G20 : Kids bait/yell/shove/provoke/counter police/state/corporate propaganda

Having successfully collected evidence that there are leftists in Berlin, and that they sometimes engage in sabotage (who knew?), Paola Totaro can now read about how tricksy Citizen journalism counters police propaganda (Paul Lewis, The Guardian, August 4, 2009). Alternatively, Totaro can re-examine the photographs of ‘persons of interest’ her employer published 30 months ago (in what was certainly not a propaganda exercise) and which remain online, despite the fact that the last (?) trials arising from the protest have concluded. Or, perhaps, contemplate the following:

The theory that Tomlinson’s assailant was an imposter was short-lived. Within 24 hours of the broadcast, the TSG van driver gave himself up. When he watched footage of his attack on Tomlinson on the evening news on 7 April, he had collapsed in front of his partner. The same TV bulletins were being watched in Derbyshire by Alan Edwards, the 34-year-old man seen in the video helping Tomlinson to his feet.

Edwards came forward to recount Tomlinson’s last conversation. “I didn’t talk to him straight away. I was more concerned the police wouldn’t get at him. They’d already pushed him over,” he said, adding he was particularly wary of the officer who struck him.

“I tried to eyeball him to see if I would remember who he was but he was balaclavaed up. All you could see was his hands and his eyes.” When the officer walked off, Edwards lifted Tomlinson from the ground. “I said: ‘You OK, mate?’ He said: ‘No, I live down there – that’s where I live. I can’t get there any other way. I’m trying to get home.'”

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