Not brotsky or crotsky or drotsky or frotsky. But Trotsky. (And hipsters.)

    Today, I saw a dog,
    Yes, a dog.
    Talking to a pig,
    Yes, a pig.
    They were on the pavement,
    Discussing Trotsky.
    Not brotsky or crotsky or drotsky or frotsky.
    But Trotsky.

While he retains a largely loyal following around the world, possibly numbering in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions), Leon Trotsky (November 7, 1879–August 21, 1940) has contributed much moar to the world than a brief and ultimately unsatisfactory love object for undergraduate students.

Below I detail several ways in which Лев Давидович Троцький has left his mark on World History.

First and foremost, Trotsky gave unto the World the Spartacists, without whom there would have been no Michael Jackson.

Secondly, according to the Internets, ‘Trotsky Icepick’ was a Los Angeles post-punk band formed by Vitus Mataré and Kjehl Johansen in 1986, following the demise of ‘The Last’ and ‘100 Flowers’. Named for the murder weapon used to kill Mister T, the band’s first (?) release Poison Summer came out under the name ‘Danny and the Doorknobs’. Supposedly, the Doorknobs had performed for several years in nightclubs in the City of Angels, selecting a new moniker to go along with each performance.

Note to young up-and-coming pop *s: this made it extremely difficult for the group to build up any sort of following.

It was at a ‘Club Lingere’ — or possibly ‘The Abattoir’ — show that the quartet was subjected to horrific levels of feedback on stage during a performance. This caused Mataré to quip “THANKS FOR THE TROTSKY ICEPICK, DUDE!” to the errant sound man.

They picked this tag for the second (?) Poison Summer LP.

    (And hipsters.)

A few days ago, I re-posted a short essay by veteran US socialist David McReynolds on ‘The Long Strange Posthumous Life of Leon Trotsky’ [clenched fist salute to Leftist Trainspotters]. This post was, in turn, linked to by Prose Before Hos: ‘A Blog On Economics, Snark, Politics and Policy’.

The issue of this synthesis are the following links:

Die Hipster Die!


Look at this fucking hipster

Note: not all hipsters are bad, mmmkay?

Leon ‘I said toothpick, not icepick!’ Trotsky, take a bow!


Added Bonus!

See also : Karma! & Kronstadt!

Extra Added Bonus!

Drink-Soaked Ex-Trotskyite Popinjay For War and Service on Trotsky:

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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8 Responses to Not brotsky or crotsky or drotsky or frotsky. But Trotsky. (And hipsters.)

  1. Jamie-R says:

    Looks like we’ll be playing you guys next Saturday night. Already calling it.

    Still trying to get out of Sunday work so I can get hammered on that game. Who knows I reckon I can embarrass myself around here if I do get that day off. But I work for evil capitalists and as a part of the proletariat you know, I just gotta take it up the clacker if they say no.

    Just had another beered up convo (well me) on stuff and stuff, and it reminded me of your blog, so I’ll post here:

    mainstream marxism has become increasingly anti-jew in the modern world, just see Chavez, Hugo,, it’s becoming clearer as to how the Palestine cause was developed since the late 60s, people should know this

    um, how is marxism anti-jew?

    oh i got this, hold up eating kfc
    we’ll go by its practicers

    marxist academics heavily jewish

    Marxists and Muslims have been in alliance against Jews on things that bother them due to their perceived focus on money, trade and usury

    um, marxism was developed by jews

    Jews may have been bolsheviks but they were self-hating and blamed their own peoples for hatred
    Just because they claimed to be Jew didn’t mean they were culturally Jews, they were wanting to dump it for an international system to stop their persecution
    Jews have always been trying to come up with answers for their plight, and God confirmed this is how they would do it, worldly solutions that wouldn’t work, and just increase the hatred. I’m drinking beer and wanting someone to tell me wrong but because I’m awesome, I just talk to myself it seems

    Uh huh. dude I’m going to bed

  2. Jamie-R says:

    Oh when the Saints come marching in!

  3. Jamie-R says:

    I stuffed up their shitty club song, oh well, it’s shit. I still think I should have been in the middle of the huddle on TV with a sixie singing to piss you off some more. Eddie would get me fired from my job when you secret police me out.

    Oh how I want to be with St Kilda!
    When the Saints go marching in!

  4. @ndy says:

    Just got back from the match.

    An ‘E’ for effort on the part of the Magpies.

    439 – Overall disposals won by the Saints; the Pies accumulated 275.”

  5. Jamie-R says:

    I thought you were there! You bloody Eddiehead…. man.

    I can’t get out of work to fly to Melbourne this week but I have requested both AFL Grand Final Day and the Sunday off and got it. So if we make it, I’m flying in Friday night. If hotels are booked out you’ll let me sleep over then cool!

    Oh and I moved heaven and earth to get Sunday work off this weekend, and got it! Now I can finish a hellish 10 hours at work Saturday and then settle in to beer therapy and AFL Finals with Crows continuing on their momentum triple strike from Carlton Round 22, I’m gonna cry tears of joy!

  6. Jamie-R says:

    Neil Craig has the art of football down, and that’s why the team is on an upward slope, we may even become the next premiership dynasty!

    “I have been really happy with our pressure on the ball carrier,” Craig said yesterday.

    “Now, where that gets really tested is when the opposition puts that pressure back on you.

    “Finals becomes a real arm wrestle. Against Essendon, we put a gap between the teams at quarter-time.

    “That is not going to happen this week.

    “It might go down to the last minute. So, do we have the maturity and experience to keep staying in the contest?”

    Adelaide’s emerging test when the Crows are without the ball is part of Craig’s redefining of “contested football”.

    He calls it, “contesting football”.

    “We know what ‘contested ball’ is – the obvious one is when two guys have a ball between them.

    You are contesting it physically,” Craig said.

    “The other one is when your opponent has the ball – I’m still going to contest it but I have to do it a different way.

    “I might not be able to get to you. But I have to make you evade me, go off the line, handball it over the top – and then my player can get that contested ball.

    “You sometimes cough it up because of the heat, that pressure put on by an opponent contesting the ball.

    “St Kilda has been sensational at that. It is not always about this physical contest that you can measure with a statistic put in a column for ‘contested ball’.

    “You might not touch the ball but you can get it back. That’s the defining element of the better sides of the competition.

    “Geelong are very good. The Western Bulldogs have incorporated that into their game.

    “St Kilda is exceptional at it. And Collingwood pride themselves on that sort of pressure. It is a Michael Malthouse trait.

    “We have to step up to that. Our responsibility is to be able to step up to that level.

    “We have demonstrated a level of ‘contesting football’ but in question is whether we can step up to that elite level and stay there for however long it can take.”

  7. Jamie-R says:

    Here, a fun game to play from the Adelaide Now website. No you don’t have to thank me.

  8. @ndy says:

    OUT : Beams, Fraser, Pendlebury, Rocca.

    Backs to the wall time.

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