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Arthur Kemp (1962/3–) is a white supremacist, and a former member of the South African secret police. In 1993 (or 1996, according to the sauce), Kemp re-located to (Really) Great Britain, from which vantage point he praises the virtues of the British National Party (BNP).

Among his many other accomplishments, Kemp has authored ‘An Apology To The Black Man From The White Race’, an hilarious text which has circulated for years among the far right, Australian versions of which became especially popular in February 2008, shortly after KRudd issued an apology to the ‘Stolen Generations’ on behalf of the Federal Government (see : Love means never having to say you’re sorry // “It’s only a joke”, February 18, 2008).

Currently, Kemp is a British National Party activist, maintaining its website, addressing meetings, and scribbling further nonsense on its behalf. Thus:

Excalibur Books is proud to announce the launch of a new book The Lie of Apartheid and Other True Stories from Southern Africa by Arthur Kemp. This newest – and possibly most controversial book to date – from the author of March of the Titans, is a series of nine essays detailing political life in the “old” and “new” South Africa, all with direct political application to Britain and any other European nation…

March of the Titans is completely batshit and thoroughly entertaining:

From the time of the emergence of the White racial type, their wanderings to the four corners of the globe, and finally into space itself: This remarkable story of human endeavor is without parallel or comparison, and is a story of awe, inspiration and heroism.

Most importantly of all, revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires – that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else – a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution.

Point being: Uncle Arthur’s ex-wife Karen (or somebody claiming to be her) has a blog (June 13, 2009), and on it she recounts life with Kemp. Note that, while he was working for police in SA, Kemp was alleged to have been involved in some manner with the assassination of African National Congress/South African Communist Party activist Chris Hani in April 1993. (In 1994, the cheese-eating surrender monkey Jacques Derrida dedicated Specters of Marx to Hani.) At the time, Kemp was one of a number of people arrested in connection with the murder, but was released without charge. He has a special section of his blog titled ‘Communist Liars’, in which he rebuts various allegations made against him by (lying Communist) Karen, (lying Communist) Unite Against Fascism, (lying Communist) BBC, (lying Communist) Searchlight, and the (lying Communist) Southern Poverty Law Center.

As for Karen, she writes:

…Arthur is a racist, a white supremacist and also believes in his intellectual superiority and the inferiority not only of other races and religions but also the vast majority of supporters of right wing parties – the rank and file of the likes of the AWB, BNP and the National Alliance have been slated and criticized by Arthur as idiots to be used to further his cause and who should, in his words, “be exterminated once they have been used to get the right wing into power”. Nice Nazi sentiments these! (I have his e-mails to prove this include [sic] being regaled with conversations between him and Nick Griffin on their view of the morons that poor Nick has to work with in the BNP.)

Arthur did work for the police in South Africa – he was in the uniform branch but he also worked for one of the security arms – I think it is irrelevant what the specific branch was called and to now split hairs about that seems academic.

Arthur was involved with political activity while at university and was provided with funding from the government – his parents never paid for his university, he never had a loan or a bursary and he was a full time student. He did have a part time job with sea fisheries, a government department, during the holidays – he may wish to offer an explanation as to how he managed to pay for his studies.

When Arthur left university, without a degree, he went straight into the security police – I only know this because he told me. Apparently he fell out with his superior officer and asked to be transferred to the police college. At this point he went to Pretoria to the college.

He served his full three years in the police. He wrote a newsletter (copy with the BBC) which was extremely racist and as a result was suspended from the police. It was during this suspension that he actually started March of the Titans and at which point I first became involved with him. To the best of my knowledge he was reinstated to active duty but bought his discharge from the police.

I think it is common knowledge that he worked for the Citizen newspaper twice and that he also worked full time for the Conservative Party as well as Die patriot, the right wing newspaper. The Citizen was a government backed publication.

