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Brisbane has a new anarchist infoshop, launched just a few weeks ago, and Jura Books in Sydney, one of two in town (the other being a newly relocated Black Rose), is in financial trouble. Well, according to the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Business section anyway…

Black and Green

Corner of Hardgrave and Spring Streets, West End, Brisbane
Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am–7pm
Email : brisbaneanarchy[at]riseup[dot]net / davek[at]brisbaneanarchy[dot]net

“Bastard Books and Beating Hearts Press have combined forces to bring a new radical infoshop to Brisbane’s streets. Now you can come to a friendly and exciting place to read, discuss, plan and enjoy anarchism and radical thinking. We have stock from AK Press, Black Rose, Freedom Press, Microcosm and over one hundred anarchist and radical zines and pamphlets going at poverty-friendly prices.”


440 Parramatta Road, Petersham, Sydney
Open Thursday, Friday 2–7pm; Saturday, Sunday 12–5pm
Phone : (02) 9550 9931
Email : jura[at]jura[dot]org[dot]au

Anarchists with capitalist habits
Scott Rochfort
Sydney Morning Herald
June 23, 2007

There is some good news for business leaders, tyrants and dictators attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Sydney this September. The “only anarchist organisation in Sydney that owns a property”, the Jura Collective, has conceded it is having financial problems. This could mean it will be too preoccupied with its broken hot water heater and the hole in its roof to protest against the Imperialistic Capitalist swine set to attend the APEC forum. In addition to having to fork out $500 to fix the awning and sign that fell down outside its Parramatta Road headquarters, Jura is having a hard time knocking down the mortgage on its property. “For the last five years we have only managed to pay the interest on the mortgage,” said Jura in a call to arms to its supporters this week. “Even though there is only $20,000 left to pay, we only ever pay the compulsory minimum interest – which is about $2,000 per year (paid monthly). That’s $2000 per year waste[d] on the bank.” All this left Reflux wondering. Anarchists paying interest? They may have lost their principles.

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  1. Dr. Cam says:

    Creepy, I was just about to email you about Jura after reading A. Aniston’s blog…

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