Heil Heil Reich ‘n’ Roll! Blood Red Eagle’s Blitzkrieg Tour of Wellington

Douglas Schott, courtesy of Blood & Honour New Zealand, the New Zealand Hammerskins and New Zealand Tourism, is taking his very peculiar brand of neo-Nazi ‘Viking rock’ to New Zealand / Aotearoa on April 21, when Blood Red Eagle are scheduled to play at the Satan’s Slaves clubhouse in Wellington. Note that the gig is being held in order to help celebrate the birth of the world’s most famous dead incestuous coprophiliac Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, on April 20, 1889; further, that the white supremacist Satan’s Slaves previously played host to some other neo-Nazi schmucks from Australia (Death’s Head) in a similar celebration in April 2005. In addition, Blood Red Eagle played at Bulldog Spirit and Charter 77‘s favourite pub, The (neo-Nazi) Birmy in Fitzroy, Melbourne, in September, 2006 to celebrate the death of Ian Stuart Donaldson in 1993 (Stuart was the co-founder — with the dead gay bonehead, Nicky Crane — of B&H in 1987). This is the same gig which prompted a half-dozen or so incredibly manly boneheads to assault a lone woman later that same night — not that incredibly manly (just look at those tatts!) local working class ‘punks’ care.

The band otherwise happily performs at the Hamilton Hotel in Newcastle: — last performing at the venue in February, 2006.

It is unknown, at this stage, if members of the Newcastle RSL will be joining neo-Nazis from Newcastle in wishing Doug & The Boys all the best on their blitzkrieg tour, or whether or not local Wellington ex-servicemen and women have been invited by any of the groups or individuals involved in organising the gig to join them in pissing all over the graves of their fallen comrades. In any case, let’s hope Doug’s winged helmet doesn’t fall off as he paddles back to Australia in his longboat, fuelled by P.

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8 Responses to Heil Heil Reich ‘n’ Roll! Blood Red Eagle’s Blitzkrieg Tour of Wellington

  1. Alan Johnson says:

    It is always amusing that these neo-Nazis who blag on about Vikings and the “pure” German Aryan theme (Aryan having its roots in India by the way, not pasty white Germany), with their blond hair, blue eyes and athletic-like bodies fixation chose to follow a short, brown haired and pudgy non-German of all things. Goebbels help propogandise the myth that Germans were perfect and all others should be wiped out – and this coming from a man with a club foot. Himmler, the man largely responsible for organising their secret police as we all know was a short-sighted ex-chicken farmer with, as one of his own adjutants famously remarked, “quite girly hands”. It’s laughable, really really laughable. Let them do what they want, essentially, they’re only proving how backward they actually are. In other words, a typically Australian band. Add to this that the esteemed leader of the NF in NZ is also pudgy and bespectacled, and hasn’t been known to actually string a cohesive argument together in defence of his stances. The trouble with the Nazis is they didn’t really lose the war, they moved to America and helped with the space program and various parts of the CIA instead – not to mention putting not a little bit of money towards certain relatives of G.W. Bu(ll)sh(it).

  2. @ndy says:

    They are quite silly. I wonder if Mr. Schott will warble the following? It’s a real sing-a-long!

    “Hitler has only got one ball,
    Göring has two but very small,
    Himmler is somewhat sim’lar,
    But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.”

    PS. “Goebbels helpED propAgandise the myth that Germans were perfect…”

  3. Chumpsky says:

    Hey just read about BRE’s gig. I wanna go! Can u please let me know whereabouts it is?

    Punk arsed,


  4. @ndy says:

    G’day Chumpsky!

    It’s easy. If yr in Wellington, just follow the smell. Alternatively, why not consider celebrating on yr own, like this fella?


    Canadian arrested for naked Hitler birthday event
    April 20, 2007

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – A Canadian man has been arrested after he was found walking around naked with a swastika taped to his body to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday, police said on Friday.

