Dreaming of An Aryan Jeannie : Australia First, Australian Protectionist Parties

    Update : Eric the red back in action, Damien Murphy and Emily Dunn, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 13, 2009.

    Update : KKK infiltration claims are sabotage: party, Matt Bachl, ninemsn, July 10, 2009. Also: Today JJJ interviewed someone claiming to be David Palmer, except that it was some young-sounding d00d hooting and talking about doing magic tricks, wearing capes and Harry Potter. ROFL.


Following on from the glorious news in January (March) 2009, that the Communist Alliance had successfully broken through bourgeois norms, comes news of the Australia First Party’s own impending victory over the Australian Electoral Commission.

Australia First Party Claims Numbers To Register As Federal Party: Statement Of The Management Committee

The Australia First Party has reached the basic number to register as a Federal political party. The party will carry out the necessary preparations to file its application with the Australian Electoral Commission as soon as possible.

The registration of Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated as a Federal party, to be known on ballot papers and publically as ‘Australia First Party’, will be a decisive act in uniting all Australian nationalist and patriotic groups and people, at first in common labour and then into a single movement. The long march that brought us to the point of this application began when we both secured the registration of a party to contest local government polls in New South Wales in early September 2007 and re-incorporated the party on September 17 2007.

The Australia First Party will now increase the tempo of its community activity.

Management Committee, July 9.


The Dream:

The Reality:

The Reportage:

Right-wing genie out of the bottle
Erik Jensen
The Sydney Morning Herald
July 9, 2009

THE party faithful gathered in “the bunker”. In a room decorated with Heidelberg School art posters and Ned Kelly figurines, Jim Saleam, the NSW director of the Australia First Party, recited the Eureka Oath.

The father of far right politics in Australia told the dozen people gathered around a plastic trestle table – a group too small to entertain registration as a federal political party – that they were on the cusp of return. “We are a genie in the bottle,” he said. “When the system itself says it’s in trouble we must welcome that.

“For, Australia, we are now moving into the most extraordinary of times.”

Five months since that meeting in a former shop in Tempe, the genie is out of the bottle: today Australia First will announce itself as the first anti-immigration party since One Nation to gain enough members to contest a federal election. [That is, with the exception of ‘Australians Against Further Immigration’, which contested the 1998, 2001 and 2004 federal elections under that name, and was only de-registered on December 7, 2005. The party was founded in 1989 and registered in 1990 by Rodney and Robyn Spencer, the parents of actor Jesse Spencer: Jesse immigrated to the US in 2004, and plays a doctor on House.] The party finished signing the 500 members on Monday and expects its application to be lodged in a fortnight – five years after it was last deregistered and four years since One Nation lost its final federal seat.

“The registration of Australia First Party … will be a decisive act in uniting all Australian nationalist and patriotic groups and people,” Mr Saleam wrote in a newsletter. “At first in common labour and then into a single movement.”

The party plans to contest lower house seats in western and southern Sydney, on the Darling Downs and possibly in the Hunter. It expects to attract between 6 and 7 per cent of the primary vote and will run a television campaign aimed at the trucking industry and an anti-immigration policy made more palatable by linking population to environmental issues.

The elevation of Australia First into a party capable of winning seats is in line with events overseas. Against the backdrop of the global economic crisis, far right organisations such as the British National Party made a strong showing at last month’s European elections.

In the past few months skinheads [sic] from the Southern Cross Hammerskins have started organising to induct members and set up a record label and an internet radio station. The Ku Klux Klan has established a presence in Victoria with links to the expanding klan in the US. The Australian Protectionist Party – which split from Australia First in 2007 – is preparing to lodge its own federal registration.

“Australians tend to be fairly non-political in their outlook,” said Darrin Hodges, the protectionist party’s NSW chairman and Mr Saleam’s key rival. “You have to work on educating people [that] there’s a problem there, and we’re making progress with that.”

Australia First began its return to federal politics on Australia Day, when Mr Saleam managed to associate himself with a mob of teenagers chanting nationalist slogans at Manly – a gathering which was played down by politicians and the police media unit, but which is being investigated as possibly the first act of co-ordinated racism since the Cronulla riots in 2005.

Working in the background, police were attempting to link the mob to an unnamed nationalist group uncovered in western Sydney a week earlier. The mob of 80 people who raced up and down the Corso on January 26, smashing cars and chanting, appeared to be organised rather than a drunken pack, though there is nothing to suggest that Mr Saleam himself was directly involved in any vandalism.

The group split in half at a decisive moment, weakening police efforts to contain them.

