New Saxon = Femmy Nazis

Stephen Lemons, ‘Femmy Nazis’, Phoenix New Times, May 3, 2007, is funny:

“This sardonic sky-soarer’s been spending a butt-load of hours on the Net of late, studying all the far-right ravens on the neo-Nazi networking site, a racist MySpace, where bigoted dillweeds with time on their hands and Adolf Hitler in their hearts can let their fascist freak flags fly. As you’ll recall, this beaked biped reported last week that two-ton former Mesa City Council candidate and Rusty Childress-chum J.T. Ready had been outed by the ADL for having a profile on the white power Web site under the handle Viking Son…”

What’s also funny is the fact that Perth-based, ailurophobic net-Nazi Ben Weerheym appears to have abandoned his blog, avoiceofdissent, for the greener, dillweed-filled pastures of New Saxon… I guess it just doesn’t pay to mess with Bübi, eh?

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2023 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. lone wolf says:


  2. lone wolf says:

    I am a loser from Nuneaton. Please ignore me @ndy.

  3. Walt says:


    I understand what you’re saying, the left have been very ignorant towards the concerns White people have. Mostly coming from the left is: White privilege, White genocide, White racists, White this and that. In modern day society, the only way forward for Whites is cohesion amongst ourselves. We should look to build small communities that are White only, employ only White workers, only go to White doctors.

    This multicultural future that the Anarchists, Socialists have is aimed at dismantling us – basically suppressing Whites world-wide. I just want to know why Leftists hate us so much? What is wrong with White nationalism, when it could possibly become helpful for Whites in the future?

  4. @ndy says:


    Why do you keep spamming my blog? Your obsessive pre-occupation is creepy.

  5. Walt says:

    What are you talking about?

  6. @ndy says:

    I ask you the same question.

  7. Walt says:

    My question has something to do with the relationship between the Far-Left and Whites.

  8. @ndy says:

    I know. The problem is that yr politically illiterate, and that “something” you refer to is a world of ignorance. To even begin to unpack the mass of assumptions in yr idiotic post would require far more time and energy than I care to offer a creepy little racist like you, and would almost certainly make zero difference given that yr worldview is based on irrational prejudice. Instead I suggest you go read a fucking book. And then another. And another. And another. And another…


    The left is big. And complex.
    Some leftists are White.
    Your obsessive pre-occupation with building little White villages is not shared by people with an ounce of intelligence and would best be served by you pissing off and building a little White hut somewhere, not spamming my blog with inanities.
    If you imagine that the leftists of yr imagination hate you so much it may be due to the fact that you are massively stupid. In which case, I imagine the reaction would be one of pity mixed with unease.


  9. Noice says:

    nazis ARE SUCKERS!!!! (nazis SIND LUTSCHERS)



    nazis SHOULD DIE!!!! (nazis SOLLEN STERBEN)


    SO F**K YOU IF YOU’RE A nazi!!!!

  10. Serotonin says:

    Don’t understand me wrong, not every non-white is evil…
    But you must admit that muslims these days are getting more and more violent every day.
    I’m not talking ’bout blacks, spanics or asian people —> nothing wrong with them.

    I live in a muslim-ghetto and I have to tell you that it’s not safe to live here if you are white.
    Our government (Belgium) is forbidding all racist symbols and clothing but have you ever seen a goverment forbidding the build of a gigantic mosque?
    Every day I see the church of my hometown and I’ve noticed that it’s walls are full of gray and black spots from muslims who’re always pissing against it!! Once I busted one!
    But don’t take the risk of pissing against a mosque, you’ll be sliced for sure.

    I’ve heard it more then once and now I’m still hearing it : ‘Fucking Belgian!’
    I’m sickly tired of muslims who have a racial hate agaist us. Our government says that muslims cannot be racist against whites, but that’s just a cover so they’ll keep getting a lot of votes during elections.

    I don’t wanna offend someone but, honestly, I’m worried ’bout the future…
    Every year, Belgium gains 66.000 muslims, that’s a whole lot a violence!

    Warning to everyone : don’t make kids! They’ll grow up in a world of violence where whites are not safe for the muslim anti-white racism.

    I’m wondering what all those extreme-left people will say if there children will get beaten and robbed by muslims…

  11. Della says:

    New Saxon operates in a country that they don’t originate from – HYPOCRITES – just ask the Red Indians. Likewise in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In history explorers discovered new countries, the mistake was Whites thought they were the Superior race and should dominate the world.

    Most of the black community within the USA and UK originate from history where the white man dealt in the slave trade exporting fellow human beings from their settled communities in Africa.

    Prejudism (age, colour, homophobia, race, religion) is the main cause of problems throughout the world. If you respect everyone’s backgrounds and beliefs and each person’s own individuality, it may help everyone to live in harmony.

    Della – White
    Ashamed of my colour when demeaning those of a different culture/race.

  12. AntiG says:

    Neo-nazis are scum of society just like black gangs, mexican gangs, and the rest. What’s the difference between a nazi and a f*ck*ng n*gg*r? Nothing! They look different but do the same shit! I’m white and proud of it that’s why I don’t go around acting like a f*ck*ng sp*c or n*gg*r beatin’ ppl up and stuff. So stop being a fucking idiot and ruining the morality of other whites.

  13. chris says:

    I find it to be hilarious that people are so fixated on grammar when they should be more concerned about what is happening to there people and country. You claim you want equality enjoy white american to pull the load and tend to take advantage of it.

    Youre profanity is just an accuracy of youre intelligence, to bad it is such a shame to be proud to be white. While were forced to recognize and celebrate youre holidays and beliefs where considered neo-[Nazi]. [M]illion man march was not even near that just, in case you ignorent n*ggers actually thought this, and yes hasnt everyone had a dream yes! we have.

  14. @ndy says:

    Master Race.


  15. WHITE says:

    What’s funny is how uneducated you all made yourselves sound. I’m going to point out just a few things, so correct me if I’m wrong.
    -Country has nothing to do with race, it’s a political border, so what does it matter what country they are in?
    -“Indigenous” Peoples from the Americas (tribes from as far North as Eskimos, and as south as Chilean Indian Tribes) came to the later called Americas via ice bridges presumably during the last ice age, rendering their race (most likely some sort of Mongol: Asiatic people) completely non-related to the region in which they settled.

  16. Fascist Troll says:

  17. riley WaffenSS says:

    White power kamerades, Diversity is our downFall kick the non-white and multi-culturalist scum out the door.
    Im NDT state commander for state of florida email me i need nazis [email protected]

  18. @ndy says:

    Jawohl mein Führer!

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