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:: John “I’m the whitest person that ever did the Funky Chicken” Drew ::

Recently, someone claiming to be the Queensland organiser for the neo-Nazi Patriotic Youth League — John Drew — felt compelled to inform me that my entry on his Party was “a load of crap” because “I am the PYL organiser for Queensland” and “Patriotism is good for you”.

Well John, I think your politics are shit.

But what exactly is it that’s being organised? What’s a patriot? And why should they be condemned to endure the antics of the youth wing of the fascist Australia First Party?

Well, to join the PYL, you gotta be:

1) “a radical nationalist” (meaning: support a return to a White Australia);
2) be between 18 and 25 years of age and;
3) not offend Parteiführer Stuart McBeth.

For obvious reasons, Drew doesn’t like Greg Roberts: he covers the antics of the PYL and related topics in an unsatisfactory manner. He’s also “middle aged and looks like a British homosexual”. Roberts, on the other hand, is guilty of being opposed to One Nation. “All publicity is good publicity” Drew reckons.

Fair enough!

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