“Police have played this down significantly. It’s just going to be worse next year,” a senior police source said. “There is the push on for nationalism and if we don’t get a grip on this we will be looking at something we did not think could happen in Australia. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”

Two factors are working in favour of the ultra-right. Despite a 20 per cent cut to skilled migration numbers, Australia First and the Australian Protectionist Party expect the recession to create instability and resentment of non-white labour. At the same time, party members disenfranchised by the collapse of One Nation have begun to return to the movement.

“We’ll start seeing a lot of protest voting,” said Mr Saleam, who gained a doctorate in political science while serving a 3½-year-jail term for possessing a firearm and organising a shotgun attack on the home of the African National Congress’s Australian representative. “We will see not only defence of identity but defence of jobs. If that spills over into reasonable-level confrontation, I would support that.

“We want to turn ordinary people – suburban housewives, unemployed youth – into political activists. We seek to mobilise a group of people who have not previously been mobilised. We want to cause disaffection from the regime who govern against their own people. We want to mobilise small-t troublemakers.”

But despite the recent rise in membership, the new right is very much the old right and Jim Saleam remains at the centre of it. Australian nationalism is a fractal of hyperlinks and blog posts, tied to reality by the occasional post office box.

John Moffat, an aged-care worker with tattooed forearms and spiked hair, is a prime example of the movement. He arrived at a meeting of the Australian Protectionist Party in late February.

Mr Moffat has previously been an Australia First candidate and ran for the now-defunct Australians Against Further Immigration before it was absorbed into One Nation.

“I’ve just been waiting with my finger up to the wind,” he said. “But with the crashing of the economy, let’s say the tribes will start to consolidate. From this meeting, I’ve got a little bit of hope. I just picked up a membership form. More than likely, I will join them.”

A few points.

    Erik Jensen: “The elevation of Australia First into a party capable of winning seats is in line with events overseas.”

The State-linked “anarchist”, “Andy” at the Slackbastard blogspot: Um… kinda sorta. But not really. That is, registration allows for a party’s name to appear on the ballot; whether or not this transfers into votes is another question entirely.

    Erik Jensen: “…far right organisations such as the British National Party made a strong showing at last month’s European elections.”

The State-linked “anarchist”, “Andy” at the Slackbastard blogspot: It is indeed the case that the BNP won two seats in the European Parliament. However: a) its total vote increased only marginally from 4.9% (808,200 votes) in 2004 to 6.2% (943,598 votes) in 2009; b) the rise in the BNP vote was accompanied by a significant decrease in the Labour vote — in 2009, Labour gained 15.7% (2,381,760 votes) while in 2004, Labour received 22.6% (3,718,683 votes); c) unlike AF, the BNP has managed to obtain a foothold in a number of local councils — according to one source, as of February 2009, the BNP has 55 councillors. AF, on the other hand, has one: Bruce Preece.

    Erik Jensen: “In the past few months skinheads [sic] from the Southern Cross Hammerskins have started organising to induct members and set up a record label and an internet radio station. The Ku Klux Klan has established a presence in Victoria with links to the expanding [K]lan in the US. The Australian Protectionist Party – which split from Australia First in 2007 – is preparing to lodge its own federal registration.”

The State-linked “anarchist”, “Andy” at the Slackbastard blogspot: Among various yoof sub-cultures, ‘racist skinheads’ are popularly referred to as ‘boneheads’. Welsh skinhead Roddy Moreno:

That aside, the SCHS have been around for years — in fact, about 15 or so. So too their kameraden in Blood & Honour (B&H) Australia. What is relatively new is their website (registered in November 2008) and the establishment of an auxilliary called ‘Crew 38’ (that is, the boneheads have formalised their recruitment process along the lines of numerous other ‘patched’ clubs). Also, while the record label Erik refers to (‘9% Productions’) is run by a Melbourne bonehead (and Hammerskin) named Jesse, the radio show is a B&H production.

In summary, and in reality, boneheads have been organising, maintaining an online presence, raising funds through various distros and broadcasting their views for decades now. Naturally, their fortunes have waxed and waned. One sore point is the partial re-emergence of rival boneheads belonging to Volksfront, an effort spearheaded by Saleam’s close collaborator Welf Herfurth (a former B&H rep in NSW) and Novocastrian bonehead Douglas Schott. Disgraced former Thales employee Nicole Hanley writes:

Last year [Volksfront] started a probationary chapter here, which pissed the Hammerskins off big time. Not because they wouldn’t support Volksfront, but because of how it was done. Doug [Schott] from Blood Red Eagle was the first probationary member, and he was allowed [to] start the chapter without having actually met any of the VF guys in the USA. A lot of the HSN guys can’t stand him and think he is a moron, so they were unimpressed with VF bending the prospect rules and letting him prospect sight unseen. Justin (AustMade) was in the scene years ago (I knew him back then), he also left and then has recently come back. He started off prospecting with VF, but then realised he had backed the wrong horse as HSN hated them, so he left and joined B&H Vic. And that’s pretty much where we are… try getting that group of egos to work together!

