Love (Chinese Way)

Chinese patriots have gone Ken Loach one better (Chinese hack into film festival site, Mary-Anne Toy, The Age, July 26, 2009):

CHINESE hackers have attacked the Melbourne International Film Festival website in an intensifying campaign against the screening of a documentary about exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer…

The MIFF site is still up, but not in very good shape.

According to Xinhua (Xinjiang officials pledge crackdown on violent crime, call for safeguarding ethnic unity,, July 24, 2009):

…the 12th meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Regional People’s Congress which ended Friday… passed a resolution on cracking down on violent crimes and safeguarding ethnic unity and social stability. The resolution said the riot was masterminded by the separatist, terrorist and extremist forces led by Rebiya Kadeer and was aimed at fomenting hostility, destroying stability and separating the nation.

“The Chinese government always blames me and the World Uighur Congress for problems over there,” Kadeer told The Associated Press.

See also : Biographical sketch of Rebiya Kadeer, UAA | Profile: Rebiya Kadeer, BBC…

Event | Thursday 06 August 2009 at 6:30pm
Rebiya Kadeer
Cinema Nova, Lygon Street, Carlton

Readings and the AIIA are proud to present, for one night only, Rebiya Kadeer, the world leader of the Uyghurs of Western China. Her story, told in her book Dragon Fighter: One Woman’s Epic Struggle For Peace With China is the story of the ‘other Tibet.’

Twice nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, once the richest entrepreneur in China, Rebiya Kadeer is a remarkable woman who pays daily a terrible price for patriotism. Her story will also be shown in the film The 10 Conditions of Love, premiering at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

The 10 Conditions of Love was produced by Common Room Productions. The film is scheduled to be screened this Sunday July 26 and August 8. Both sessions are SOLD OUT.

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