Sydney Forum 2006 : Saleam strikes back!

With just one day remaining to the beginning of the Australia First Party conference in Sydney, the main organiser — Dr. James Saleam — has finally responded to the withdrawal of David Bradbury from the conference, announcing that a vewy special speaker — ‘Nigel Jackson’, perhaps? — will be eulogising two recently deceased local fascists:

Special Speaker: Tribute To Eric Butler And Geoff Muirden

A short eulogy to two patriotic Australians who died recently and who have contributed in varying ways to Australian patriotic politics…

And how!

Unfortunately for James, perhaps, obituaries have already been written for Eric Butler. And the best, by far, is Phillip Adams’ tribute:

‘The most lunatic of fringes’
The Australian
August 5, 2006

When Eric Butler died recently I was not among his mourners, regarding it as calamitous that he was ever born.

For more than 60 years this most repulsive of creatures spread his poison in our political life.

Beginning on the most lunatic of fringes he camouflaged his pornographic politics sufficiently to infiltrate and influence the mainstream. Turn over any rock from Hitlerism in the 1930s to Hansonism in the 1990s and there you’ll find Butler and his League of Rights. As I frequently wrote during his squalid and toxic lifetime, he was a traitor to his country, to his professed Christian faith and to human decency. I’m proud that we were enemies for decades. But some very surprising people were his friends.

Sir Raphael Cilento was a leading Butler groupie, as was Jim Killen MHR, later Sir James.

Perhaps we can forgive Jim’s dalliance with Butler in the 60s, when he accompanied him to London to protest Britain’s intention to join the Common Market. Perhaps he hadn’t read Butler’s ravings on race. When pressured to distance himself from the League of Rights and shown Butler’s Jew-hating writings, Killen expressed shock.

Yet he declined to go public.

Describing the scene, Jewish leader Isi Leibler says Killen felt he’d “look foolish if he suddenly announced the discovery of what appeared so obvious”.

But what excuse has Alexander Downer for sharing a League of Rights lectern 30 years later?

[Downer spoke at an ALOR event in 1987, but this fact was only publically exposed in 1994. Typically, Downer relied upon his reputation as an idiot to escape criticism, claiming that — despite being filmed ‘looking on as SA ALOR director Frank Bawden urges the audience to read the literature “explaining the aims of the League” on their seats’ — he didn’t know who he was addressing, who organised the event and — for all I know — why he was even there (perhaps he tripped and fell?). In any case, no harm was done to the witless Adelaide private schoolboy’s career: twenty years later, he’s Foreign Minister!]

Butler’s treasons and anti-Semitism were on the record before Downer was born.

But perhaps ASIO hadn’t told him. They’d been so busy looking under beds for reds.

Norman Banks was Australia’s first shock jock and pushed the Butler barrow on 3AW in Melbourne and TV, rejoicing in his surreal anti-communism and support of apartheid. But Butler had his own medium, The New Times, a rag launched in 1934 when Butler was a young man.

From the beginning it was rancid with anti-Semitism, claiming that Jesus-killing Jews were not only the authors of Bolshevism but, in some bizarre way, the promoters of Nazism.

Insisting that Jesus wasn’t a Jew, Butler would spend his worthless life peddling the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion, still the textbook for pogroms. Neo-Nazis still swear by it as do Muslim fanatics. I’d see it on the shelves of his Melbourne bookshop, alongside tracts carrying anti-Jewish material as depraved as Der Sturmer, Hitler’s favourite rag.

On the eve of World War II The New Times was still pro-Axis, supporting Japanese aggression against China and Oswald Mosley’s fascists in Britain.

Much praise, too, for Italy and Germany, and for the invasion of Poland. This line was softpedalled after the declaration of war, having opposed Australian involvement. And, yes, the Jews were running Churchill and Roosevelt, along with Sir Charles Moses, then head of the ABC, and Sir Keith Murdoch.

Butler’s madness knew no bounds. The Jews were behind everything from the Spanish Inquisition to Nazism. Hitler was of Jewish descent and “Hitler’s policy was a Jewish policy” – Yes, folks, the Fuhrer was “a man who helped advance Jewish aims”.

