Black Rose? Black Rose!

From the Business [!] section of the Sydney Morning Herald, April 7, 2007:

In a clear sign that the protest movement is gearing up for the APEC and RFID summits, Sydney saw the reopening of its second anarchist bookshop this week — Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop in Newtown. “Two anarchist spaces means double the fun for us and double the trouble for the rulers,” said a flyer to anarchist book readers.

The Black Rose site is down, however. Any further information on the re-opening would be appreciated.

Via Jura by way of @-Infos:

Black Rose has re-opened “in an excellent new location”: 22 Enmore Road, Newtown (a minute from Newtown station), and is open between 11am and 5pm, Thursday to Sunday. Events in April:

6pm, Wed 11th: Swedish film screening and art show. Punk, activism and the Genoa protests.
6pm, Wed 18th: Book launch for Self-Organizing Men. This is an international anthology of ftm (female to male and/or transgender) writing and creative works published by Homofactus Press.

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2 Responses to Black Rose? Black Rose!

  1. Jay says:


    Please keep me posted on any further information about new websites for Black Rose.


  2. rosie says:

    thanks for the link! never would’ve found it…
    yes, black rose now has a shop!
    but no, it’s nothing to do with bloody apec!
    & no, there’s no website at the moment, but (if i may hijack yr blog to advertise a little…) if anyone wants email updates on events, contact blackrosebooks [at] yahoo (dot) com [dot] au

    (ps hi jay! i’m very excited that we’re hosting the launch of your book!)

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