Jock Palfreeman : July 2009 Update

Jock Palfreeman went to court on July 2.

One witness, who works in the building where the CCTV footage went missing (which is still missing, along with the computer on to which it was recorded — see : Jock Palfreeman : May 2009 Update) gave evidence at the hearing. He was asked if police spoke to him. He said ‘No’, but added that some individuals came to his workplace on the day following the original incident to look at the video. He did not specify whether they were police.

Jock also gave a statement to the court about the day’s events.

Jock’s lawyer made a request that Jock be placed under house arrest (in the apartment of an acquaintance in Sofia), but the judge ruled this option invalid on the basis that Jock — especially as a foreigner — was a flight risk.

As it stands, 19 months after having been arrested, Jock remains unconvicted, unsentenced, and languishes in Sofia prison.

For more details on Jock’s case, and further information on how to assist Jock, please see

Jock Palfreeman, a 22 year old Australian, was visiting friends in Bulgaria when he witnessed the vicious gang beating of another man in December, 2007. Going to the aid of this man, Jock was brutally attacked by the group, and is now facing murder charges in Sofia – Bulgaria’s capital. Although he acted in self-defence, Jock is being treated as a murderer and a hooligan as he endures a lengthy trial and near-torturous prison conditions.

At, we maintain that Jock acted in self-defence, and strongly believe he should be returned to his family and friends in Australia. The purpose of this website is to be an accurate information resource for those interested in his case, and to provide a means for his supporters to unite and support this young man through his ordeal. It is not an attack on Bulgaria or its people; we simply want the fair and transparent trial that all people are entitled to.

Friends and supporters of Jock held a public meeting in Sydney on July 19; an article appeared in the local press regarding his case: Friends rally to free Jock, Boel Eriksson, The Mosman Daily, July 15, 2009 / Help us find justice for our mate Jock, Boel Eriksson, The North Shore Times, July 16, 2009. Jock’s case has also come to the attention of the Roma Virtual Network. See also : Foreign Correspondent : One Night in Sofia (Jock Palfreeman) (June 3, 2009).

Please note that the individual on whose behalf Jock intervened is a Romani (‘Gyspy’), and that Bulgaria has an unfortunate history of anti-Roma violence. For further background infos, please see:

Extreme-Right politics in Bulgaria, Institute of Race Relations (IRR), 1994–2004.
Roma riots in Bulgaria,, 2007.

The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is an international advocacy organisation which promotes political and public discussion on Roma issues by providing factual and in-dept[h] information on a range of policy issues to the European Union institutions, Roma civil organisations, governmental authorities and intergovernmental bodies.

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is an international public interest law organisation engaging in a range of activities aimed at combating anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma. The approach of the ERRC involves, in particular, strategic litigation, international advocacy, research and policy development, and training of Romani activists.

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4 Responses to Jock Palfreeman : July 2009 Update

  1. ash says:

    thanks for the update andy

    next court date will be 28th september

  2. [Silly Pseudonym] says:

    1. This is the second guy Jock has stabbed.
    2. He was carrying a knife on a night out drinking.
    3. His girlfriend has refused consistently to appear in court – after doing a runner the day after the murder.

    Anyone think all of this is normal, because I sure don’t!

    Listen guys, someone died here. He died in agony, with a knife sticking out of him. I don’t buy this “Jock is a nice guy” shit. He was carrying a knife. He had already stabbed one poor bugger.

    Let justice take its course and stop bleating about it.

  3. @ndy says:

    Silly Pseudonym,

    1. This is not the second guy Jock has stabbed. In reality, this is the first time Jock has been charged with such a crime.

    2. He was carrying a knife on a night out drinking.

    HAWKINS: Jock Palfreeman says the Bulgarian capital is a violent place where he’s had trouble before – so he took a knife with him.

    JOCK PALFREEMAN: I don’t know why, I just had a bad feeling about Sofia. There’s something about the stress of Sofia that always…. there’s always problems here that I’ve found in Sofia.

    3. Lindsay Welsh, his ‘girlfriend’, is not his girlfriend. She has not refused consistently to appear in court:

    HAWKINS: After the brawl, one of the football fans lay injured and another laid dying. He was twenty year old law student Andre Monov. Lindsay Welsh left the scene terrified, not knowing that anyone had died or that police had charged her friend with murder. She flew to England the next day as planned. When she found out what happened, she rang British and Bulgarian authorities.

    LINDSAY WELSH: The Bulgarian Embassy didn’t seem interested at all. So I left my details with all these people and also I spoke to someone from Interpol at a later date, they made me sign a form saying that I’d be willing to actually go and give a statement saying what I’d witnessed that night. But after that I haven’t heard from anybody at all.

    Yes, someone died: Andrey Monov.

    LINDSAY WELSH: As we were walking down the road, there was a group of men that emerged from the subway making a lot of noise. I think they were shouting.

    HAWKINS: They were football fans fuelled up on alcohol.

    JOCK PALFREEMAN: Maybe twenty, or even more, maybe twenty five and they were all singing and chanting and people were walking past them and they were pushing them.

    HAWKINS: Jock Palfreeman and his friends had been drinking too. They were frightened by the commotion and crouched behind bushes. He says he saw the gang beating up two gypsies. When he went into help, one gypsy got away but the gang continued their attack on the other one.

    LINDSAY WELSH: As I looked up what I remember seeing is Jock running and these guys running towards Jock.

    JOCK PALFREEMAN: And then all the group came and surrounded me in a circle.

    HAWKINS: Jock Palfreeman says he pulled out the knife to keep the attackers away. The gang then started hurling cement blocks at the Australian who was calling out for help.

    JOCK PALFREEMAN: I was constantly turning in a circle and every time one would come at me I would lunge at them with the knife in a swiping movement to scare them. All I remember is being hit on the head and falling down. The last thing I remember is right shit, I’m gone. This is it. I’m finished.

    LINDSAY WELSH: I tried to grab Jock’s arm and as I did so, one of the guys turned round and kicked me in the stomach and so I flew back on the floor.

    “Let justice take its course and stop bleating about it.”

    You wish. In reality, Jock, his family, friends and supporters are engaged in a legal process in a notoriously corrupt legal system. He has been accused of an extremely serious crime, he is a foreigner, his victim was not some itinerant Roma but the son of a respected citizen. Therefore, he needs support.

    If you wish to hear less bleating, don’t comment on my blog.

  4. slav4o says:

    It’s also ironic, silly, complaining about bleating, when there’s 200 football hooligans marching through Sofia’s centre with more Bulgarian flags then an American rodeo! Meanwhile what was actually spoken about the case facts? Nothing.

    Also, Lindsey gave her statement in April 2009, and she never fled, Jock was only in Sofia to fare her well as she had a plane ticket booked for the next day.

    It’s also funny, that silly says “let justice take it’s course”, cause as it stands, witnesses missing, evidence destroyed, critical info given to witnesses against Jock, and it’s been over a year and a half now, what justice and what course?

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