He left the Citizen in January 1993 and went into business with Gerry [Jerry?] Pieterse – someone who is an admitted and known police spy. Contrary to the impression he has attempted to create, he did not sell Gerry the odd story – Gerry was our main source of income and Arthur did not do any other sort of work. I stopped working at this point as our second child was born in the January. We bought a new car and a new house and furnished it. To the best of my knowledge all of this was sustained on the income that Arthur generated from his work with Gerry. The main “work” that Arthur did was to socialise with all the elements of the right wing (across the spectrum from the AWB, the CP, White [W]olves etc) and then write reports on what they were doing and sell this information to Gerry. Arthur told me on many occasions that Gerry worked for the police and that was where the money came from. Whether Arthur was officially a police spy or just one of Gerry’s “sources” I have no idea. I do however know that Arthur was paid well and we had a good standard of living.

Between 1991 and 1993, I cannot remember when exactly, Arthur went to the UK. I recall that he had met someone when he toured Europe with Andries [Treurnicht] [1921–1993], the CP leader, in 1991. He followed up this lead with a view to finding a publisher for the book which he was writing. He visited the UK and attended a conference in Oxford (Randolph Hotel) which I recall was funded in some way by an organisation called the Kowan Foundation (spelling and name may not be 100% correct)[.] This organisation involved the Wills (tobacco) family and was a right wing establishment organization which I was under the impression also had Tory leanings. At this conference he met a person called Peter Varny who told Arthur that he ran a risk analysis business (same as Gerry Pieterse incidentally) which was interested in what the right wing was doing in South Africa. He and Arthur reached an agreement whereby Arthur eventually ended up selling to him the same information that he was selling to Gerry Pieterse. I accompanied Arthur to the UK every six months when he met with this group. He has tried to discredit my version of events however the truth is that we would fly to the UK, we would be collected at Heathrow, we would be taken to the Waldorf Hotel, I would be given vast sums of money to shop with while Arthur was closeted in a room for a “debriefing” (his words not mine!) for three days. Thereafter we would go off on holiday for ten days. Remember this was possible when neither of us had a job and we also had a house, car etc to pay off. Arthur has been quick to make allegations about how I never worked; possibly he would like to explain how he afforded all of this. He would relay the information to the UK by modem and he was paid in a Channel Isle account.

In 1992 Arthur told me that he had received a list of names of people that the Derby-Lewis’s were interested in and that he needed to find the addresses. He asked me for Judge Goldstone’s address as I had worked for the Judge for a short while. I did not know the address. He originally told me that the purpose was to draw a comparison between the leadership lifestyle and that of the masses. There was a long list with a number of names on it many of which did not belong to black leaders. I questioned this and he told me that the list was of people that the right wing hated. When I asked him what they (him and the Derby Lewis’s) were going to do with it he told me not to worry about it.

He prepared a new list which did not include information on all the people who were on the original list and although never asked for the information, he also included photos and information around security. This is peculiar information to provide if the list was for the “innocent” purposes alleged.

He then met with Gaye Derby Lewis at the railway station in Johannesburg to give her the list. He printed the list in front of me and made sure that his finger prints were not on it. He joked about this and told me that he did not want the list to be traced back to him. The burning question which he has never answered is that if the list was innocent, why did he not just fax it and why was he at such pains not to touch it and leave a finger print on it? The court record showed that his finger prints were never found on the list although it was admitted that the list was not a copy but the very same piece of paper that came originally from his computer. In the [Truth & Reconciliation Commission] hearing Ms Derby Lewis also admitted that Arthur was “politically shrewd” and it was not necessary to spell anything out to him. Arthur also tries to create the impression that he and the Derby-Lewis’s were professional acquaintances only however when we got married he only invited three couples to our wedding, one of them being the Derby-Lewis’s, one being TJ Ferreira who was the mayor of the right wing town Boksburg where Chris Hani lived and the other was Willie Olivier, the ex private secretary of Hendrik Verwoerd and the person who confirmed the identity of [Janusz “Kuba” Walus] to Arthur on the morning of the assassination and at whose home I met Kuba Walus.