    Police in Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Canada’s Pacific coast, said they were called to the scene by concerned residents, and the man told them he was “honoring Hitler’s birthday.” He was detained and will undergo a psychiatric assessment.

    Hitler was born April 20, 1889.

    “Although the swastika symbol causes some concern and is usually associated with hate and the Nazi regime, in this instance this male posed no threat to the community,” police said in a news release.


    Best wishes,


  5. Tsar Hagrid says:

    Dear Lord…Germanic Occultism was around BEFORE the Nazis…just because it was used as a tool by a group of Psychotics who happened to be Nazis and now everyone is bleating about Nazis!

    The Aryan Mysticism began in the 1800’s, but began to gather speed towards the turn of the century before being used as a tool by the Nazis. It was derived from ancient Greek texts which spoke of a mythical island called Thule where a supposed parent race of many peoples of the modern world originated. It was postulated that they were an advanced antediluvian culture possessing superior technology and physique (blonde hair, blue eyes…probably muscular too 😛 ). These people left the island (presumably in a similar way to other mythical/lost continents i.e. Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria etc.) and spead across the world. The name and genes travelled across the cultures of the world from Germania all the way to Asia. It was said that the last of the Aryans were in the Germanic peoples and scattered residual pockets in remote areas. Most famous of which was in Tibet where the Nazis would later send an expedition to discover some of the last of the Aryans.

    The Nazi use of Aryan Mysticism was less about eradicating non-Aryan peoples and more about getting them out and creating an Aryan-only nation. Not to say that there was no ‘eradication’ as such, it would be foolish to ignore such a clear fact.

    PS Alan Johnson – Backward indeed! Quit picking on Australia or I’ll have you trampled by a herd of stampeding Echidnas 😛

  6. @ndy says:

    “Not to say that there was no ‘eradication’ as such, it would be foolish to ignore such a clear fact.”

    Um… do you mean to suggest that there was no Holocaust?!? That Nazism didn’t aim to conquer all of Europe?!?

  7. JP says:

    Thanks for the info on your site about Blood Red Eagle. I’d never heard of them until I read an announcement of an upcoming split album with another band that I happened to like until today (whose CD I’m considering tossing in the trash now after looking at their own current web presence – urgh, bad mojo).

    Just me, or has the oi! scene in general become more tolerant to the presence of some absolute dick-heads playing the ‘we’re not Nazis/fascists (in public – unless we forget to lock down our personal Facebook pages where we +1 extremist political organizations, talk shit about immigrants and accuse parties such as the US Republican Party and the UK Conservatives of being Marxists who want to destroy our culture) – but many of our friends and labelmates and business associates and musical heroes and bands we play with outside our own country are’ game in recent years? Or is it just that the internet makes it easier for people to hear about this stuff? I struggle to understand why otherwise sane people would stick up (and they do) for this state of affairs and accuse the people who make an issue of it of being the troublemakers.

    Not an anarchist myself – but can’t stand fash either… I’m actually considering giving up on buying most new oi! because of this nonsense and just sticking with the old stuff or the established oi! bands that are unquestionably not fascists. Too many times have I bought CDs, only to later find out that bands had what would seem to be indisputable connections (na, not the standard ‘I saw 5 guys in the crowd throwing up Hitler salutes at a gig this one time’ or ‘the drummer stood next to some guy in a photo who…’ guff that people argue about online) to the far-right or had people in them who held racist/xenophobic views. I guess that I’m having one of those moments of “what the hell am I even doing anywhere near this goddamn freakshow” realization right about now…

  8. @ndy says:

    Hey JP,

    I haven’t really thought much about BRE of late. But yeah: they’re neo-Nazis. That is, they espouse neo-Nazi ideology in their songs, play neo-Nazi gigs organised by neo-Nazi organisations, record on neo-Nazi labels, and belong to neo-Nazi associations. Anybody who maintains otherwise is simply deluding themselves.

    Who are they releasing a split w, and on what label?

