I think, therefore I blog

(Please be advised that I have only drunk one cup of coffee this morning and that I am still recovering from having my third nipple scratched by Bübi the cat…)

Aw shucks.

I’m the [e]victim of a chain[e]mail [e]conspiracy, by way of insultadarity (now with added blunt instruments!) and miss p. And it goes something like this:

    1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with 5 blogs that make you think;
    2. Link to this post so that people can find the exact origin of the meme;
    3. Optional: Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” with a link to the post that you wrote (there is a silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog);
    4. Your chosen blogs cannot have been previously awarded.

Apparently, I make The Insultingly Solidaric One and Miss Politics think. Which is OK, I guess, insofar as it constitutes a step towards them thinking about sending me all their money. Anyway, here’s five more blogs among the many I could’ve nominated:

1) the66pow : it’s funny ‘cos it’s true… ‘cos he’s seen it all from quite close up. makes me think: who the hell is this bloke, and can i steal his record collection?;
2) archive : s0metim3s : throwing caution to the wind, a let’s it all hang out on her blog, cleverly disguised as thoughtful ruminations on contemporary critical theory. ‘n’ politics. ‘n’ that. makes me think: i really should spend less time blogging and more time studying proper-like;
3) buggery.org : written by a clever, funny bugger, who takes correct spelling, grammar and good design seriously. makes me think: there’s hope for nt;
4) DIRELAND : by journalist doug ireland, direland provides informed and wide-ranging commentary on european and us politics, and global struggles for sexual liberation in general. which sounds quite serious. and, generally speaking, it is. makes me think: you can actually make a living stringing words together?;
5) Wilson’s Blogmanac : pip wilson is an old hippie who blogs. makes me think: i want to be a hippie and i want to get stoned (and i want to live in bellingen).

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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11 Responses to I think, therefore I blog

  1. sparx says:

    I did think about sending you all my money @ndy, I thought about it for a good few minutes. But what would you do with those dozens [that’s DOZENS] of dollars? How do I know the world wouldn’t be better off if I just keep all my money? AND all Miss Politix money? Theres only one way THINKING bloggers can solve this kind of dilemma: an 8 item “at what price would you sell out at?” internet quiz.

    C’mon, now you’ve got the THINKING meme or whatever [not once but TWICE, thus making a mockery of the entire meme or whatever], you can afford to waste time on trivial crap like this WITHOUT losing any of that precious credibility. Turns out I’d sell out for around $800,000.

    Also, if I don’t give you all my money, I found a lot of muesli in the dumpster which I will generously share with you [unless Food Not Bombs want it.]

  2. sparx says:

    Wait, forget all that!!

    (Please be advised that I have only drunk one cup of coffee this morning and that I am still recovering from having my third nipple scratched by Bübi the cat…)

    I mean, WTF??

    I mean, see why we gave you that THINKING blogger award??

    I mean, WTF??

  3. @ndy says:


    “Stop wasting my time
    You know what I want
    You know what I need
    Or maybe you don’t
    Do I have to come right flat out and tell you everything?

    Gimme some money
    Gimme some money

    I’m nobody’s fool
    I’m nobody’s clown
    I’m treating you cool
    I’m putting you down
    But baby I don’t intend to leave empty-handed

    Gimme some money
    Gimme some money

    (Go Nigel, go!)

    Gimme some money
    Gimme some money

    Don’t get me wrong
    (Gimme some money)
    Try getting me right
    (Gimme some money)
    Your face is ok
    But your purse is too tight
    (Gimme some money)
    I’m looking for pound notes
    Loose change
    Bad checks, anything

    Gimme some money
    Gimme some money…”


    As for Bübi, all will be revealed. Watch this space!

  4. Wee Jin Suk says:


    the image of you (?) on your blog makes me think that feminism has been subjected to its own deconstruction.

    A blindolded lady with a sign between her legs that says FREE… In the 1980s a similar sign might have read 80 bucks an hour or in the 1990s it might have said NO ENTRY.

    If you market yourself out of the price then you may end up with no money to give to slackb’stard who is a local member in need of fundimo.

    I mean his blog wont even accept comments with dollar signs in the text (true!!)

  5. sparx says:

    What’s the matter Suk? Don’t you like crap street theater? Coz that’s where the photo is from: http://insultadarity.blogspot.com/2007/01/bend-to-my-will-blogsbot.html. You can track down the Moreland Leader for July 24, 2006, or give them a call [photo ref N45HO105] if you want a glossy copy for the parish hall or similar.

    So you don’t have to strain your eyes with the monitor, I mean.

    Anyway, it’s pretty hard to understand what you talk about anyway, but I guess you meant to say “If you PRICE yourself out of the MARKET…” Thanks for your concern and for sharing your knowledge of the biz. It was especially nice of you to share your knowledge of specific prices, circa 1980s, although I did a quick straw poll and it turns out no one really wanted to know that much about you.

    I don’t think I’d be up to debating feminism with you though, you know a lot more about it than me. I mean, you feminists do say the personal is political, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m the first to admit I’m not as feminist as you. And here I was thinking the post was about THINKING blogger awards! And here you are, making it all personal [again.] Thanks for reminding us that patriarchy is still an issue. You fight the power, Suk!

    One final thing, I just wanted to add a personal comment. I have also struggled with dyslexia [on account of English not being my native language, just like you!] and sometimes have trouble with spam filters [on account of being new to the internet, just like you!] And now I’ve got a THINKING blogger award and everything! So that just proves that YOU shouldn’t let YOUR dyslexia stop YOU trying to express YOURSELF either! Keep working on those reading and comprehension skills! It’s clear to me that your writing and language skills ARE slowly improving. If you need more encouragement, just look at your last comment – even @ndy didn’t pick up on your mistakes!

    That was really kind of you @ndy, it’s good for building his self-esteem.

  6. sparx says:

    Anyway @ndy, I’ve thought about it and no, you can’t have my money. Gainfully employed people work hard to support my lifestyle and it just wouldn’t be fair on the taxpayers.

    But you can have a ghost-written post or graphic [also known as a ghostpost] and/or some muesli form the dumpster. And that’s my last offer.

    Also, you can have some crap-ily photocopied zines and some crap-ily screen printed patches and maybe some crap-ily recorded burnt CD’s of some of my crap friends crap bands.

    And that’s my last offer.

  7. @ndy says:

    Correction: A blindolded lady who markets herself out of the price with dollar signs in the text (form the dumpster) FULL STOP.

    Neatest correct entries to: PO Box 199, East Brunswick, VIC, 3057, AUSTRALIA.

  8. Sparx you raise many excellent points. Though I am not surprised being the highly intelligent person that you are.

    Andy … you want my money eh. You should be paying me for putting you up as a thinking blogger. If truth be told I don\\\’t actually have any money but I do have a hell of a lot of love to give. Its free too. Share the love Andy. Its all good.

  9. sparx says:

    Hey Miss P, do you think it would be bad manners to take that award back?

    1. What about the cat?

    2. Tell us about the cat.

  10. @ndy says:

    Is very bad manners!

    On cat : http://slackbastard.anarchobase.com/?p=662

    He is currently sleeping.

  11. Wee Jin Suk says:

    Sparko, you can take eet personally if you like, my interpretation was of the image which I will order as per your order. The image (not you) reminded me of my Korean autonomist sister Gang Bang Ho. When I get the picture I will bicycle around Moreland looking for the sacred ground upon which it was taken. When I find it and after performing 1 hour of pranayama breathing yoga, I will anoint the ground with veerya from the lingnam of Roti Channai.


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