(NB. The horse-loving Hanley has stated on Stormfront that she will be attending the AF conference known as the Sydney Forum in September.) Otherwise, the hack of the B&H site in March caused some minor headaches; so too, the boneheads being booted from The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy in 2006, and adverse publicity surrounding gigs in 2007 and 2008. A gig scheduled for ANZAC Day this year also appears to have been less than a total success for the Master Race. Undeterred, the boneheads will be celebrating in style again in Melbourne this year (September 12), and are also arranging for a gig on April 17 on the Gold Coast next year. (Note that boneheads in the Czech Republic and Hammerskins in Portugal have run into more serious, legal difficulties of late.)

As for the KKK, like their boneheaded cousins, the bed-sheet-wearers have been stumbling about the political back-blocks for years, their racist shenanigans periodically triggering media interest — who can forget John HoWARd laughing off the antics of soldiers in Darwin? — but otherwise amounting to very little. Curiously, while a Klansman named ‘Hobbit’ wandered into the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day this year, the Melbourne leader of SCS has hitched his wagon to the APP.

At the start of the year, APP announced membership in the party was Free!, and came with a Bonus! set of steak knives. Almost six months later, the party is still to obtain the requisite 500 signatures, but on the plus side retains possession of a room full of cutting implements.

    Erik Jensen: Australia First began its return to federal politics on Australia Day, when Mr Saleam managed to associate himself with a mob of teenagers chanting nationalist slogans at Manly – a gathering which was played down by politicians and the police media unit, but which is being investigated as possibly the first act of co-ordinated racism since the Cronulla riots in 2005.

The State-linked “anarchist”, “Andy” at the Slackbastard blogspot: Huh. That is news. And quite bizarre, really. On the one hand, Mister Doctor Saleam, a veteran opportunist, ‘associates’ himself with all kindsa odds and sods: in my opinion, he jumped the shark in December 2008 when he proclaimed that AF would protest the coronial inquest into Tyler Cassidy’s murder. Further, the antics of perhaps as many as 80 or 100 middle class yoof at Manly on January 26, 2009, while no doubt disturbing to the shopkeepers and passers-by they racially abused, hardly constitutes a radical departure in teenage dickheadedness. On the other hand, insofar as groups of teenyboppers such as the SCS express any degree of political conviction, as SCS Melbourne’s alignment with the APP suggests, it’s by no means sure that they’ll fall under the spell of the 50-something Mister Doctor Saleam.

In conclusion:

The Australia First Party was initially registered on September 13, 1996, and de-registered on August 13, 2004. The fiendishly clever Dr. Fu Manchu Saleam managed to re-register the party in NSW (as the ‘Australia First (Council Elections) Party’) in order to seriously contest local council elections under that name (‘Australia First Party’), but for the last five years it’s been his ambition to revive the party on a federal level. There have been several obstacles placed in his path:

1) In 2007, the party underwent a split into three factions. The first was Jim’s mob; the second Diane Teasdale’s; the third the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’. While Jim’s mob maintains its crazy, Jew-hatin’ ways, and the APP regards The Muslim (closely followed by Herr Doktor) rather than The Jew as constituting the main threat to Australia, sadly, neither grouping is as enamoured of petunias as Diane.
2) In March 2009, AF was dealt a bitter blow by the forced departure of the ‘Patriotic Youth League’ and its Brisbane branch, aka John Drew.
3) In May 2009, Dr. Saleam revealed that the party’s incorporation had lapsed, canceled by West Australian authorities on February 20, 2006.

Erik notes that AF will “contest lower house seats in western and southern Sydney, on the Darling Downs and possibly in the Hunter”. That AF “expects to attract between 6 and 7 per cent of the primary vote” is one thing — its track record, and that of other racist, right-wing parties (with the exception of Pauline Hanson/One Nation in Queensland) suggest this may be difficult to achieve, and where it is, not necessarily of great political significance. As for “television campaigns”, these have been in the pipeline for years; AF’s connection to the trucking industry is by way of Peter Schuback, vice-president of the Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’ (Peter lost for AF in the 2009 Queensland state election).

AF’s stronghold is NSW. It has a PO Box in Croydon, Victoria and, in addition to Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay and Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North, enjoys the support of a fascist crackpot named Jim Perren in Queensland. The APP’s stronghold is also in NSW, but like AF it has the support of a PO Box in Croydon, and a handful of supporters in the ACT, QLD, SA, and WA. (APP also has its own Jim Perren in the person of Martin Fletcher.)

Which way the racist zombies like John Moffat will jump, to AF or the APP, and which group can successfully channel the libidinal energies of proud White yoof into fascist activism, will likely emerge the winner in the ding-dong struggle for the soul of White nationalism in Australia.



