Morans strike. Again.

Update (March 27): James Hutchings is one of our guests on ‘The SUWA Show’, 5.30pm Friday, March 28 on 3CR (855AM).

The morans belonging to the Australia First Party (AF) have done it. Again. (See : Antifa ‘Slackbastard’ Outed And Named. By Morons., October 11, 2010.)

On the AF blog —– and Stormfront website — — AF have misidentified me as James Hutchings. The party has made no attempt to justify their reasoning on this occasion, but would appear to be lashing out following the redecoration of their party headquarters in Tempe in February.

The most comprehensive profile of party leader Dr Jim Saleam to have appeared in print thus far is probably Greg Bearup’s piece ‘The Audacity of Hate’ (Good Weekend, September 26/27, 2009), while David Greason‘s 1994 book I was a teenage fascist (McPhee Gribble) provides a highly readable account of the early evolution of National Action (NA), Saleam’s previous party vehicle.

Seemingly unhappy with his privileged lot, Saleam has a long criminal history, ranging from the petty to the more serious. In 1984 he was convicted of stealing. In 1985 he was convicted of defacing walls. In 1986 he was convicted of possession of a prohibited article and, on appeal, sentence was deferred upon him entering into a recognisance to be of good behaviour for three years. In 1987 he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of twelve months on charges of receiving and obtaining money by a false statement. Most notably, however, in 1991 Saleam junked NA when he was sent to jail for organising a shotgun assault on the Sydney home of African National Congress representative Eddie Funde. He resumed his involvement in fascist politics upon his release by assuming leadership of AF. (On NA, see : Troy Whitford, ‘A political history of National Action: Its fears, ideas, tactics and conflicts’, Rural Society, Vol.20, No.2, April 2011.)

In October 2013, Saleam was barred from entering New Zealand in order to attend a function organised by the neo-Nazi group ‘Right Wing Resistance’.


In his 10th straight year at university but flush with his dead father’s cash, Jim Saleam bought a house at 725 Princes Highway, Tempe, for $90,000. It was 1983 and this grim little terrace, along the main trucking route to Port Botany and just beyond Sydney airport’s runways, has been the Australian headquarters for hate politics ever since.”

And then there was the incident in 1991, when a small group gathered for a little celebration on Hitler’s birthday. Saleam was not at home, but two skinheads, Wayne “Bovver” Smith and Perry Whitehouse, mates of Saleam and members of National Action, were residing at 725 Princes Highway. Smith was a fearsome thug who used to terrify students, pastors and gays and was, says a former National Action member, “one of those kids at school who’d thump you in the face and steal your sandwiches”. He also bulled the smaller Whitehouse relentlessly. One day Whitehouse snapped. He raced upstairs and grabbed a .22 rifle. ASIO was bugging the house at the time and recorded the entire incident.

“I’ll show ya what I got to say,” Whitehouse yelled as he came downstairs.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. “That’s what I’ve got to f…’in say.”

Smith’s last gasps could be heard on the bug as Whitehouse danced around, mocking him. Smith was wearing a T-shirt that stated, “Say no to the new gun control laws.”

There are a lot of skeletons in Jim Saleam’s Tempe closet.

A lot of skeletons, yes, but not a lot of bRanes …

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2023 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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54 Responses to Morans strike. Again.

  1. Nathan says:

    Why don’t you then spare everyone a favour and have the guts to out yourself. Jim Saleam doesn’t hide behind a nom de plume but you do. Could it be that you lack the courage to face these guys? That appears to be a trademark of your ilk. Hey, you say Jim Saleam was convicted of ‘defacing walls’, yet you and your bogan mates from that pocky anarchist bookshop in Spewtown crawl about like roaches in the middle of the night and … what? Oh yeah, deface private property. You’re a gutless pilchard, Andy. These folks don’t hide but you HAVE TO. And Bovver and his murderer were the victims of false operations. You’d know all about them.

  2. @ndy says:

    G’day Nathan,

    My name’s Andy Fleming. I’m not going to post my address or telephone number here — for reasons which are pretty obvious. As for Dr Jim, I don’t merely claim that he was convicted of defacing walls, I quote from a court judgment, one publicly available and which I’ve quoted previously. Here it is in full:


    2. Dr Jim has indeed been jailed for his crimes, though he insists that his conviction for supplying a gun to some boneheads to play with was the result of an ASIO conspiracy against him. On Jim’s previous criminal and political convictions, see : Troy Whitford, ‘A political history of National Action: Its fears, ideas, tactics and conflicts’, Rural Society, Vol.20, No.2, April 2011. (David Greason’s book I was a teenage fascist (McPhee Gribble, 1994) is also highly useful in terms of understanding fascist politics in Australia during this and the preceding era.) In addition to these, in the Judgement handed down by Newman, Studdert and Hulme in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal on October 12, 1999 (R v Saleam [1999], NSWCCA 342), Hulme notes that:

    On 28 September 1994 the appellant was charged before Judge Viney:-

    “For that he between 1 June 1990 and 9 July 1990 did conspire with John Rex Anderson to maliciously damage, by means of fire, a motor vehicle, the property of Peter Coleman”.

