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    Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

Across the world, boneheads are on the march: some into court; some into jail; others into parliament. Locally, boneheads will be jackbooting their way to Melbourne on September 23rd for the Ian Stuart is Dead celebration.

Among the fascists who’ve indicated that they’ll be joining their Kameraden already in Melbourne will be boneheads from Brisbane and Perth-based convicted neo-Nazi criminal — and former member of the ANM and White Devils gang — Ben Weerheym. Locals attending the gig include Patriotic Youth League spokesperson Luke Connors (whose racist diatribes on Scumfront are posted under the pseudonym ‘young_soldier’) and Bulldog Spirit fan and Wasted Festival attendee Damien Ovchynik — vocalist with Bail Up! (one of the three bands scheduled to perform on the night: the others being Blood Red Eagle (Newcastle) and Ultraviolence).

Sydney-based Blood & Honour Australia organisers Welf Herfurth and James Newman — both members of James Saleam‘s Australia First Party — are also expected to be in attendance.

Possible topics for discussion include the recent electoral successes of the neo-Nazi NPD in Germany (see below) and the BNP in the UK, and the many legal difficulties of other branches of Blood & Honour in Belgium (following a murderous shooting spree by one of its members in May) and Poland (following a series of attacks on anarchists, Jews — including Poland’s chief rabbi — and Holocaust educators).

Happily for the neo-Nazis in question, in Australia Blood & Honour is able to operate with impunity. And — given the Federal Government’s obsessive (and highly popular) focus on the local Muslim population as a possible source of terrorist outrages — this situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

That said — well, unless your name happens to be Richard Ross, and the neo-Nazi in question happens to be one of your employees — few people appreciate the espousal of neo-Nazism: precisely why the location for the gig is kept a secret. Still, a sense of the general mood of the crowd is given in the following account of the 2004 celebration:

Next was the band that we had all been waiting to see and we weren’t disappointed!! The Bully Boys!! They played an awesome set, with tunes like Jigrun and Fire Up the Ovens. A few of the lads had gotten hold of some Jew[’]s yarmulke and took a light to it and handed it to Scott while he was singing Six Million More! Seeing that burn to the tune of that song was brilliant. What a showman!

[Bully Boys: A two decades old North Texas hate band. Founded in Florida in 1983, it was turned by band members into a racist band shortly thereafter. The Bully Boys are closely linked to the racist Hammerskins [bonehead] group. In 1990, drummer Sean Tarrant was one of several Confederate Hammerskins sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to civil rights convictions for involvement in the vandalization of a mosque and a Jewish community center in Dallas, and chasing and assaulting minorities in a park. Their current lead vocalist has also spent time in jail on assault charges. In their various incarnations, the Bully Boys have concentrated on playing at venues rather than recording albums.]

The Southern Cross Hammerskins are, along with Blood & Honour Australia, co-sponsors of the celebration:

In the 1980 animated film adaptation of The Wall, Pink Floyd’s rock anthem for angry youth, a little fascist character struts across a stage and rouses his followers to violence against minorities. The fans are portrayed in the film as a mass of marching twin claw hammers.

Today, these crossed hammers signify the best organized, most widely dispersed and most dangerous [Bonehead] group known: Hammerskin Nation (HN)…

The Hammerskins first appeared in the late ’80s as the Dallas-based Confederate Hammerskins and spread to Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. More namesakes followed: the Northern Hammerskins in the Great Lakes region, the Eastern Hammerskins in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and the Western Hammerskins in Arizona and California.

By 1989, HN emerged as the unifying organization for these dispersed groups. Within a few years, HN had become global, jumping from North America across the Atlantic to the east and the Pacific to the west. Today, HN has viable chapters in Australia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Russia…

With the number of European Hammerskins now exceeding 2,000 and the frequent trans-Atlantic travel of U.S. and European Hammerskin contingents, HN cannot be viewed as a provincial problem. British neo-Nazi fugitive Del Connor lived safely among his fellow Dallas Hammerskins for almost a year until he made an ill-advised return to England in June, where he was promptly arrested by British law enforcement.

While in Texas, Connor, a former leader of the British neofascist group Combat 18, ran from afar an underground faction in the United Kingdom called the White Wolves. It is this group that claimed credit for three nail-bomb attacks in London this spring (1999).