Subsequently Arthur told me that he thought that there was a right wing plot to kill one of the black leaders. There was a lot of unrest and violence going on at this stage and I thought that he meant one of the many groups who were politically active. I know for a fact that he wrote a report to this effect and sold it to both Pieterse and the UK based organisation.

On the day that Hani was killed I was out. I rushed home and found Arthur talking on the phone. He did know who the assassin was and he confirmed the make and colour of car. He then sold this information to the Beeld newspaper.

Shortly thereafter he told me that the list which had been located in Kuba Walus’s flat was a list he had drawn up. He admitted that he had provided not only the addresses but further information. He told me he was going to see Clive and Gaye to discuss it, which he did. When he returned he told me that he and Gaye would say that Kuba had picked up the list in Gaye’s house and they knew nothing further about it. I was also told that Kuba would not talk and that it would all be fine. I was however extremely worried and so was Arthur. He was extremely agitated and spent a lot of time away from the house.

When he was arrested he initially denied everything. The following day I was allowed to see him at the Kempton park cells. I met with him in an office alone and he told me that I needed to get him out of this mess. He told me that I should go to the press and tell them that he had in fact passed the tip off of the possible assassination to the police and they had done nothing. He told me that it was pointless going to the police as they would deny this as it put them in a difficult position. They should have acted but for whatever reason they did not. They would now deny that he had worked for them or passed the information to them however the press would follow up the story and it would be seen to be true. This he alleged would show that while he knew what was going on he had informed the police.

Later on that day Arthur was moved to the Benoni police cells. I had spent the whole day at the police station trying to get him released or charged. In the late afternoon the policeman, I do not recall his rank, one Holmes (I remember it because Arthur used to refer to him as “Sherlock”) came to speak to me. I told him that if they did not release Arthur I would go to the press with the information which I had. He assured me it was not necessary and within 30 minutes Arthur was released.

After the trail [sic] was over Arthur told me that he was no longer able to make a decent living in South Africa as he was no longer able to collect information on the right wing because nobody trusted him and nobody told him anything anymore. At this point he wished to leave South Africa and go to America. Arthur left SA alone with the intention of setting up a new home either in the US or the UK. The money which had accumulated in the [C]hannel [I]sle account in the UK was then used for us to re-start in the UK. I assumed that he could not get legal entry into the US however he entered the UK using an ancestral visa.

Arthur is really faced with one of two choices now:


He can continue to deny his involvement in all of this, including knowing that Chris Hani would be killed. If this is so then he should come back to South Africa and face the charges – if he is so innocent then he should have nothing to fear, but as we all know that this is a lie, he will do everything in his power not to answer the charges hence his attempts to discredit me, or


He can admit that he knew but he did what was right and told the police who did what they did.

The problem with the latter, which I believe to be the truth, is that the right wing in the UK, the US and Europe will then know exactly who and what he is. He is a deceitful person who is self serving and who will use everyone and everything he can for his own benefit. He sold out the right wing in SA and there is no reason why he will not do it again.

The BNP and the National Alliance would do well to take heed of the person they are dealing with and think carefully about whether he can be trusted. Given the type of person he has proven to be both personally and “professionally” they should also question whether he is an asset and whether they can afford him.

The voting public also need to know exactly what he is and if the BNP or any other organization elect to keep him as part of their decision making element, the public need to understand that everything that he stands for is approved of and supported by the political party with whom he is associated.

Finally to the blog yet again. I think that Arthur is a scared and hurt person who is trapped in a corner. He is reacting like any caged and threatened animal – by being aggressive, defensive and illogical.

Am I lying? – I am angry and hurt by his deceit which has recently come to light and I will never forgive him for his rejection of his children but I have nothing to hide. As I said to the BBC and I say here, let their viewers be the judge. As to CNN – you are right to put my version of events to him for comment – that would have been expected. If you think I am lying and mad, and choose to believe him over me, so be it. I really have nothing to hide and nothing at stake, Arthur however has a lot at stake should I and not he be believed, especially by the South African authorities who could well still charge him for the murder of Chris Hani.

Am I mad – just possibly as I did marry the man and live with him for 18 years!

