CFMEU, broken windows, grifters, plague rats, workers’ solidarity …

[Update (September 29) : The plague rats have today obtained a qualified victory, as CFMEU outbreak: President tests positive, Setka in isolation, Michael Fowler and Ben Schneiders, The Age.]

… and more besides.

Just a brief note to let you know that I wrote something for Overland titled ‘Constructing a narrative: the CFMEU protest and the far right’ (September 23, 2021). I may add a little more detail here when I can, but also of interest are:

Understanding the right wing attack on the CFMEU, Tommy Lawson, Red & Black Notes (September 22)
Against capitalism, against the pandemic: our stance on the current crisis, Black Flag Sydney (September 22)
Inside three days of rage in Melbourne, Ben Hillier, Red Flag (September 23)
Melbourne anti-lockdown protests are a disorganised mess, Tom Tanuki, Independent Australia (September 23)

*September 24, and a few more articles of interest:

Has solidarity succumbed to the rise of rage?, Waleed Aly, The Age
Covid, the Left and radical democracy, Jeff Sparrow, Overland
Far-right throws up new challenges for unions, Sue Bolton, Green Left Weekly
Just 1pc of workers on major building sites are anti-vaxxers, David Marin-Guzman and Patrick Durkin, Australian Financial Review (September 23)
I’m a construction worker—the protesters don’t speak for me, Ryan Stanton, Red Flag

*September 25:

Nazis prey on the disenfranchised and angry. So does News Corporation, Dave Milner The Shot (September 24)
Workers’ rights or the far right: who was behind Melbourne’s pandemic protests?, Michael McGowan, The Guardian

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3 Responses to CFMEU, broken windows, grifters, plague rats, workers’ solidarity …

  1. Anonymouse says:

    I love you! I’ve been pondering the protests from a “left wing” perspective, sure, I support them, because fuck the police, but actually fuck them too! AAAAAHHHH.
    So, some real considered analysis from a variety of sources that I can trust. Cheers.

  2. I read an article today (sorry can’t find it on the web now-was in Fin Review paper) where they listed the vaccination rates for construction workers in various construction companies in Victoria. The rate was around 80% (first dose) and workers had been surveyed about their intention to vaccinate. Only 1-2% said they would refuse, I cant remember undecided %, Multiplex had the highest number of anti-vax responses – 3%.
    Those sort of figures don’t seem out of whack with the general public response.
    The Age article quotes 80-90% union members in the marches and if there are over 300,000? construction workers in Victoria and the rate of unionisation is something like 10% that would mean about 600 hard core antivax Victorian construction worker union members. There were a couple of thousand hi vis marchers seems to be the general consensus, so it seems doubtful that 80-90% were union members, more like 30% if all 600 turned up – and you never get 100% turnout from your supporters to a march, so my guess is less than 30% were union members. Of course modify my assumptions and you get any figures you want.

  3. I didn’t add union members from other industries and other unions. I don’t have a guess for that.

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