Jared Taylor versus reality. Again.

Jared Taylor, the racist schmuck and self-described ‘race realist’ from Virginia, has had another crash-course in reality, his latest attempt to talk shit in Halifax, Canada at Saint Mary’s University, being cancelled by University authorities. The grinning idiot was scheduled to debate Peter March (an Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at St. Mary’s), previously stating that “I had such a warm reception [last time], how could I stay away?”. Despite March’s assurances that “I’m quite sure that this time it will go very smoothly”, University authorities, claiming security concerns, withdrew permission (March 5) for the use of University premises for the event, scheduled for Tuesday, March 6. In a later press release (March 6), Saint Mary’s stated that:

…the debate between Dr. Peter March, Philosophy Department, and Jared Taylor took place on March 6, 2007 at a location off campus.

The University made arrangements to have the debate videotaped, and copies have been provided to Dr. March and Mr. Taylor.

The University made the decision to withdraw use of campus facilities for the debate because of high security risks and potential threat to both our campus community and to visitors. The University remains committed to academic freedom, diversity of opinion, and supports open debate in a forum that does not put the personal safety of our community at risk.

Those wishing to view the videotaped debate are advised to contact Dr. March directly.

CBC, on March 6 (‘SMU says no racism debate on campus’), reported that:

University officials said Monday they decided to cancel Tuesday’s debate between Peter March, a philosophy professor, and U.S. author Jared Taylor because of a threat on a website [ie, Stormfront]. According to the posting, somebody would be stabbed if the event went ahead, said Chuck Bridges, a Saint Mary’s spokesman…

And while, according to one report, some less troubled individuals planned on responding to Taylor’s visit by violating The Laws of Nature and engaging in some ‘inter-racial’ kissing (‘Protesters ponder giving Taylor big kiss-off’, John Gillis, The Chronicle Herald, March 3, 2007), Taylor and March exchanged views on radio. Taylor also exchanged views with Peter Duffy in The Chronicle Herald (‘On the menu: Opposing racial diversity’, March 8, 2007), in which Duffy confesses he’s “confused” by Taylor’s racist babbling. In reference to March and Taylor’s broadcast debate, Duffy writes: “Peter March would make a case for racial diversity and I’d agree with it wholeheartedly. But then you’d say something and I could recognize myself in your anti-diversity argument”. Elsewhere, another Chronic journalist, Jim Meek (‘Speech is free, and everywhere in chains’, March 8, 2007) opines:

Is gun violence in Toronto centred in the immigrant Jamaican community? Yes.

Are Asian gangs becoming the dominant drug kingpins in Canada? Yes.

Are our native communities besieged by poverty and drugs? Yes.

Are we addressing these issues through successful public policy? For the most part, no!

So I say let Taylor speak, not because he’s right or wrong, but because his views – however offensive – reveal our failure to address some pretty important issues.

I’m all for multiculturalism, in short, but not for drowning in the warm soup of sentimentality that surrounds it in this country…

Therefore, Taylor makes a valuable contribution to the ‘debate’.

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10 Responses to Jared Taylor versus reality. Again.

  1. Ozzy says:

    The title of your [article] is very apt, although not in the way you meant it.

    The reality is that Whites are treated as second class citizens in our own country [Canada?].

    Jared Taylor is [a] civil rights leader.

    It takes a lot of guts to stand up against the PTB[?!?].

    Jared Taylor is not only very intelligent, but also very courageous.

    I have not heard one person refute any of his [arguments]. All people do is call him names. Because that is all they can do. Jared Taylor has statistics and logic to back up everything he says.

  2. @ndy says:

    “He’s got statistics and everything!”

    Bollocks. His status as an ‘expert’ is acknowledged only by his knuckle-dragging followers on the racist far right…


    There’s about as much point engaging in a debate with Taylor on the subject of race as there is engaging in a debate with Fred Leuchter Jr. on the subject of Auschwitz. Nevertheless:


    (And Mr. Death’s a great documentary.)

  3. Jimmy says:

    Zmag is a horrible source, as Tim Wise is a moron.
    Just listen to the debate between him and Jared on the Infidel Guy.
    Tim spouted lie after lie after lie.
    At least Jared has the courtesy to not make stuff up.

  4. Dr. Cam says:

    Are you serious?

  5. Joe G says:

    So according to this blogger anyone that dares even broach the subject of possible differences between the races, or discusses the pros and cons of multiracial societies are “racist schmucks”.

    Canadians and Americans are engaged in an experiment that has never been tried [successfully]. It could destroy both countries. Why shouldn’t the people forcing multiracialism on Canada and the US explain why this policy is being implemented?

    Maybe the big brained [blogger] that has no problem hurling baseless insults at people he disagrees with can give one reason why a multiracial Canada is better for white Canadians than a mostly white Canada?

  6. T S says:

    “Jared Taylor, the racist schmuck etc…”

    Stopped reading right after that. If you want your personal opinions to be of any worth to anybody else apart from you and your closest siblings, you should first drop the personal attacks and stick to argumentation.

    The use of defamation is typical of people not having the maturity to debate intelligently the important questions of our society.

    Good luck.

  7. Ben says:


    I agree with you, but I’m not surprised as the name of the website explains everything about the author.

    Ignorance stems from lack of knowledge or awareness of another point of view…

  8. Frans Duncan says:

    Jared Taylor is a very brave man. If you disagree with anything he says it only means you’re dumb. Period. Everything Mr. Taylor says is true.

  9. Dom says:

    Jared Taylor is right! He is very brave man. And be reasonable and research a little about this don’t have liberal tantrum because you heard something that you don’t like…this doesn’t mean that it’s not true…

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