Knabb, Rexroth, Kerouac

“One of the most controversial points in Kenneth Rexroth’s life was his relation with Jack Kerouac. He acknowledged Kerouac’s gifts as an engaging autobiographical writer in the tradition of Henry Miller and Thomas Wolfe, but he made such caustic criticisms of his sentimentality, irresponsibility and political cluelessness that many Kerouac fans have never forgiven him (which is one of the main reasons that Rexroth’s significance has been played down in so many accounts of the “Beat era”). I happen to think that most of his criticisms were quite justified, though I will admit that he occasionally goes a bit overboard. See what you think.”

Rexroth’s three reviews of Kerouac’s books are now online.

Four Rexroth articles on jazz poetry have also been added.

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