See also :

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  2. John Gaston says:

    David Irving says Arthur Kemp is a spy in the BNP. Kemp is a rat who testified against his two former comrades who both got life sentences in prison. See the website for details about this rat Kemp.


  3. John Gaston says:

    David Irving says Arthur Kemp is a spy in the BNP. Kemp is a rat who testified against his two former comrades who both got life sentences in prison. See the website for details about this rat Kemp. The site comes up on most search engines.


  4. Karen says:

    I just wanted to confirm that I did write and post the blog and I am in fact Arthur Kemp’s ex- wife and despite his ravings that I am a communist, mad, liar etc etc, what I wrote is the truth!

  5. Refuting Kemp says:

    Hello from Portugal. The South African Stefano delle Chiaie has been found.

  6. lumpnboy says:

    So is the Judge Goldstone mentioned by Karen the same one who is responsible for the recent report on the Israeli massacres in Gaza?

  7. Karen says:

    Yes the very same Judge Goldstone. I in fact worked for him on and off while studying law.

  8. Refuting Kemp says:

    Hey, here is the blog of Kemp’s current wife who is also a non-British member of the BNP.

    Maybe she is also some sort of “risk analyst”?

  9. John Gaston says:

    Thanks, I looked at his wife’s blog. You can post comments there. I posted for her my website, everything about her hubby who sent two of his comrades to prison. Also, Kemp is furiously trying to change his Wikipedia page to hide his past. Wikipedia will not let him change it. He was a security policeman who testified against his comrades, sending them to prison. Also, Kemp has black kinky hair, I wonder who his ancestors really were. He hides his past.

  10. Refuting Kemp says:

    In a futile attempt to irritate me, based on his ignorant assumption that I share in his racial bigotry, Kemp posted a long tedious post including a series of genetic studies on his blog aimed at “proving” that the Portuguese population has some minor sub-saharan African admixture. Even if the Portuguese were black as the ace of spades, or green, orange or purple, the fact remains that there is ample evidence which suggests that he is a person with a questionable past of working as a police informant or “agent provocateur” within the extreme-right. Over the years, when one insinuates in published writings and public statements that people of nationality x, y, or z are inferior, degenerate, less civilized, etc. that person will make some enemies.

  11. John Gaston says:

    Look here at my color chart it proves North African is not common with Southern European at all.

    Kemp ignores it to try to salvage his ridiculous book. See the color chart on my website, click on my name to see it.

  12. Refuting Kemp says:

    In most extreme right movements and many extreme-left as well one can find all sorts of police informants, undercover agents or people who are paid by the state to cause trouble. The most well documented case of intelligence infiltration in the extreme-right occurred in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s in what was known as “Operation Gladio”. Certain protagonists who were responsible for organizing bombings which killed hundreds of people were given an unusual amount of state protection, including financial aid in establishing themselves in foreign countries, while other “comrades” find themselves rotting away in prison.

    Here is an interesting article about the “hidden hand” behind right-wing bombing campaigns in Cold War Europe:

  13. John Gaston says:

    Kemp is hysterically trying to change his Wikipedia article, so much that Wikipedia has now sealed his page, no one can edit it. Kemp wants to hide his past as a police informant. The BNP should fire him immediately. Kemp has black kinky hair, which is why he wants so much to try to find impurities in others.

  14. Refuting Kemp says:

    Yes John, a few years ago I was actually surprised to find out what he looked like. Instead of a Viking-like Nordic titan with blue eyes and flowing blonde hair we have a guy who we would expect to find behind the counter of a Lebanese restaurant cutting off a piece of shawarma with a large knife. From the photos i´ve seen he did look more Nordic when he was younger.

  15. John Gaston says:

    Even when Kemp was younger he always had black kinky hair, it complexed him for his entire life.

  16. John Gaston says:

    Notice how Kemp always kept his black kinky hair as short as possible. He has some genetic admixture, typical in South Africans.