We have infiltrated party: KKK
Erik Jensen
The Sydney Morning Herald
July 10, 2009

THE Ku Klux Klan says it has infiltrated an anti-immigration party preparing to contest seats at the next federal election.

David Palmer, the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Australia, said several Klan members had secretly joined Australia First, a far right party that announced yesterday that it had the numbers to register as a political party.

“We aren’t interested in actually registering as a party,” Mr Palmer said. “Our main idea was we would move in and take back what we consider our Aryan parties. [The Klan] is a white pressure group; a white social group for white families. But also a reserve in case the ethnics get out of hand and they need sorting out.”

When he made similar claims about the infiltration of One Nation, the party formerly led by Pauline Hanson, two of his associates were expelled from the party. The NSW director of Australia First, Jim Saleam, vehemently denies his party has been infiltrated by the Klan.

Mr Palmer said: “Members don’t necessarily have to be Christian. As long as they’re white it’s OK.”

Early yesterday the NSW Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, negotiated a deal with the Labor Party’s national secretary to guarantee no Labor preferences would go to Australia First.

The Liberal Party’s internal procedures do not allow a guarantee to be made so swiftly, but its federal director, Brian Loughnane, said Australia First would not benefit from Liberal preferences. Mr Roozendaal said: “One Nation got a foothold in Queensland due to one factor – Coalition preferences. This must not occur again.”

Australia First and another far right party, the Australian Protectionist Party, look set to contest the next election on an anti-immigration platform. Beneath them is a miasma of other radical groups consolidating their membership and building numbers in the face of economic instability. Some members shift between groups. Other groups divide over disputes about where to direct their efforts. Some, like One Nation, collapse and are re-absorbed by remaining groups.

Mr Saleam said the registration of his party would lead smaller groups or factions to start to see Australia First as a “focus point”.

Mr Palmer said there were three branches of the Klan in NSW, but he would not say where. Nor would he say how many members were active, but said each Klan meeting attracted about 20 members.

Late last year a second arm of the Klan – calling itself the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Australia and New Zealand Realms – set up an internet forum moderated in Victoria. It dissociates itself from Mr Palmer but has strong links to the Klan in the US.

“We grow every day,” said the Victorian church’s female recruiting officer. “It’s not about hate, it’s about being proud of the skin we live in – proud in what our race is.”

Australia First has denied links to the


movement, which has expanded its front in Australia by setting up an internet radio station and a record label.

Mr Saleam and the Protectionist Party have expressed interest in approaching the key youth movement – the Southern Cross Soldiers, formed by high school students in Kellyville before the Cronulla Riots in 2005 – but the soldiers’ leader has denied the connection.

Added Bonus!

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  1. weez says:

    Pity that Le Graphique Artiste at SMH didn’t annotate that illustration of the lunar-right clusterfuck with the actual numbers of people in each box. All up, it accounts for about 9 people, which of course is dependent upon your definition of ‘people.’

    Mind, Dævid Palmer counts as two people, you know. There’s a reason why FDB ♥s The Wiz. 🙂

  2. Ferox says:

    And to think TCM didn’t make the cut, their membership is flourishing isn’t it?

  3. Darrin Hodges says:

    Ah well, at least with the nation’s housewives flocking to Jimbo, he’ll have a good supply of clean white sheets and pillow cases…

  4. Jesus says:

    Fuck KKK.

  5. Paul Justo says:

    The Communist Alliance, who would have thought there were 500 ‘stalinists’ in Australia?

  6. Gumbo says:

    Screw the 500 Stalinists, what about all the Jew Loving Christian Zionists in the Australian Protectionist Party?

    Coupled with a full complement of steak knives, it’s a dangerous combination when you consider that quiet fucker leading them.

    Hodges does all the mouthing off, but it’s that pseudo conservative shithead in Adelaide I’d like to see swinging.

  7. @ndy says:

    Um… which pseudo-conservative would that be Mister Sweary? Mister Andrew Phillips?

  8. @ndy says:

    From The West Australian, June 20, 2009:

    This is the man being investigated over a new campaign of race hate in WA.

    Matthew David Tweedy operates through a burgeoning political movement called the Australian Protectionist Party, which hopes to halt all immigration to Australia, the construction of mosques and the right of Muslim women to wear a veil.

    An anti-Muslim leaflet drop, organised by Mr Tweedy last year, is under investigation by the Federal Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission after a complaint of racial hatred by a woman of Arabic origin in Perth.

    The APP, which has branches in every State, has been forging strong links to the ultra-right wing British National Party by sending members to Britain and inviting BNP leaders to Australia. The BNP won two seats in the European Parliament this month and the APP hopes to register as a political party in WA by the end of the year with 500 members.