    3 The appellant pleaded not guilty and the trial, with the consent of the appellant, was by Judge alone. The evidence adduced by the Crown consisted of a number of statements, one by Mr Anderson, one by Mr Coleman and a number by police officers. It also included two affidavits by the appellant and some evidence he had given previously and also included two publications written at least partly by him entitled “We Accuse” and “You’ve Got to be Joking”. There was no cross-examination and no challenge to this evidence. If accepted, it established that the appellant had made an arrangement with Anderson whereby for the sum of $400 the latter would create a “little fire” to cause some damage, but not destroy, Mr Coleman’s car.

    4 The appellant made an unsworn statement in which he admitted committing the offence but said he was trapped into doing so by his former wife and, he believed, a fourth person. Not surprisingly, both on the basis of the information contained in the material tendered by the Crown, and on the basis of the appellant’s unsworn statement, he was convicted on 6 October 1994 and sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment for six months to date from 29 July 1994 and to an additional term of eighteen months during which period he was to be released on parole and supervised by the probation service. In backdating the sentence his Honour took into account approximately two months pre-sentence custody referable only to the subject offence.

    5 His Honour found special circumstances, in particular that at the time of sentence the appellant was serving a sentence of a minimum term of three years and six months dating from 9 April 1991 and an additional term of one year for offences of malicious injury to property and possession of a firearm. The appellant was indeed on bail for those offences at the time he committed the offence presently under consideration.

    6 The appellant had earlier convictions recorded against him. In 1984 he was convicted of stealing. In 1985 he was convicted of defacing walls. In 1986 he was convicted of possession of a prohibited article and, on appeal, sentence was deferred upon him entering into a recognisance to be of good behaviour for three years. In 1987 he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of twelve months on charges of receiving and obtaining money by a false statement. With this record, the sentence imposed on the appellant was not obviously excessive…

    In any event, Dr Jim’s attempt to obtain an extension of time within which to appeal his conviction for conspiring to set fire to (sometime political rival) Coleman’s car was refused, and the appeal dismissed as incompetent.


    I’m not sure what you mean when you write that the murder of Smith by Whitehouse was a ‘false operation’, but if you believe Smith is still running around town that’s your prerogative I guess.

  3. Joe says:

    Just admit it James, you have been outed. So what if your failed career as an author has been exposed? Who cares?

  4. A normal guy says:

    Nathan, could you stop fucking your sister for long enough to reply to Andy’s smackdown?

  5. Thanks Andy. Although I don’t suppose it will change anyone’s mind.

  6. @ndy says:

    @James Hutchings (the real one):

    The last time it happened it was announced with the same degree of complete conviction. It took a couple of weeks before the reality sank in and Saleam removed his post from Stormfront etc. I expect it will take approximately the same amount this time around.

  7. Joe says:

    Talking to yourself @ndy? LMAO!

  8. @ndy says:

    Joe yr a li’l bit slow …

  9. Joe says:

    How so?

  10. @ndy says:

    My name’s not James (or Flo).

  11. Joe says:

    Love the SUWA show bro.

  12. Freddy says:

    Speaking of being slow, I’m very disappointed in you @ndy I thought you would be more prepared for your fate than this. Keep on delaying the inevitable everyone enjoys watching you squirm. Pretty soon you are going to flip your frigging lid!

  13. @ndy says:

    Hey Joe, glad you enjoy the radio show.

    G’day Freddy, cool story bro.

  14. Freddy says:

    Im not your bro

  15. @ndy says:

    Aw. Why not Freddy?

  16. Nathan says:

    Andy’s smackdown? Break the Prozac in half “normal guy”. Normal. Pfff. Bet you’re as queer as a steer. Anyhow, here goes: Bovver still alive? Noooooo, I meant that he was falsely accused of being an informant and this sealed his fate. But as to the rest of your wider rap sheet on Jim Saleam, one has to marvel at the mind of the ‘anarchist’. See, such activities as you’ve listed you’d seem to applaud if they occurred on the left side of the political spectrum, but somehow, aghast here you are the anarchist as the moral champion of Australian law.

