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”It’s an idea I believe doesn’t work,” Koch says, likening Wilson’s utopia to 20th-century communism and hippie communes. At university, Koch embraced anarchism, wanting the abolition of money and the state for a society that shared everything. ”But it is inevitable that it ends up being a dictatorship. Anarchism was never put into practice except in Spain and the Communists destroyed them … I gave it up by the time I was about 23.”


And there’s serial candidate and anarchist Joseph Toscano and former councillor Gary Singer, who is running with John So, the son of former lord mayor and unexpected cult figure John So.


Poet and broadcaster Alicia Sometimes, too, finds a ”delicious eye-opener” in Jeff and Jill Sparrow’s Radical Melbourne: A Secret History. ”Who knew Her Majesty’s Theatre once heard the cries of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ as parts of her held the beginnings of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, or that gun lofts were designed for Parliament House so if protesters got a little too unruly, well, maybe they could be sorted out?”


Mutiny zine gotta blog here. I made a comment in reply to Matt Kiem’s article on Colouring inside the thin blue line: media and Sydney’s Muslim protests (October 7, 2012) — which I still gotta conclude with.


Matthew Kyle Duran, Katherine “Kteeo” Olejnik and Leah-Lynne Plante are three anarchists from the US Pacific North-West who’ve been thrown in jail for refusing to cooperate with a Grand Jury. Plante was caged on October 10. Will Potter writes “The grand jury is investigating anarchists in the Northwest, following FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force raids in search of “anarchist literature.” Two other anarchists, Matthew Kyle Duran and Katherine Olejnik, have already been imprisoned for refusing to cooperate.” The grand jury is part of a longstanding and ongoing campaign of harassment and persecution by FBI and other US agencies of anarchists and other radicals in this part of the world. See also : The State is a ‘Black Hole’ Seeking to Swallow Up People for Their Radical Beliefs, Kevin Gosztola, The Dissenter/firedoglake, October 12, 2012.

For more infos on the cases and how youse can halp, see : Committee Against Political Repression | Support Grand Jury Resisters | Free Leah.

Statement From A Resister – Leah-Lynn Plante from Because We Must on Vimeo.

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Apparently, there’s not one but two docos about anarchism in the works: you can donate to both too. The producer of one, Denmark Vesey, writes On the Need for an Explicitly “Anarchist” Cinema (September 28, 2012) for Dissident Voice.

No God No Master has just been released in the US and you can read an unflattering review here.

I’m still waiting for news on Homage to Catalonia

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