Nazi policies were financed by Jews with the intention of having Jews arrive as refugees all over the world to spread their anti-Christian evil and political subversion. He spelled it out after the war in his book The International Jew, Australia ’s home-grown Mein Kampf. Oh, almost forgot. Holocaust was a hoax, six million dead Jews a joke.

Butler would turn his attention to the UN, “merely a cloak for Jewish policies”, and make common cause with the John Birch Society in the US and individual anti-Semites such as British Nazi Arnold Leese.

Billed as “an Australian patriot” he’d preach to rabid racists overseas and return home to talk to the Adelaide Junior Chamber of Commerce, Maitland Rotary, Apex gatherings and Young Liberals. Conservative clergy made their pulpits available.

He had a regular column in the Melbourne Argus. And this appalling creature became a member of the Melbourne Synod of the Anglican Church and was elected President of the Shire of Eltham in Victoria.

Its fortunes revived by the internet, the League would play its role in the rise of One Nation.

For Butler, Pauline Hanson was a dream come true. As was the long list of geese in the National Party who were happy to associate with this goose-stepping menace.

To his dying day many saw Butler as heroic. I got glowing tributes about this “great patriot” after announcing his death, and denouncing the man, on radio.

The last time I actually saw him was when he took me to the Press Council for calling him our most virulent anti-Semite.

Apologising for my understatement I promised to be harsher in future. When the Council showed Butler the door I told him to sue me. For flattery.

As for Geoff Muirden, the second dead Holocaust-denier…

Richard Neville, Consolidated Press executive, Bulletin columnist and eternal 60’s counter culture flower child must have freaked out when he saw the Herald Sun review of his latest book, Out of My Mind. The reviewer is no less a figure than Geoff Muirden. Now Geoffrey is the second half of the John Bennett/Geoff Muirden Holocaust denying, white supremacist super crank duo. Geoff lectured the Australian League of Rights last year on “the threat to white survival and the scam of racism used selectively against the white race”. Other truisms from Mr Muirden include his belief in the “Demographic impossibility and lie of the Holocaust”, “Washington’s complicity in the gas chamber myth”, “the farce of the Nuremberg Trials” and that the “Final solution meant the deportation not the extermination of the Jews”.

Muirden often parades as the Secretary of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, a bogus outfit whose only other member is President John Bennett. Bennett writes in the organisation’s manifesto Your Rights that “There was no plan to exterminate Jews in World War II, there were no mass gassings and fewer than one million Jews died of all causes”. The genuine civil liberties group is the Victorian Council of Civil Liberties [now known as ‘Liberty Victoria’].

One would have expected Helen Elliot, Literary Editor of the Herald Sun to be more discerning in her selection of the stranger literary types lurking in Melbourne’s seamy under side. Muirden, for all his bile, found encouragement from Richard Neville, citing Neville’s belief that “as a voice from the wings, my role is to keep pumping alternatives into the public imagination”. Don’t get too excited, Geoff. Richard Neville is no fellow traveller. He may have tripped on LSD in the 1960’s but at least he doesn’t claim that the decade never happened.

For more on the wankers from The Adelaide Institute see B’nai Brith’s Briefing Paper, (November 1999); more recently, Muirden described himself as the “Research Officer” for the fraudulent ACLU (PO Box 1137, Carlton, 3053, VIC).

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  1. wee jin suk says:

    This Hitler Cross restaurant has been forced to close in Mumbai.. Why are so many Nazi theme bars, clubs and raves allowed to continue in South Korea? Get on a plane and get onto it Andy.. No @ until vengeance is installed.

  2. @ndy says:

    Yeah… the news left me heart-broken, I must say.

    Curiously, today’s Age has an article on a Melbourne restaurant called ‘Starlyn’…

    Singer don’t like it; neither does Macintyre…

  3. wee jin suk says:

    One could find the name Scotch College (from where Mac and Singer sprang forth like Funnel Webs who should have worked harder and got into medicine) to be distasteful considering what the Scotch Brigade did in rural Victoria with regards to the genocide of whole tribes.

    Francis Ormond was a member of the Scotch Brigade, who were basically proto Klan, so we should get rid of RMIT and Ormond College and the Music Department at unimelb that he set up. There is a direct indexical link rather than just a symbol that has been reused.

    Go for it … 12 pipes of ice, an uzi 9, and a dose of neurosyph from Brookesy\’s Cairns ex- from \’93 to get us going!

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