “This is the most disgraceful, sectarian, anti-Catholic campaign I’ve ever seen…”

    Wow. I guess the violent anti-Catholic pogroms in Ireland’s north in 1969 that drove tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people from their homes and caused the greatest forced movement of people in Europe since World War II, and featured sectarian Protestant paramilitaries and cops shooting to kill at any Catholic they saw, and sent the six counties into a nightmare spiral of violence and repression for decades… I mean, sure that was a bit rough. But exposing Tony Abbott as a violent misogynist shithead is really an unprecedented attack on Catholics.

  2. @ndy says:

    In fairness to the foreign editor, he missed more than a few atrocities in East Timor back in the day, so not to take notice of the movements of a few angry, upset and possibly terrorist Paddys a decade earlier is no big thing. Besides, Tony Abbott is a Good man — why else would Sheridan be his lifelong friend?

  3. LeftInternationalist says:

    If you want to start breaking out in guffaws, I suggest you read one of ol’ Greg’s most recent articles, ‘Selective Cold War memories’, which is a little self contradictory, to say the least. Mr ‘No Massacre’ Sheridan proclaims to all and sundry that student politics at unis in the 70s can be summed up as, ‘if you thought the Soviet Union abused and threatened human rights, you were obviously a wild reactionary’- furthermore, ‘if you supported Soviet foreign policy, supported Pol Pot, believed in violence, dedicated yourself to destroying the traditional family and promoting illegal drug use, you were a progressive intellectual whose heroism deserved the nation’s thanks’- in fact, the Maoists had nothing on the Trotskyists, who are ‘often the most violent subculture of the far Left’- interesting, given that they actually did not support Soviet foreign policy or Pol Pot- although I suppose they can take some credit for promoting illegal drug use. I seem to remember a certain Mr Khrushchev congratulating Stalin in his secret speech for eliminating ‘Trotskyites, Zinovievites and Bukharinites’- no doubt Sheridan agrees with Comrade Stalin. I was surprised he did not bring up the spectre of anarchists out to steal your children in the night, given quite a few were active in student politics in the 70s- and, I might note, were not supporters of Pol Pot or Soviet foreign policy. I wonder what Sheridan made of the young Thatcherites who used to hobnob around Britain with ‘Hang Mandela’ t-shirts- I suppose they’re just exercising their democratic right to free speech. That is, when they’re not defending the traditional family and generally being good, upstanding citizens defending law and order.

  4. LeftInternationalist says:

    But then again, I suppose Mandela was among the ‘Third World extremist(s)’ which Sheridan identifies as people those dastardly far-left students sided with, who anyway all ‘supported the interests of the Soviet Union’. I imagine there’s some ageing Maoist out there really angry at this article, already preparing an angry letter denouncing Sheridan for not realising how ‘revisionist’ the Soviet Union had become by deviating from the line of the Great Patriotic Leader Stalin, as the Great Helmsman Chairman Mao outlined.

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