    “If something doesn’t happen in the next 10 to 20 years, it will all be over,” Mr Tweedy said. “We will be completely overrun. When I was at school we had the token Vietnamese boat refugee, but now you’ve got these people from Africa and we have Muslims. It’s changed.” Until now, any clues to Mr Tweedy ’s identity in APP campaign material were restricted to a post office box and a mobile telephone number.

    “I just see myself as an organiser in the background,” he said. “I’m willing to do the hard yards in the background to get this party registered.” Recently, the APP, which says its biggest concern is the spread of Islam in Australia, supported a successful bid by Caversham residents to thwart construction of a mosque.

    “We can see the push for sharia law,” he said. “Their intentions are clear. It’s about building up numbers here until they get what they want and that’s a huge fundamental change to Australian society. That’s something the Protectionist Party is against.” Mr Tweedy said he had a degree in social science and politics and was a law-abiding citizen who had no hatred of ethnic groups in WA. He said he objected to the once high-profile Australian Nationalists’ Movement’s firebombing campaigns against Asian restaurants that were led by Jack van Tongeren.

    However, on an APP website forum he wrote: “I’m in the same area I spent my teens. Back then it was the Aboriginals you were wary of. Now they have been pushed to the outer suburbs in favour of our New Australians.” Mr Tweedy, who rejected claims that the APP was a new version of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, also commented about the number of New Zealand Maori living in WA. “So, when you view the stats for immigrants coming from NZ, be aware the majority aren’t white!” he wrote.

    He told The West Australian this week that the comments were just “observations”.

    WA Ethnic Communities Council spokesman Ramdas Sankaran said the APP’s arguments were nothing new and doubted that it could win seats in Parliament. “The economic downturn has brought some of these guys out of the woodwork, but the sad reality is I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to get sufficient numbers to register as a party,” Mr Sankaran said. “But forming a party and winning a seat is another matter. The fact that the likes of Pauline Hanson has not succeeded again shows the society has woken up to these people.” The HREOC would not comment on its inquiry into the APP.

  9. @ndy says:

    Eric the red back in action
    Damien Murphy and Emily Dunn
    The Sydney Morning Herald
    July 13, 2009

    The NSW Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, has held his hair colour, as the neighbouring picture shows, but he also holds a good grudge. Almost 30 years ago he chased Jim Saleam and the racist group National Action off the Macquarie University campus – and was branded a “Communist Jew” for his efforts. Not to dwell on things, but he did bring it up in his maiden speech to the Legislative Council. Last week, when he saw Saleam was to register a new party, he took it on himself to call the Labor heavy Karl Bitar and obtain an undertaking Labor would never direct preferences to Saleam. But what happened next is simply strange: he drove home, dug out an old yearbook, drove back to work, scanned and captioned a picture of himself gallantly defeating the forces of darkness, and sent it to The Diary.

    His stand against National Action was brave – it resulted in the sacking of his student offices – but not nearly as brave as sending a picture of himself looking like Screech (from the sitcom Saved By The Bell) to a newspaper. Recession be warned: Eric will defeat you and in 28 years’ time he will have the pictures to prove it.

    Extract from NSW Legislative Council Hansard and Papers Tuesday, 21 September 2004:

    …Of course, I still did my best to upset my parents. And to their great shock, I dropped out of my commerce degree at the University of New South Wales in my first year. But I redeemed myself a year later, when I returned to study law at Macquarie University, the place where my interest in politics began. I had not heard of Trotskyites, Maoists, Spartacists, or international socialists until then, but I instinctively realised I was uncomfortable with the dogma of the far Left.

    I opposed the reaffiliation of Macquarie University to the extremist-dominated Australian Union of Students, and for my trouble I was racially vilified. We won that campaign. It heralded a major overhaul and reformation of the national student movement. It was my first political victory. And my small, moderate coalition went on to win control of the student council, of which I was elected chairperson. One of my fellow councillors was Andrew Ziolkowski, who never got the chance to enjoy the distinguished career I know he would have had. Cancer cut his time in this Parliament tragically short.

    As chairperson of the Macquarie University Student Council I made few friends on the extreme Left. But I made even fewer on the extreme Right. I led a successful campaign to have the racist group National Action banned from campus, and stopped its vilification of overseas-born students. In retaliation, National Action called me a “communist Jew”. The group sent me a tirade of death threats, climaxing in the attack and ransacking of part of the student council offices.

    This experience gave me a deep aversion to all forms of extremism—a lesson that has stayed with me ever since. This is why I joined the Australian Labor Party, the only party to defend the less fortunate in our community, and I soon went on to work with Michael Cleary, the Minister for Sport, Tourism, Recreation and Racing. My next step was to the State Organiser’s job in the ALP party office. It was my biggest break. The New South Wales party office is an organisation with a unique, some would even say fearsome, reputation. There must be few political organisations in the world simply known by their street address. Sussex Street is one of them.