  17. Ratgeb says:

    Face it Nathan – every time the far right do something in this country, they end up falling on their arses. The above is just another case in point. Best of luck embarrassing yourselves next time.

  18. @ndy says:


    I wasn’t aware that “Bovver” was falsely accused of being an informant but even if he was I’m not convinced this explains his gunshot murder by Whitehouse. That is, the two men appear to have had longstanding issues with each other, were in the presence of firearms, and steeped in an ideology which glorifies violence. Further, NA fancied itself a political party, not an underground cell operating during a time of war (that is, a context in which the activities of an informant, if left unchecked, could be disastrous). But perhaps the long string of violent crimes the party left in its wake suggests it was more akin to the latter than the former, and in that sense NA was indeed the east coast equivalent of sometimes rivals in the ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ — another neo-Nazi group, responsible for murdering another supposed informant, David Locke …

    With regards Saleam’s criminal record, I’m hardly aghast at the fact that he wrote (Take) ‘Asians Out’ (To Dinner) or somesuch on a wall somewhere; as noted, his crimes range from the petty to the more serious, the most serious being arranging the shotgun assault upon the home of Eddie Funde in 1989. That attack endangered the lives of an entire family (shotgun pellets were found at the foot of Eddie’s infant child’s bed). Taking note of his criminal responsibility for this act hardly means I’m championing the Australian state (in your ridiculous phraseology).

  19. A normal guy says:

    Hiya Nathan,
    Your ad hominem attacks & conspiracy theories are hilarious. The angrier you get, the bigger my penis becomes.
    Please respond.

  20. Freddy says:

    This sounds like something you would write @ndy, oh wait it[‘]s James Hutchings[:]

  21. Nathan says:

    And I’m sure that Jim Saleam would deny that he was involved in organising that shooting, as I’m equally certain you’d scoff. But given how the machinery of law enforcement and government combines to shut down any party to the right of the multicultural narrative (Tony Abbott’s campaign against Pauline Hanson for instance) I would be more than agreeable to accept that Saleam had been targeted, or set up. I guess you lefties always enjoy some sort of privilege, so you’ve grown to have a sense of entitlement in believing that you’re, cough, right. The next time one of your anarchist buddies causes harm in a bogus protest, to either person or property, I hope you’ll be as suitably indignant; some of your thugs are a real piece of work. But Andy, we know where you and your dross ilk are coming from. And I knew Bovver, by the way. You most likely didn’t, so your conjecture about him and Whitehouse is just that. Oh, and that piece of crap book you keep referencing. No one ever wrote anything apocryphal in a book, eh.

  22. Nathan says:

    As much as it pains me to deviate from the dizzying heights of vigorous Platonic exchange we’ve established here (which has somehow gone from being about Andy and his identity to the usual calumnies about Jim Saleam) I might just take the opportunity to respond to Abnormal Guy. Now, you say that the angrier I get the more your penis grows. In the event that you do in fact possess one, I’m sure you refer to that purulent appendage between your shoulders? No…?

  23. @ndy says:


    Yes, that email was written by James, not me.


    Dr Jim claims he was framed by some combination of NSW Special Branch and/or ASIO and has written voluminous amounts to that effect. In my opinion Jim was indeed guilty of the crime. But my opinion matters little in a court of law and it was in a court of law that he was convicted, as he was of the various other crimes outlined above.

    Regarding the political repression of the (extreme) right by the state, I think a distinction can and should be drawn between the avowedly extreme right (NA, ANM et al) and populist formations such as One Nation. Beginning in 1996 ON experienced a sudden and very large surge of support, concentrated in Queensland, and as such posed a severe political threat to the establishment right, especially the Nationals. This was fought through the adoption of populist rhetoric (and some policies: the abolition of ATSIC etc) and by legalistic means (via Abbott’s slush fund). In brief, the emergence of ON had the effect of shifting the political terrain to the right. Crudely put, it fell apart through a combination of external pressure, ideological incoherence, and a corrupt and cynical leadership dependent upon a weak and politically naive base.

    Finally: no, I didn’t know Bovver, but in terms of the post-60s far right I draw upon Greason’s book and a variety of other sources, including both scholarly and popular accounts. In terms of state repression of the left, I believe the 2013 documentary ‘Persons of Interest’ is useful, as is the work of writers such as Frank Cain, Joan Coxsedge/Ken Coldicutt/Gerry Harrant (Rooted in Secrecy), Phillip Deery, Jenny Hocking, David McKnight and others.