  17. @ndy says:




  18. Refuting Kemp says:

    John, don´t get carried away, he is not a textbook nordic but he is still more or less “white” looking. And yes, there is some truth in what you say about South Africans.

    “In researching the film, Fabian learned that integration had once been common in South Africa.

    “When the Dutch arrived in South Africa without their womenfolk 300 years ago, many mixed-race people were born,” he says. “Each of Sandra’s parents carried enough black genes to have a child with African characteristics.””

    “At one hearing, a genetics expert testifies (to chuckles and murmurs of disapproval from the courtroom audience) that, in fact, most Afrikaners have at least a few black genes. Sandra, he says, could easily be a product of what is known as polygenic inheritance – or, more colloquially, she is a throwback.”

  19. John Gaston says:

    Your links are correct, South Africans are finely mixed with Negroid blood for hundreds of years. That is where Kemp gets his frizzy black hair.

    On his blog Kemp quotes from inconclusive ‘scientific’ articles written by liberal [J]ewish sources which try to prove that Europeans are part black. Kemp believes them.

  20. @ndy says:

    Enough on Arthur Kemp’s freaking hair already!

  21. Refuting Kemp says:

    I agree, let’s talk about his white cowboy hat instead.

    When these race-obsessed cranks insinuate that my country is “racially inferior” and present my country as a “lesson in decline” they earn a legitimate beef with me. He has now posted two long posts on his blog about African DNA in Portugal, based on the IGNORANT assumption that this is “proof” of racial inferiority. In his arrogance, he assumes that all people share in his racist belief system and would feel bothered at the prospect of having black genes. Black people didn’t cause the current global financial mess, the criminal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and supposedly inferior or “coloured” nations such as China, Russia, India and Brazil are emerging as world economic powers. One thing is for sure, as a South African immigrant he will always be an outsider in the country where he currently resides no matter how much “nationalist” posturing he engages in.

  22. John Gaston says:

    Portugal is not race mixed. Look closely at Kemp’s sources, Kemp quotes black Emeritus Professors from Howard University which is an all black Afrocentric school, and he quotes liberal Jewish sources such as that inconclusive ‘scientific’ article he has just now posted on his blog, the author is Pereiera a leftist Jew. Kemp also cites Sultzberger’s New York Times, another Jewish rag. Ironic how Kemp, who poses as a Nazi, quotes from Jewish ‘scientific’ articles, and from Afrocentrics. Kemp is crazy, or just a fraud. I think the latter. He is an undercover operative who sabotages the BNP, and that is what David Irving thinks of Kemp also.

  23. John Gaston says:

    You may have seen these inconclusive genetic ‘studies’ that traces of African genes are supposedly found in Portugal and they try to correlate with the Muslim period, good luck, hard to prove. Portuguese explorers, colonists, etc went the other way, and spread their genes into colonies and into Jews who were later expelled. Ashkenazi Jewish genes are found all over Germany today – which way did those genes travel? These sorts of ‘studies’ are never satisfactory. We also share 98% of our genetic markers with chimpanzees.

  24. John Gaston says:

    Arthur Kemp hunts down inconclusive studies that look for supposed traces of negroid blood in Europe, his real objective is the typical [J]ewish divide and conquer.

    Look at Kemp’s black kinky hair, who is he kidding?

  25. Refuting Kemp says:

    He is precisely that which he accuses everyone else of being – a crank. He cites Afrocentric scholars as sources because they are engaged in essentially the same thing as him only in the inverse direction. He extrapolates a racial category “White race” which is essentially socially defined within a colonial context, in this case South African, as a protagonist in world history. The concept of “White race” as defined by the South African colonial society differs from that of other colonial societies and of European society where people look at themselves as belonging to historically defined nationalities and don´t give a rat’s ass about the “White race”. That is why megalomaniac extremists who are seen by almost everyone as marginal cranks make fools of themselves when they claim to be “leading the White race” or writing the “history of the White race”.

  26. John Gaston says:

    Kemp is Afrocentric. He says blacks came into Europe long ago and that Europeans are actually negroids – that is exactly what Afrocentrics have always said. Looking at Kemp’s kinky black hair I’d say he’s right, at least for South Africans.