The international connections go further. Over the past year, law enforcement agents in Arizona, Florida and Texas have reported the presence of British and German Hammerskins among the ranks of their local Hammerskin units. What’s more, the European skins seem to be learning essential lessons from their U.S. counterparts…

Speaking of the US, boneheads, and cowardly acts of violence…

‘Man gets 80 months on weapons offenses’
Renee Winkler
September 10, 2006

Gabriel Carafa of Pennsville, a member of a neo-Nazi skinhead [read: bonehead] group, was sentenced Friday to 80 months in federal prison for his role in the sale of a dozen rifles, shotguns and handguns.

Carafa, 25, was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine by U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler.

Carafa and his housemate, Craig Orler, 29, also of Pennsville, were arrested in April 2005 on the weapons charges. Some of the firearms were stolen during a house burglary. The serial number on one was obliterated.

Orler was sentenced earlier this month to 130 months in federal prison.

When Carafa pleaded guilty to the illegal sale of the weapons, he said Orler had shown him the weapons and offered them for sale.

When Carafa refused, Orler asked if he would help sell the weapons.

Carafa was identified at the time of his arrest as a member of the Church of the Creator and The Hated, both white supremacy groups. He has been detained since his arrest.

New Zealand / Aotearoa :

‘Victim’s absence delays hearing’
via stuff.co.nz
September 12, 2006

A heavily tattooed [bonehead] wearing a T-shirt with “revenge” emblazoned across the front has appeared in court amid tight security, accused of bashing a Canadian tourist.

But the depositions hearing has been adjourned because the Canadian did not board his flight to New Zealand to give evidence.

Jaydon Russell Borland, 31, of Taranaki – who has the words “Nazi” and “skin” tattooed above each eye – smirked from the dock and made hand signals to a [bonehead] friend yesterday in Lower Hutt District Court.

Justice of the peace Laurence Withy said Borland’s friend would be thrown out of court if he disrupted proceedings as six police officers guarded the four accused.

Borland, Mark Alexander Gage, 30, of no fixed abode, Jason George Gregory, 20, of Wainuiomata, and Benjamin Peter McPadden, 18, of Lower Hutt, face joint charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery and causing grievous bodily harm.

The charges stem from an alleged attack on Jeremie Kawerninski, 25, on April 18 after he was befriended in Wellington and offered a place to stay.

Later, the badly beaten tourist was dumped on a Naenae roadside half-naked with his feet bound and a pillowcase tied over his head after being set upon in a Lower Hutt house and robbed of $40.

He was in hospital for 10 days with a fractured nose, broken ribs, punctured lung and severe bruising.

Mr Kawerninski was to have been the Crown’s star witness. Police had arranged for him to return to New Zealand and stay in a hotel for the week-long hearing at their expense. But the case was adjourned after crown prosecutor Cameron Mander told the court Mr Kawerninski had not arrived.

Gage’s lawyer, Greg King, said Mr Kawerninski’s statement of evidence ran to 75 pages. Defence lawyers wanted to cross-examine him.

Mr Kawerninski had been reluctant to return to New Zealand, and his non-attendance had important ramifications for the case, Mr King said. However, because he had not been summoned, he could not be forced to attend.

The hearing was adjourned 48 hours for police to contact him.

Borland, Gage and Gregory were remanded in custody. McPadden was freed on bail and his image suppressed from publication.

Russia :

‘Aide to Extremist Parliament Member Implicated in [Bonehead] Attack’
via UCSJ
September 12, 2006

An aide to Nikolai Kuryanovich — a member of the State Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia — was accused by witnesses of participating in a [bonehead] attack on demonstrators in Moscow, according to a September 6, 2006 report by the Sova Information-Analytical Center. Evgeny Valyaev and his brother Mikhail were allegedly seen by witnesses taking part in a neo-Nazi attack on a small demonstration in Moscow against the introduction of compulsory Christian theology classes in several Russian regions starting this school year. The September 4 demonstration by the Russian Radicals was disrupted by a counter-protest of Russian Orthodox fundamentalists and neo-Nazis, some of whom attacked the demonstrators. One of the [boneheads] was detained by police.

