Battle in Seattle // This Revolution

First Rosario Dawson play-acted an ‘anarchist’ (I think) called ‘Tina Santiago’ in This Revolution; now Charlize Theron is slated to play-act — What? A ‘concerned citizen’ or something? Sounds like it — “Lou, a pregnant bystander who loses her child in the melee of protests and regards events with some objectivity” in Battle in Seattle.

What’s next?

Monica Bellucci in Death in Genoa?

(Actually, Belluci will portray Sonia Gandhi in the 2007 biopic Sonia.)

See also : some (other) bloke called Andrew’s reflections on (the excellent) Film and the Anarchist Imagination by Richard Porton; Lizzie Borden’s (criminally neglected) Born in Flames; & V for Vendetta.

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