  27. John Gaston says:

    Portugal is homogeneous and just like any other European country, see:

    Kemp needs read it.

  28. @ndy says:

    John Gaston needs stop spamming my blog with stories of Kemp, kinky black hair, race mixing, kinky Afros, Negroid blood, non-blondes, typical Jewish divide and conquer, and Kemp’s black kinky hair.

  29. John Gaston says:

    knwmnyPrtgsthyr100%wht. knwknlyrcstGrmnldyshwsrsdnBrzlndshhstrvldllvrPrtglnrthndsthshsysKmpsfllfshtndPrtgsr100%whtntrcmxdtll. Thrrgntcstdsswll. KmpsknwnmlplntdnthBNPndGrffnmstgtrdfhm.

  30. Refuting Kemp says:


    Neo-Nazi Apartheid Criminal Plans US VisitAuthor


    12 Nov 2009

    Antifa is encouraging all activists to call their elected representatives, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security with any information they may have about a racist criminal alien who plans to travel to the United States this month.
    Neo-Nazi Apartheid Criminal Plans US Visit

    Antifa is encouraging all activists to call their elected representatives, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security with any information they may have about a racist criminal alien who plans to travel to the United States this month.

    Arthur Benjamin Kemp, a leader in the fascist British National Party, is reportedly attempting to gain US citizenship after arranging a sham marriage with a fellow neo-Nazi and Stormfront poster, Jeannine Delp Gerace, of Mount Joy, PA.

    Photos of Arthur Kemp can be found here:

    Photos of Jeannine Delp Gerace can be found here:

    Although the couple resides in the UK, ARA has learned Kemp and Gerace plan to visit Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York this month. It is our hope that Kemp and his “wife” are arrested as soon as they attempt to gain entry into the US.

    ARA has uncovered evidence that Arthur Kemp, an outspoken opponent of undocumented workers in America, is, himself, an illegal worker in the United States. ARA has been collecting information about Kemp’s crimes for the past year. Here is some of what we know:

    On or around April 2005, National Alliance chairman, Shaun Walker, knowingly hired a foreign national to work in the United States illegally. The illegal worker, Arthur Benjamin Kemp, was paid about $1,500 a month by the National Alliance for more than two years, until early Summer 2007. Kemp was paid “under the table,” with no withholding or reporting.

    Internal National Alliance and National Vanguard bank wire transfer records (attached) show Kemp was paid more than $30,000 during this period. Shawn Walker’s successor, Erich Gliebe, and National Alliance business manager, Patrick Martin, are also directly implicated in the commission of this federal crime. Kemp eventually demanded a larger salary from the National Alliance and when they refused he returned to the United Kingdom to work for the British National Party.

    Arthur Kemp worked illegally in the US under the name “Richard Preston.” Federal ICE agents we have spoken with suggest Kemp and the National Alliance may have committed immigration identity fraud and obstruction of justice by knowingly allowing Kemp to publicly work under an assumed name in his capacity as editor of the NA news website, racist magazine and membership bulletin. Failure to list Kemp as a paid employee of the business is an additional federal offense.

    Criminal charges and civil asset forfeiture penalties can be assessed against Kemp and the National Alliance for these violations of federal law.

    A formal complaint has been filed in this matter. Unfortunately, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) supervisors claim they have had to put this case “on hold” since Mr. Kemp is no longer residing in the US.

    Thanks to our research, ICE received information this week that Kemp intends to attempt to travel to the United States in November 2009. Kemp is expected to be traveling to the Harrisburg, PA area, including Mount Joy, where his wife’s family resides. Jeannine’s former husband, Vincent Gerace, now takes care of the couple’s six children in Mt. Joy.