‘Petersburg Uzbeks May Have Been Stabbed By [Boneheads]’
via UCSJ
September 13, 2006

A September 2, 2006 attack on two Uzbeks in St. Petersburg may be the work of [boneheads], according to a September 5, 2006 report by the local news web site Fontanka.ru. Although nobody has been arrested for the non-fatal stabbings, which took place in the Krasnoarmeysk district, local anti-fascists and neo-Nazi web forums are filled with information about a neo-Nazi attack on punk rock fans at a nightclub near where the Uzbeks were stabbed, leading to speculation that the attacks could have been the work of the same [bonehead] gang. [Boneheads] sometimes attack fans of punk rock music, since it is often associated with anti-fascist youth groups [while others associate it with corporate control and chickenshit conformism]. Police sources told Fontanka.ru that they have no information about the attack on the nightclub and there is no indication that they are treating the stabbings of the two Uzbeks as hate crimes.

Germany :

‘Neo-Nazis join quiet march to poll victory’
Roger Boyes in Anklam
The Times
September 15, 2006

THERE was not a [bonehead] to be seen in this Baltic town at the heart of Germany’s neo-Nazi revival. No thugs with steel-tipped paratroop boots, no ranting xenophobes.

Yet the signs are clear: the far Right is on the march in Eastern Germany.

The neo-Nazis, picking up an astonishing level of support on the home turf of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, look set to win a big chunk of seats in regional elections on Sunday. And to make sure that middle-class voters do not panic ahead of the ballot, they have donned camouflage.

“What did you expect,” asked Michael Andrejewski, the new face of the extreme Right. “That I would beat your brains out with a baseball bat?” Blinking from behind gold-framed glasses, Herr Andrejewski looked as threatening as a maths teacher — unlike the five young men who formed a protective semi-circle around their leader. “You’ll be wanting to move along,” said one of them with menacing politeness. One quickly got the point. The slogan on his T-shirt read: “Granddad was right”.

According to the latest opinion polls the NPD, the National Party of Germany, is poised to win between 4.8 per cent and 7 per cent of the vote this weekend in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the lush flatland that borders the Baltic Sea.

Since most Germans are afraid of admitting that they intend to vote for neo-Nazis, the betting is that the party will easily win the 5 per cent needed to capture parliamentary seats. It will be the second region, after Saxony, to have neo-Nazi members of parliament — a slap in the face for Frau Merkel, whose political constituency is in Mecklenburg.

Young Germans are leaving the area in droves in search of work. In East German days there were more than 20,000 people in Anklam, mainly fishermen and factory workers. Now there are barely 15,000. “It was the Leftists that got out,” says Herr Andrejewski, 47, who is likely to become a regional MP. “But our people stayed.”

That is only part of an extraordinary story — the economic transformation of the far Right. In Anklam and neighbouring Baltic villages ultra-nationalists own internet cafes and drink delivery services. They run music shops that are stacked with far Right rock bands. “There is a whole network of right-wing-run companies, above all in the local building business,” says Günther Hoffmann, who set up an association in Anklam to monitor the rise of the neo-Nazis. Small hotels are being bought up. A giveaway paper called The Island Messenger is edited and published by the extreme Right and is widely read.

This economic power — in a region where unemployment is more than 20 per cent — has translated into political clout. Firms in right-wing hands hire right-wing sympathisers as apprentices. Slowly but surely, neo-Nazis have become an indispensable part of society in northeast Germany. They sponsor sports competitions and dance evenings. The baker offers loaves with smooth brown crusts called glatze, the German for [bonehead]. There is no niche of society here that has not been infiltrated.

“It began with Blood & Honour rock concerts in the 1990s,” says Benedikt, a middle-aged computer specialist who did not want to be photographed, “and we thought it would go away when the teenagers grew up. But now they bring their children [to meetings] and marry each other.”

One proud neo-Nazi father gave his daughter a black doll for her third birthday — and a bat to beat it with.

The structural change came when the [boneheads] from the so-called Kameradschaften — disciplined, potentially violent gangs — decided to go mainstream and join the NPD about five years ago.

The posters that deck out every street corner say things like “Tourists welcome — asylum seekers out,” or depict a fist under the slogan “Enough!”

The NPD, which had been shipping tonnes of pamphlets in from its publishing houses across the country, is squeezing out the other parties. The Christian Democrats of Chancellor Merkel — in power in Berlin but not in Mecklenburg, have become almost invisible.