  24. Joe says:

    Just read that email. I could swear that was you @ndy? Weird… I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it bro. Hmmm…

  25. Freddy says:

    Hey maybe @ndy suffers from a personality disorder and that explains how he can tell bald faced lies regarding his TRUE identity as James Hutchings. Maybe neither personalities are aware the other exists!

  26. @ndy says:

    Neo-Nazi thugs offer their services to Hanson
    Norm Dixon
    Green Left Weekly
    Wednesday, August 19, 1998

    … Another young ANSP member, Jim Saleam, was arrested in 1974 and found guilty of firebombing a left-wing Brisbane bookshop. After the collapse of the Nazi Party in the mid-’70s, Saleam moved to Sydney and enrolled at Sydney University. He soon fell out with May and Cameron.

    In 1977, Saleam formed a group which proclaimed its commitment to the “permanent and unapologetic reintroduction of the White Australia Policy”. In 1978, the group announced: “The Australian National Alliance has the greatest pleasure in announcing to the enemies of Australian nationalism that their days are numbered”. Other former members of the Australian Party and the NSAP joined.

    National Action was officially launched on Anzac Day, 1982, the culmination of a number of fusions with tiny far-right and racist sects.

    Under Saleam’s tutelage, NA replaced open identification with Hitlerite Nazism with an emphasis on home-grown anti-Asian racism and nationalism of early Australian labour movement figures like William Lane and Jack Lang, as well as poet Henry Lawson.

    NA hailed as “revolutionary” incidents such as the atrocities committed against Chinese diggers by white miners during the gold rushes of the 19th century. It adopted the flag of the 1854 Eureka Stockade rebels as its symbol.

    In the 1983 campus year, NA launched a campaign against the presence of overseas students. Asian students and anti-racists were threatened by NA thugs late at night. NA violence increased when it launched a goon squad called the “Sons of Kokoda”.

    In 1983-84, NA thugs: beat and hospitalised an anti-racist UNSW student leader; attacked the offices of Greenpeace and the Movement Against Uranium Mining, Community Aid Abroad, the Socialist Workers Party, Bob Gould’s Pitt St Bookshop, and the Maoist East Wind Bookshop; threw a brick through the window of the home of anti-apartheid activist Meredith Burgmann; and made threatening phone calls to members of the Southern African Support Committee after a mailing list was stolen. A firebomb was thrown through the bedroom window of an anti-apartheid movement leader John Brink.

    Another escalation in racist violence occurred in 1987-1989: in Adelaide, the People’s Bookshop was firebombed and the New Era Bookshop and the Resistance Centre were attacked. In Sydney, 10 NA thugs wearing balaclavas disrupted and intimidated a Sydney meeting of the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force.

    The most serious act of violence occurred in January 1989, when the home of the Australian representative of the African National Congress, Eddie Funde, was shot at. Two NA members were arrested.

    They testified that Saleam had supplied them with the shotgun. Saleam had also thoughtfully given them each some money to buy a drink to calm their jitters before the attack. Saleam was sentenced in May 1991 to three and half years’ jail.

    On April 20, 1991, NA member Perry Whitehouse murdered another NA member, Wayne “Bovver” Smith, at the organisation’s inner-Sydney headquarters after an argument.

    With the departure Saleam and the collapse of its Sydney base, control of NA fell into the lap of Adelaide NA führer Michael Brander …

  27. theotherguy says:

    i can assure all the non-believers that Andy & James are not the same person
    im one of the other guys, im the one who used a fake email account to get the info on the infamous blood and honour gig that caused the boycott of the birmingham hotel. i even walked past the gig that night and saw the boneheads in the front bar and the wank stained flags in the back bar
    but im sure Joel would never admit to giving out info on gigs without seeing someone face to face

  28. Freddy says:

    The stench of desperation is overpowering with you guys right about now. This is becoming entertaining…

  29. @ndy says:

    For Freddy, Joe & Jim.

    Some moar entertainment.

  30. [random nazi] says:

    wow jewboy the whitelaw towers now have a video of you up it looks like game over, and to think what if one of [those] evil boneheads you like to talk about so much bumps in to you now …

  31. @ndy says:

    ^ thick as two planks.

  32. Baron von Hung says:

    Jesus Christ, how fucking thick can these pieces of shit be? I get that we’re talking about some of the stupidest people on the fucking planet, but the level of stupidity on display here is simply mind-boggling, even for them.