    Every so often detractors write the obituary of the New South Wales party office. Yet these doomsayers are invariably proven wrong. The New South Wales branch remains the most professional and most successful political organisation in Australia, as last year’s State election landslide demonstrated. My sincere thanks go to all my former colleagues, the staff and officials at the New South Wales office, for their support and friendship in my tenure as New South Wales General Secretary. The team members, Mark Arbib, Karl Bitar, Joanna Woods, Rob Allen, Sarah Conway, Kate Elliott, Margaret Paheerathan and Luke Foley are among the best political party officials in the country. I have no doubt they will uphold the traditions and success of the New South Wales branch.

    The key to the strength of the New South Wales Labor Party has always been the strength of the factions—the Left and the Right. The factions spend so much energy sharpening their skills on each other that our political opponents have no hope when we combine to defeat them. Since Labor first came to office in this State in 1910 we have been in government more often than not. Since World War II Labor has been in office two-thirds of the time: 13 election victories compared with the Coalition’s six. I have been privileged to help deliver three of those wins. But we have achieved more than just victories: we made the New South Wales Australian Labor Party an organisation dedicated to offering talented women an opportunity to enter this Parliament, and we were not afraid to give them the help they needed to get here.

    We are making the New South Wales ALP an organisation where indigenous leaders such as Linda Burney and Warren Mundine are encouraged and embraced. We gave rural and regional New South Wales a new and effective voice in government through Country Labor; now so successful that the annual Country Labor conference dwarfs The Nationals’ annual conference in both size and representation. And we set the ALP on a sound footing with a long-term financial strategy and a strong fundraising program…

  10. Andrew Phillips says:

    Ooooh, who is that ugly bastard in the photo you’ve added my name to?

    Please @ndy, do send me yours too-we can be penpals mate!

    Or perhaps you don’t want to be seen mixing with “Christian Zionists”? (We run the world, you know-but don’t tell anyone.)

  11. @ndy says:

    Andrew ‘Bill Of Rights A Potential Tool Of Oppression’ Phillips,

    That ugly bastard is our Glorious Leader!

  12. Andrew Phillips says:

    Aaahhh, I like your attitude. Just contact me at the local Zionist Federation offices and I will find you some worthwhile work to do my loyal Prole!

    BTW, nice site you’ve got going here-pretty pics n all!

    Can I come here often or will I get a bad reputation???

  13. Martin says:

    Maybe more nationalists should come here, we can start a new fan club?

  14. @ndy says:

    Probably too many Jews around here for your liking Martin.

  15. Nicholas Folkes says:

    Andy – you are the anti-Semite. Your republican socilaist [sic] buddies hate(d) the Jews but we do not.

  16. Nicholas Folkes says:


    I’m a Nationalist and also a Zionist. Most Republicans and Socialists I know hate Jews but I do not. Zionism was and is a movement of self-determination and existence something the muslims want to take away from the Israelis.

    What a screwed up world we live in. Bob Brown of the Greens (former Nazis) is in bed with muslims, the people who would stone him to death for being a poof. Maybe Uncle Bob should go and talk to the Socialist revolutionaries who brought change to Iran when the Ayatollah came to power. Sorry Bob can’t talk to Republican Socialists as they were murdered.

    The grass may look greener until you move paddocks and step in cow shit.

  17. @ndy says:


    You accused me of being an anti-Semite. You then added that my republican socilaist (sic) buddies also hate Jews but that “we” do not. You’ve provided no evidence for either accusation.

    You now claim to be both a Nationalist and a Zionist. I am neither. Nor do I consider myself a republican, or a socialist. Anarchism is the political philosophy with which I feel the closest affinity, so I call myself an anarchist.

    Like anarchism, Zionism is a political ideology with a history — a fascinating one. Thus if you examine it more closely, you’ll discover a socialist dimension, as well as republican — which is to say secular — aspect. Anarchist ideas have also had an influence. See, for example, Mina Grauer, ‘Anarcho-Nationalism: Anarchist attitudes towards Jewish nationalism and Zionism’, Modern Judaism, Vol.14, No.1., 1994; Chapter 6 of Uri Gordon’s Anarchy Alive (Pluto Press, 2008) is also useful.

    Finally: Bob Brown is not in bed with Muslims, not all of whom are murderous; I’m aware of the history of the Iranian revolution; your commentary has very little to do with the post to which it is nominally a response.

  18. Nicholas Folkes says:

    “Finally: Bob Brown is not in bed with Muslims, not all of whom are murderous;” …who said Muslims are all “murderous”? Caught out again applying political correctness.