It is the likes of Herr Andrejewski who understand the mechanics of turning public frustration into a political weapon. He is not a maths teacher but a lawyer, and is using his legal skills to set up an advisory office for those on social welfare — the NPD intends to flood employment offices with official complaints and paralyse their work. The worse it gets for Mecklenburg, the better the far Right can present itself as the answer for those seeking social justice.

As for Hitler and the Nazi era, Herr Andrejewski would rather not comment. “Statements on this subject can drop you in legal hot water,” he said with just the flicker of a smile.

From Russia with hate :

RACIST VIOLENCE UP IN RUSSIA. So far this year, 33 people have died and about 300 have been injured as a result of racially motivated attacks, as opposed to last year’s total of 35 people killed and 393 injured, according to the tally maintained by the Moscow-based Sova Information-Analytical Center. This year’s racially motivated attacks, mostly carried out by [boneheads], have been reported in 32 out [of] Russia’s 89 regions. The figures were cited on September 8 by Ekho Moskvy radio, a popular station.

Sova’s deputy director, Galina Kozhevnikova, specified that this year in Moscow 27 people died and 147 were injured in racially motivated attacks, while the figures for St. Petersburg are four deaths and 25 injured. She added that on Runet, a Russian Internet portal, there are currently about 150 active radical nationalist sites.

For more, see the indispensable Bigotry Monitor. Latest: Volume 6, Number 32 (September 15, 2006). See also The Providence Journal (September 16, 2006) for further commentary on the sentencing of the blueblood bonehead Josiah Spaulding III:

Changes of heart come from within. Sometimes they begin when a criminal realizes that he has hit bottom. We’d have more confidence in Judge Spurlock’s sentence, and in Mr. Spaulding’s future good conduct, if one of the multicultural institutions he will see the inside of — for a spell at least — were a jail.

See also : www.ANTIRASIZM.Ru, especially ‘Nazi skinheads in modern Russia [compiled by Alexander Tarasov]’:

Skinheads made their appearance in Russia in early 90s. In 1992 there was about a dozen skinheads in Moscow. They were keeping a low profile, were mostly busy with self-admiration and showing off in downtown Moscow. Original skinheads have come from apery [?] practiced by teenagers as they were trying hard to imitate Western ways. They first became aware of Western skinheads at the time of perestroyka: during 1989-1991 the Soviet media had a vogue to write about British, German and later — Czech skinheads.


Style Council, Ghosts of Dachau :

    I close my eyes — I reach out my hand
    And there you are — beautiful in scabs
    Caressing my scalp — under the mounts of the gun towers

    I shout your name — I kick out in dreams
    And here we are — the searchlight beams
    The siren squeals — and hopeless shuffle to certainty

    The crab lice bite — the typhoid smells
    And I still here — handsome in rags
    A trouserless man — waiting helpless for dignity

    Come to me angel — don’t go to the showers
    Beg, steal or borrow — now there’s nothing left to take
    Except eternity

    And who will come — to flower our graves?
    With us still here — covered with dust
    Remembered by few but forgotten by the majority

    Stay with me angel — don’t get lost in history
    Don’t let all we suffered lose its meaning in the dark
    That we call memory

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  1. KinkyBoy says:

    Still hammerin’ away at the same old smear and vilify game of individual personalities, so deviously patented and perfected by the PhariseeMasons of the BnaiBrith. It’s called Crucifixion, and you, intellectually Slack and Pharisaically (?) compromised or timid thereof, Bastard, are in this context a gullible “Roman” Goy unwittingly duped to soothe the pained ears of the Pharisees.

    In the market place of pimps for Pharisees, your price, as gauged by your silence on their religiously codified prejudice (see Israel Shahak, Jewish Religion, Jewish History) is at the lower end of the spectrum.

    Of course, that pain is caused by the existence of other collectivisms in competition with their religious aspirations to rule over an earthly waste land of deracinated Goy. The Pharisees only advocate DeRacination, codename MultiCulturalism, to accentuate and magnify the perceived BiPolarity that thousands of years of deluded religious blatherings have transfused as memes into their genes. On a genetic level, they truly believe themselves to be the one Chosen race of some ethereal G_d. Through race mixing of the Goy, no longer will a MultiPolar distinction of the races exist to diminish the magnificence of Jewish comparative narcissism. There will be the purest racial Di-Pole, the untarnished Chosen Human Beings and slavish, animalistic “Goy”.