    I get that you can’t expect much from a LEBANESE WHITE SUPREMACIST and anyone dumb enough to follow one, but still. Come on.

  33. @ndy says:

    Dr Jim appears to be in denial regarding his ethnic descent but then so too are the silly buggers who follow him (including a small number who previously made some fuss regarding it). And no, his followers aren’t generally regarded as being the sharpest tools in the shed.

  34. Freddy says:

    Not sure you are qualified to talk about denial or not @ndy

  35. @ndy says:

    That’s a dead link Freddy. Presumably, it links to the video Peter Campbell (Whitelaw Towers) has uploaded. It’s a measure of the remarkably low intelligence of nazis that it’s taken seriously.

  36. a common dunderhead says:

    Freddy, quite apart from the fact that James Hutchings hasn’t been around the Sydney anarchist scene for about a decade, you only need to compare the writings of JH and sb to see that the one cannot possibly be the other. (In case you don’t know, you can utilise a facility called Google to achieve this.)

  37. @ndy says:

    The Dummköpfe also seem to think James and I sound the same — a bit like when the same mob reckoned Andrew S looked like another guy from Sydney ’cause like, they both had beards ‘n’ stuff.

  38. You must admit that, of the zero pieces of evidence that me and Andy are the same person, all of them are convincing.

  39. Freddy says:

    @ndy we all knew you would try to lie your way out of this situation, it is pathetic. You are James Hutchings and you sound exactly the same you both work on the Suwa show at 3cr according to those that work there, watch the video again and address everything that is being said. Stop being a child and face up to the facts.

  40. @ndy says:


    I am one of the presenters on 3CR’s SUWA Show. James is not and — to the best of my knowledge — never has been. I obviously don’t know who the anonymous nazi is who rang 3CR and asked to speak to James but if you had half a bRanes you’d realise that the person who answers the phone is in all likelihood a volunteer who has zero knowledge of who hosts the SUWA Show and if he’d asked to leave a message for Jasmine Hodgkinson the result would’ve been the same.


  41. Howling Dawg says:

    Very cunning of you to be such a prolific writer in two such drastically different styles. Only an Aryan genius could have ever cracked the code.

  42. [anonymous nazi] says:

    james can try weasle his way out all he wants but when he comes face to face with someone who wants to do serious harm to him its just going to be a scared anti white jew about to get whats coming to him, then he can ask him self if it was all worth it when hes in a gutter… or the trunk of a car

  43. lumpenoid says:

    I’ve been following this blog long enough to remember that elements of the Lunar Right had equal certainty that “Andy” was a rich Jewish art dealer, and then they *KNEW* he was a guy who worked in a t-shirt shop who also had the name Andy. Oh, and remember when they invaded a meeting of sexual assault survivors trying to find “Andy”, and those present had no idea what the fuck the nazis were talking about, so the nazis knocked down some book shelves? Just like Hitler would have. So brave.

    Perhaps the ZOG satellite is planting false flag thoughts into their heads to discredit the master race. Again.

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  45. d says:

    The many faces/voices/locations etc. of Andy. The hydra-headed monster that is Zog strikes again.

  46. lumpenoid says:

    I just saw a video where they claimed you both have
    a) the same voice (they even play them side-by-side and they sound nothing alike),
    b) hate nazis,
    c) love cats and
    d) possess a third nipple.

    Yes, they’re serious. I’m dying of laughter. How many people love cats and hate nazis?

  47. @ndy says:

    What can I say? They really are extraordinarily stupid men.

  48. Freddy says:

    We all heard you on The SUWA Show last Friday. That guy who you had call up pretending to be James Hutchings was hilarious. Do you think people can not tell the difference between his voice and the voice in the calls which sound exactly like you. @ndy it was the station manager that gave you James Hutchings up as the host of The SUWA Show. You can tell lies all you want but you are not fooling anyone here. Go to Whitelaw Towers and explain how the station manager gave you away.

  49. @ndy says:

    G’day Freddy,

    I’m not sure who “we” are, but the guy who called was James Hutchings. I think people of average intelligence would be able to distinguish his voice from mine, which is obviously a problem as nazis tend to be a bit stupid. Otherwise, yes, the station manager spoke to the person posing as a scribbler for some newspaper — I spoke to her about the call the other week. She agreed to take a message. That’s standard practice. 3CR has a very small staff, 100+ weekly programs and many hundreds of volunteers. She simply assumed James was a presenter and acted on that basis. He’s not, but it seems nothing will convince you of that fact, not even having him on the program.

    What can you do with people who are too dumb to pound mud?

    Very little, obviously.

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