(Under pressure from anarchists) Police end fascist demo: South Moravia, Czech Republic

The Prague Daily Monitor reports that Czech ‘Police terminate demonstration of right extremists’ (January 13, 2007) in the town of Otrokovice in Zlín, South Moravia (incidentally, playwright Tom Stoppard‘s place of birth), allegedly as a result of fighting between the 200 neo-Nazi scum and a comparable number of righteous Czech anarchist comrades. As a result of their efforts, the swine’s public assembly was truncated by two hours.

The demo was organised by a stupid mob called National Corporativism. Their fuehrer, some silly bugger called Martin Bacik, “said that the march was to highlight the problems with extreme leftist movements”; among which, presumably, is their tendency to keep Czech streets clean of scum like him…

Five radicals were detained during the brawls… both camps were throwing bottles and explosive charges [at] one another. One radical was treated with minor [facial] injuries… Afterwards, police… directed the [fascists] to the railway station and watched their departure. Other police… guarded the anarchists gathered some 300 metres from the station. Despite the security measures, [fascists] and anarchists clashed again near the station.

And from a Czech press survey (January 15):

Czech police deserve praise for [their intervention] against a meeting of ultra-right radicals in Moravia this weekend, Petruska Sustrova [ex-Charter 77] writes elsewhere in Lidove noviny (LN), adding that police… have finally realised [sic] that the extremists’ slogan Czech Lands to Czechs does not express love for homeland, but only racism.

Sustrova adds that police should study the real ideas and intentions of these ultra-right movements that are available on their websites, and listen to their supporters’ debate to understand that pure racism and worshipping of German Nazism is hidden behind the… patriotic phrases [they] pronounce in public.

[Shit: that sounds familiar!]

Sustrova recalls that in… past years police often protected neo-Nazis, who announced their meeting officially before-hand, in similar clashes with left anarchists.

National Corporativism is a fascist groupuscule which was established in 2004, and is closely allied to another, larger mob of racist losers called National Resistance. The (mostly teenaged) pinheads who form its membership have previously distinguished themselves by paying tribute to dead Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet — “a model for all world rulers to follow”, apparently — in December, 2006; dead Spanish dictator Francisco Franco — “They are banned from celebrating Hitler, so they have found a replacement” one astute observer of the fascist dingbats commented — in November, 2006; and rallying in support of professional Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, in November, 2005.

Completely batshit, in other words.

See also : @-Kontra (Czech anarchist zine); Anarchist Yellow Pages (Czech Republic); Michael Löwy, Franz Kafka and Libertarian Socialism, New Politics, Vol.6, No.3, Summer 1997; Marta Kolářová

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