    Convince us of the evils of racial collectivism through proposition and argument. Convince us that there are no conspiracies. Tackle the “Jewish Question” and perhaps you will have a modicum of credibility as both a seeker of truth and a man.

  2. @ndy says:

    If pain persists, see yr doctor.

  3. @ndy says:

    On Israel Shahak (academic, human rights campaigner, born April 28 1933; died July 2 2001):

    Books, essays, links…




    Jewish History, Jewish Religion (Pluto Press, 1994), studied the attitudes to non-Jews held by Israel’s religious establishment. Shahak also emphasised the fate decreed for Jewish heretics: death. Shortly after the book appeared, Premier Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Orthodox student.

    Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, (Pluto Press, 1999) written with Norton Mezvisky, looked at the growing power of rightwing orthodox groups. “A fundamentalist Jewish regime, if it came to power in Israel,” Shahak warned, “would treat Israeli Jews who did not accept its tenets worse than it would treat Palestinians….

    Having been urged to write his autobiography, Shahak only found time to write a superb piece on his childhood under Nazism for the New York Review of Books. In it he recalled listening to some Polish workmen talking during his days on the gentile side of Warsaw. Discussing the situation, one young man had defended the Germans by pointing out that they were ridding Poland of the Jews, only to be rebuked by an older labourer: “So, are they not also human beings?” It is a phrase Israel Shahak never forgot.

  4. KinkyBoy says:

    “Jews” are also human beings, undoubtedly. The “Jewish Problem” as I see it is a genetic infection with religiously prejudicial memes. Judaism is codified, polarised, canned and concentrated prejudice. Remove the source of the infectious memes, the Talmudic Jewish religion, and eventually Anti-Semitism will disappear. Anti-Semitism is a always of a reactionary nature to Jewish revolutionary urgings for “Tikkum Olam”, or forcing peoples to repair themselves of supposed deficiencies according to the Jewish view of the world.

    They believe they have G_d’s licence to do as they wish in any society that they find themselves. I don’t believe it is possible for any Gentile, excepting Shabbos Goy as opportunistic profiteers, to remain neutral when the polarised nature of the virus is finally perceived in its true dark light.

    Even before you or I were born, Jews were taught to treat my existence and the existence of all Gentiles with utter condescension and wilful contempt. “To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all.”

    Its fundamental credo is that, “In relations with the Goy, all and everything is given religious licence to the “Jew”, provided, Jews are wary and careful to avoid the ire of the Goy.”

    Well to this Goy, the Rabbi has no “levush”.

    This is the true cause of “Anti-Semitism”. The exclusivist “Jewish” religious meme has no place in any society of peoples that demand mutual respect of racial differences and the opportunity for self determination.

    “Jewishness” is nothing to do with “race”. It is a set of precepts designed to give “Jews” a material advantage over Goy. The very nature of Judaism demands that “Jews” remain a minority. Vampires cannot feed on Vampires. The Jewish meme leads its victims to gravitate towards the accumulation of wealth and self importance, because even the most chaste and vestal virgin will ultimately allow the Rabbi and his Shabbos Goy to defile her innocence… once the price is right.

  5. @ndy says:


    Gee whiz, you’ve certainly got a bee in yr bonnet about those dastardly Jews eh mate?

    I almost feel sorry for ya.


    (“Behind you!”)

    ‘Genetic infections’, ‘religiously prejudicial memes’, anti-Semitism as defensive reaction… the ‘Jewish essence’.

    Complete bollocks.

    To begin with, this is a parody — and a racist one at that — of Jewish history and identity. Yr pathological aversion to all things deemed ‘Jewish’ blinds you to the complexities of this history and the nature of Jewish identity, and speaking in terms of conceptually incoherent terms such as ‘genetic infections’ and ‘memes’ merely confirms it.

    Not that yr construction of this myth is exactly new (even allowing for refs to ‘genetics’ and ‘memes’). In fact, this particular species of Judeophobia is centuries, if not millenia, old… not that I’d attribute it to a ‘genetic infection’!

    Thus you confuse the totalitarian impulse that is (arguably) present in all religions and attribute it to one alone: Judaism.

    Ho hum.

