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Contrary to popular demand, David Innes, the chief Australian proselytiser for, is back on the air, chundering away courtesy of LoudCity, and in explicit violation of its TOS: 5. “Content Guideline: User agrees not to post, upload or transmit to the servers of LoudCity or to any third party server used for User’s webcasting any sound recordings, communications, text, graphics or other information (collectively, “Material”) that is fraudulent, relates to hate-groups or other racist activities.” Elsewhere, Innes’ Serbian comrade, Goran D., has been detained by police after allegedly threatening to kill a Serbian journalist on the same happy, light-filled forum:

‘Suspect detained for threatening journalist’
April 7, 2007

NOVI SAD — MUP announced Friday it detained Goran D. from Novi Sad suspected of having threatened a journalist.

Ministry of the Interior (MUP) statement said that Dinko Gruhonjić, journalist in question who received death threats, was placed under protection along with his family.

“With a view to identifying persons who had been threatening Gruhonjić, police carried out a search of Goran D.’s apartment in Novi Sad Friday,” MUP said in a statement.

Goran D. was interrogated Friday in Novi Sad police headquarters, remanded in 48-hour police custody, and scheduled to appear before an investigative judge afterwards.

Dinko Gruhonjić, chairman of the Independent Journalist Association of Vojvodina and the head of the Vojvodina branch of the independent news agency BETA, received anonymous death threats via a neo-Nazi Web site ( last week, along with insults on personal, national and professional grounds.


The off-duty police officer what was driving the bus full of Jew-hating Ocean Grove footballers, Senior Constable Terry Moore, faces having his wrist slapped by the Office of Police Integrity (‘Force finds officer could have prevented antisemitic attack’, Australian Jewish News, April 5, 2007; Matt Cunningham, ‘Off-duty cop in OPI sights’, Herald Sun, April 9, 2007; Daniel Breen, ‘Ocean Grove bus police driver under fire’, Geelong Advertiser, April 9, 2007). And in truly shocking and completely-unrelated news having nothing whatsoever to do with the failure of police to breathalyse SC Moore, Jason Dowling reports that “More than half of Victoria Police officers caught speeding are being let off with a warning” (‘Too fast, but cops escape the fine’, The Sunday Age, April 8, 2007); in a press release, Police Association Secretary Paul ‘Don’t They Call You’ Mullet has not condemned the crackdown on police speeding which has produced the unusually low figure.

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