    Bob [snip] Brown recently said, “we will not tolerate a discussion on [M]uslim immigration”.

    How can an anarchist homo like Brown support [M]uslims who would murder him for being a poof?

    The Greens were founded by a former Nazi, Petra Kelly. She was married to an ex-Nazi general. Her lover shot Kelly in her sleep then turned the gun on himself.

    Says a lot about the Nazis, Pinkos and Greens – they are all part of the same divisive mob.

  19. @ndy says:


    This is the sixth occasion you have commented on my blog.

    You’ve previously stated that I’m a racist, a wanker, jealous, a Marxist, a Nazi, a turd, un-Australian, a racist, a fool, a Nazi, a bastard and an anti-Semite.

    I think you sound like you need a nice cup of tea.

    Otherwise, apart from abuse, your comments have been jam-packed with absurdities.

    Your profile on AgMates states that you’re from Sydney, a painter and decorator, and the Registered Officer for the Australian Protectionist Party.

    I suggest that if you wish to be taken seriously, you stop acting like a brat online. You may also like to conduct further study into basic English. Beyond this:

    1. The Australian Greens were not founded by Petra Kelly, but by the coming together of various state-based Green parties in 1992; Petra Kelly was murdered by her husband in the same year, in Germany.
    2. Kelly’s murder is completely irrelevant to Greens’ party policy in Australia.
    3. You’re an idiot.

  20. Truth Revealed says:

    With the exception of Nicholas Folkes, whose claimed ideas and loyalties I am yet to find definite truth on, the rest of the APP breaks down like this:

    Darrin Hodges:

    Ex friend of Peter Campbell (of Whitelaw Towers fame) and former anti-Semite, now turned APP chairman. Darrin and Peter used to be buddies, but now he wants to do Darrin harm because the chairman claims to have veered from the True Path (hating Jews). Yet, Darrin secretly tries to protect people in APP who have obvious anti-Semitic beliefs from being exposed.

    He is also a backstabber of other people in his cause. Recently he told the police that one of his own activists had put up anti-Islamic posters because that activist had exposed Darrin protecting an anti-Semite on his Australian Identity forum.

    Thankfully, that sad little forum is dying because everyone now knows it’s a place for closet Nazis and anti-Semites who get sick of Stormfront.

    Mark Wilson:

    This joker tries to lure people in with the pretense of being a “moderate” and not tolerating extremists. Once they are in, he then springs it upon new members that APP DOES tolerate anti-Semites, just as long as they don’t reveal their burning hatred of Jews to the normal Australians in the group, then they will be allowed to stay.

    Andrew Guild:

    Not an anti-Semite, but pretty much does whatever Mark “Moderate” Wilson tells him to.

  21. FLAEDO says:

    It seems conservatives arent well served by some of the above mentioned people.
    It goes without saying many in the West are now socialists, kind of by default if you like, and probably dont realise or recognise they are socialists. There has been a ‘creep’ to the left since the sixties. Some people when made aware of their ‘socialism’ might think twice about it. Most people are unaware of the fundamental shifts that have taken place since the sixties – they still talk in outdated terms or rather the things they describe have changed so much the views they express are irrelevant. The KKK hasnt killed anyone in decades, the civil rights movement was completely successful – 50 years ago. Thats how long race equality has been accepted in most Western countries, however the left is still moaning about racism like it doesnt know what year it is. Theyve also failed to notice that whites will be a minority group in most Western countries within the next 20 years. Obviously they havent considered the ramifications of this, because in their perfect socialist worlds only equality exists and its a two way street or maybe even a six way street – every other non Westerner thinks exactly as they do – absolutley guaranteed.
    lt doesnt matter to them that all the 52 countries of the lslamic Conference dont recognise the UN Human Rights Charter nor does it matter to them that despite the spin put on China its still a communist dicatatorsship nor does is matter to them that Malaysia and Indonesia are treading steadily towards Islamic monotheism and belligerence.
    What matters to the socialists that dont realise theyre socialists is impossible to guage as most of them are so thick the idea of penetrating their lazy thought patterns is just too scary..
    The word ‘racism’ has been rendered meaningless by its over use, however when you hear the word ‘racism’ automatically you know its being directed at whites.
    I dont belong to any organisation or party however l do consider it my sworn duty to take down these sloppy thinking socialists, who incidentally are racist every one of them.