    Truth is you’ll find authoritarian tendencies in all species of human thought and endeavour if you look hard enough… and as that Polish bloke said: “So, are [the Jews] not also human beings?” And, of course, you’ll also find anti-authoritarian tendencies: the prominent role of many Jewish people in promulgating these libertarian doctrines is well-known — indeed, for some, infamous — and ongoing.

    You no doubt find comfort in the spurious notion of a “Jewish” conspiracy to ‘rule the world’; I find it ridiculous and distasteful (to say the least).

    I’ve already commented elsewhere on the distortions of Jewish religious txts and traditions to support this half-baked view of yrs:


    See also:


    …but I’ve no desire to engage in pointless debate with you over such qs.

    No doubt there is a tiny proportion of Jews who share yr view — “They believe they have G_d’s licence to do as they wish in any society that they find themselves” — but again, look hard enough, and you’ll find nutters in any religion. The point is: the vast majority of ‘religious Jews’ — leaving aside the fact that many Jews are secular — find such doctrines as nutty as I do: there’s certainly no shortage of statements to that effect.

    And finally, ftr, I confess to having (eeek!) consorted with Jewish peeps, and have never experienced “utter condescension” or “wilful contempt”; far from it.

    To put it bluntly: yr an idiot.

    Piss off.

  6. ashlee♥ says:

    wow, how many blogs have you got dude… are you a sad, middle aged, fat, oiley [sic], balding, hairy armed [sic] man? that would explain alot [sic].

  7. @ndy says:

    To be Frank and stop calling me Shirley: You’re thick.

  8. joey says:

    hey, is there any millitant anti fascist groups active in australia?

  9. @ndy says:

    G’day joey,

    Afaik, none that have any public presence.

  10. Kadet says:

    And if so we wouldn’t publish ourselves on a blog that gets this much traffic, obviously because this blog fills the empty hole in the australian boneheads’ lives 🙂

  11. jack says:

    @Andy I can see that you have not had your business stolen, your family destroyed and your entire community ethnicly cleansed as it were by a large jewish community, armed with judges, hate laws, things like affirmative action, and social laws, making decisions without access to the variables, and courtroom clout with an affinity that anything goes if it’s to steal the assets of the goyim neighbor because if it had happened to you as it happened to me and mine, then your “Piss Off” on this little blog you control would be of a different shade of stupidity. Unfortunately for you some people are only concerned with themselves and can’t see, hear, or believe the world has abandoned nature and replaced it with fashion and law, a human garden—A guy like you fueled by lust and greed drives down the road in his slightly different car thinking everyone is looking and thinking of him. You delete the real truths posted on your little blog space in your declining world. When you’re gone, the world will be a a little better place to live in—Normally I wouldn’t write such a note to someone as helpless as you, but there is an outside chance that if you read it, it may promote change within you and you just might understand the only thing separating you and I is that you did not live my life, because if you had you would be like me, and, vice versa.

  12. rshole says:

    man,i’ve spent ‘time’ with people from different cultures and ASSHOLES come in many colours.Perhaps i should use the word goyism or some other longwinded catchphrase but no fuck it i guess i’m just not that interlectual{sic}

  13. 36thDirlewanger says:

    Fuck off bitch we grow every day in soldier’s number, our work is matter of time. Yesterday I could kick the ass of one bitch like you… asshole! America is for the Right Wing Americans ONLY!

  14. Kadet says:

    maybe a tim tam to go with it…

  15. R. Hess says:

    So what[‘]s your point?! boneheads and skins will always be in op[p]osition! fight with what [sic] our boots! and we are just as bad[?]

  16. R. Hess says:

    For the record- the Bully Boys are still a perfect-ly awesome band!

  17. Skin.sharp says:

    Well I got some issues with Jews, And I had a mate who has done bussiness with them and been ripped off, online.. But I’m a bit mixed up on this subject, but I ain’t a rasict piece of shit either.. My grandfather is German and i respect him and his views, but will always draw the line when things turn rasict…100% S.H.A.R.P,ANTI-RACIST AND PATRIOTIC!!! Ill never lower myself to the levels of dumb fucking nazi fucks or meatheaded,animal thugs, and hate u all with S.H.A.R.P Fist, Hail BlackTroy n Dewskin!

  18. Piltdown says:


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