    Otherwise, since April 2007 when I wrote this post, there’ve been a few developments, reflecting local (Australian) and global trends. Thus BRE were ejected from the fold of Blood & Honour in Australia when the band aligned itself with Volksfront (VF): the B&H franchise in Australia is controlled by the Hammerskins and the two organisations have had a fairly turbulent relationship. Of course, being nothing more than a satellite organisation, when Volksfront USA folded a coupla months back so did Volksfront Australia.

    Throughout this period, Doug Schott — BRE’s singer-songwriter — remained an active member of VF, promoting and recording for the boneheads and travelling to the US to meet with and perform for his American brothers. In fact, the latest issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report (No.148, Winter 2012) carries a lengthy report on the neo-Nazi mass murderer Wade Michael Page and along w it a photo of a meeting of VF in which you can see Doug present (third from left):

    In Australia, because the Hammerskins told them not to, VF never ventured outside of NSW, the state where Doug’s from. The principal organiser for VF in Australia, a bonehead named Chris Smith, was once a good mate of Doug’s (apparently), distros BRE’s muzak thru his ‘Heathen Noise’ distro and has also distinguished himself by establishing a blog titled ‘Anti-Antifa Australia’.

    As for the oi! scene in general… I dunno. In Australia, there are no openly anti-fascist oi! bands that I’m aware of; most adopt what they term a nationalist approach, celebrating things like being Australian, male, working class and drinking beer. That can be fun when it’s not taken too seriously, but doesn’t have a lot of long-term appeal, and is mostly attractive to boys in their 20s. Otherwise, like other political and musical fashions, these things seem to come and go in cycles, so hopefully a few more bands will start to challenge this kinda thing and more openly confront the reactionary attitudes that are currently dominant. I don’t hold a lot of hope of that happening though: in the absence of a wider movement which takes these things seriously, it’s much easier for bands not to care very much, or to simply go whichever way the wind’s blowing. Further, the fact is most kids don’t join bands in order to spread a political message but rather simply to make music, and periods in which there’s been more openly political music being made generally reflect the nature of the times.


    1. My experience of the reaction to an appeal for a boycott of a pub in Melbourne which hosted neo-Nazi gigs was kinda illuminating. Support for the boycott came from a range of people inside and outside the local punk music scene, and so did opposition. So there were maybe two dozen or so bands who continued to play the pub in the 18 months before the fascist-sympathising manager left, including a number of prominent Australian oi! bands (Marching Orders, Slick 46, et al). The most demented defence of the pub and its manager came from non-Nazi elements — or seemed to — and I only came to understand the motivations for this by looking more closely at the friendship networks that sustained them. So basically yeah: the oi! scene is “more tolerant to the presence of some absolute dick-heads” because these “absolute dickheads” are in reality the good mates of the fence-sitters — and you stick up for your mates.

    2. Yeah, “the internet makes it easier for people to hear about this stuff”, but in addition to the general public, a lot of infos I get about local nazi shenanigans comes from ex-nazis or nazis-who-wanna-make-trouble-for-other-nazis (one of the most refreshing aspects of the nazi scene is the propensity of its members to turn on one another).

    3. “I struggle to understand why otherwise sane people would stick up (and they do) for this state of affairs and accuse the people who make an issue of it of being the troublemakers.”

    I don’t think it’s that mysterious really. Most times, there’s very little to be gained from sticking up for other values. First, like most scenes or (sub-)cultural milieus, oi!/punk/skinhead is a popularity contest, and unless what you’re doing or appearing to be (or do) makes you more popular rather than less, it can be counter-productive. Secondly, if you’re making waves and doing so on your own, you’re easily isolated and victimised — and you risk losing friends. Thirdly, it takes a good deal more energy and effort to sustain an antagonistic attitude — and to make a difference, you need to persist — than it does to adopt an apathetic approach. As far as I’m aware, the most determined anti-fascists do so because it really is a case of survival or because they’re sustained by broader radical networks which recognise the importance of this kinda work.

    NB. Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down!

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