  22. FLAEDO says:

    Ditto the lamehead as opposed to lemonhead socialist sheep cant deduce that inevitably socialism leads to bigger and bigger government – ultimately the government gets so big it penetrates every aspect of our (state ordained) existences extinguishing all memory of a time when we were relatively free. And the difference between now and say 40 years ago is striking. The amount of statist regulation thats been heaped upon us defies belief. The only guarantee we have is THERE WILL BE EVEN MORE in the next 40 years such that eventually we will expire from the weight of the (socialist) government edicts. Where is the freedom you might ask.
    No you wont ask – youre too busy applauding every new piece of pc affected socialist kant that emanates from our fearless frredom deriding white hating torch bearers – yes thats you socialist scum. Take a bow and tighten the screws even more.
    Oo look l think l sore the KKK over there behind that bush oh no wait there hasnt been a KKK lynching in years, it must have been Gerildehyde Gillwoman slaying an abbit – well why does she bother – he is a socialist too, its only the packaging thats different.
    Well son if you want to be different heres a tip for you – dont be a socialist. But youll be lonely.
    Baa baa.

  23. Portus says:

    Nick Folkes, on one hand he does not want immigration, but [snip], Nick himself dont care, he’s playing politics, pity his [snip] dont know about [snip], so what is Nick? is he a racist? a Islamophobe? or just a lowlife after power?

    Let us quote Nick to find out “this is great! these snivelling muslims keep coming and creating trouble for the locals so the locals will be looking for someone who opposes them, while ever there is immigration we can ride this wave, ride it all the way to parliament house!” So Nick is not a racist is not a white supremacist (pity as its those people he’s promised results to, wait till they realise he thinks they are all dopes and worse) Nick is just a dirty little opportunist who besides painting peoples houses [snip], helps himself with things like truth, facts and all those other nasty things that get in Nicks way, he does not care about Australia or immigration, he just wants to get into power, and you know what he’ll become if he does.

  24. Nick Folkes says:

    Andy said,

    “1. The Australian Greens were not founded by Petra Kelly, but by the coming together of various state-based Green parties in 1992; Petra Kelly was murdered by her husband in the same year, in Germany.”

    Andy, you need correction again.

    I didn’t comment that the “Australian Greens were founded by Petra Kelly”. I said, the “Greens” meaning the original Green party in Germany.

    By the way Petra Kelly was murdered by Guy Bastion, her lover. Bastion was a former Nazi General and also a member of the German Greens. The suicide and chaos continues with the Greens today.

  25. @ndy says:


    Whatever you think you may have said, it’s obvious to anyone who can read that you began your commentary by asserting that:

    a) I’m an anti-Semite;
    b) so are my republican and socialist comrades;
    c) the APP is not (anti-Semitic).

    When asked to clarify your bizarre assertions, you wrote that:

    a) you’re a Zionist and a nationalist;
    b) most republicans and socialists you know hate Jews;
    c) you do not.

    You then wrote: “Bob Brown of the Greens (former Nazis) is in bed with [M]uslims…”

    A few points:

    Bob Brown–the person you deride as a “poof” and an “anarchist homo”–is a member of the Australian Greens. In fact, its Parliamentary leader.
    He is not a member of the German Greens.
    They–the Australian Greens and the German Greens/Die Grünen–are two different parties; they exist in different countries, on separate continents.
    Quite clearly, you were eliding the difference between the two.
    I pointed this out.
    In other words: there are no former Nazis who are members of the Greens–the ‘Greens’, in this context clearly referring to Australia, not Germany (as the example of Bob Brown makes clear).
    Incidentally, the first Greens party is generally recognised as being the ‘United Tasmania Group’, founded in 1972; further, the Germans adopted the term ‘Greens’ partly on the basis of Kelly’s own knowledge of the ‘Green Bans’ imposed on inappropriate building developments by the NSW BLF in the early 1970s.


    Beyond this, you were presumably trying to provide some feeble justification for accusing me of anti-Semitism. The best evidence you can provide is that Greens (co-)founder Petra Kelly’s lover–Gert Bastian, not ‘Guy Bastion’–was a former “Nazi General”. (In reality, he fought for the Wehrmacht during WWII, not the Waffen-SS, only rejoining the Army in peacetime in 1956, and retiring in 1980 as a Major General.)

    That’s not very good evidence.

    Again: I suggest that if you wish to be taken seriously, you stop acting like a brat online.
    You may also like to conduct further study into reading and comprehension.

  26. Dan says:

    Changing face of the right? are you kidding me, face of the far left extremists more like it. Australia is confusing its political directions, how can nationalist socialists who are pro white be classed as right or far right?

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding it all coming in from the American system, but over here this kind of thing is the far left extremists, socialist nazis are as extreme left as it gets. Far right is deregulation, non-interventionalism and free market here, you don’t see Greens or Nazis supporting that kind of thing.

  27. Grumpy Cat says:

    Actually Dan, as far as these things go fascists and Nazis are traditionally classed as ‘the Right’, neo-classical economics and liberalism ( free market etc) are just one strain of right-wing thought.

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