    The couple may travel to New York to visit Jeannine’s racist mother, Betty MacLauglin Frandsen, who is an RN at Bridgewater Center in Binghamton NY. Photo here:

    They may also be traveling to Chicago. Several of Jeannine Gerace Kemp’s children have been featured on the neo-Nazi forum “Stormfront.” Her daughter, Alyssa Gerace, is a student at North Park University in Chicago. Jeannine has posted several pictures of Alyssa on Stormfront over the years, claiming her home-schooled daughter shares her racist beliefs. Photo here:

    Should Arthur Benjamin Kemp attempt to reenter the United State he will likely be arrested as a criminal alien and deported. It is hoped that Kemp will be sent back to his home country of South Africa; where authorities have finally reopened the investigation into Kemp’s involvement with the April, 1993 murder of ANC leader, Martin Thembisile “Chris” Hani.

    ICE Agents have told us they are attempting to document a “timeline” of Kemp’s travels in the United States. He visited several cities selling books and conducting National Alliance business between 2005-2007. Anyone with further information about Arthur Benjamin Kemp or Jeannine Delp Gerace is encouraged to contact the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement division hotline. You need not give your name.


  31. Refuting Kemp says:

    To whom it may concern:

    If you want to sue me JUST FOR LINKING FROM INDYMEDIA why don´t you just sue bloody indymedia. POSTING LINKS AND PASTING TEXTS FROM LEGAL WEBSITES AIN´T ILLEGAL BABY. Even with my “inferior negro genes” I have enough IQ to know that if you don´t want to be “exposed” as a nazi you don´t publish personal info and pictures on the bloody internet. The discreetness required of semi-clandestine political activity DOES NOT MIX WELL WITH VANITY AND EXHIBITIONISM. Furthermore, I wipe my Portuguese arse with all lame attempts at intimidation.

    For everyone else please ignore.

  32. Refuting Kemp says:

    oops, here is the correct Indymedia link

  33. Antares says:

    I have read some of his articles.

    Interesting these [Sickle-cell] disease he wrote about. But instead of being racist about it or keep it away from the public, maybe it can be used in a positive way to do further research for anti malaria treatment.

    Today is the Day of the Covenant which the ANC hijacked and renamed the Day of Reconciliation. What Kemp wrote about the hand full of Voortrekkers that killed thousands of Zulus, it sounded like they were using AK-47s – the fact of the matter is that they used front loaders which takes a long time to load – first a ram rod with a fatty cloth to lubricate the barrel, then some gun powder poured from the front of the barrel, then a round lead ball, also stamped down with a ram rod. Then a spark generated by a flint ignites a pan of gun powder which in turn ignites the powder in the barrel – a cumbersome process. And if the gun powder should get damp, a miss fire will definately occur.

    Indeed a wonder of God to have defended themselves against an onslaught of 15,000.

    But what a pity that all their hardship was in vain when the English came and took over the land.

    On the [Eugène Terre’Blanche] story, the impression is created that farmers get killed for treating their workers badly. Revenge from a worker is the exception – the vast majority of farmers get killed by foreigners, not farm workers.

    And if a farm worker should decide to kill his boss for bad treatment is this not barbaric? I disagree with my black boss on many occasions, including bonuses of millions reserved for management only – will it give me the right to kill him for it? I do not think so.

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  35. Robby says:

    Arthur Kemp is def one of the greats . Im a south African male and find that everything he writes and says makes perfect sence . Have a deep respect for that man . and Karen reading your ramblings and the rest of you , with your ” they said and it is alleged and Ive heard ” well all i can say is lol 🙂 you guys are very funny . Karen reminds me of the famous line from Winston churchill , where the woman says to him , “if you were my husband id poison your drink” , and he replies “if i was your husband , id drink it ” brilliant 🙂

  36. @ndy says:

    lol i know right

  37. DAnishDØcks says:

    Arthur Kemp is a mongrel.
    I’m Danish, and here we don’t even accept him as white, much less to be European.
    Kemp is just another African mutt, who wishes to be Nordic, and by writing “March of the Titans” he tried to be looked upon by the Nords.
    But guess what…Kemp might kiss our Norse ass by writing a book, but he’s still not accepted as a South-African jigaboo.

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