redwatch uk. again.

Press Gazette, July 21, 2006 :

Yorkshire Evening Post journalist and anti-racism campaigner Pete Lazenby has said newspaper publishers have a “moral obligation” to help bring down the far right website Redwatch believed to be responsible for a number of attacks across the country.

The Guardian, July 21, 2006 :

Following a series of attacks on anti-racist campaigners, Home Office ministers will meet police chiefs next week to consider action against individuals linked to a far-right website that publishes the addresses of politicians, teachers and trade unionists.

Home Office minister Vernon ‘When I was a student I smoked marijuana‘ Coaker met with MPs and trade unionists yesterday in the wake of the latest incident, in which anti-fascist campaigner Alec McFadden, the president of the Merseyside TUC, was stabbed in the face after his details were listed on the Redwatch site…

…Angela Eagle is the MP for Wallasey, Mr McFadden’s home constituency, and her photograph appears on the front page of the Redwatch website, alongside that of the Yorkshire Evening Post journalist Peter Lazenby…

“…The site is registered by two UK and one US citizen and the police know who they are”, she said…

…Until now, there were doubts that the website could be closed down because it is hosted in the US.

But news that Redwatch‘s sister site in Poland has been shut down following cooperation between police there and in the US has given the government new hope.

UK ministers confirmed earlier this week they were in touch with the US authorities in relation to the UK site.

NB. the parasitic Redwatch Poland subsequently obtained a new host, also located in the US[?].

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