Helmet on, helmet off, helmet on, helmet off…

For the second time in three months, Perth-based White supremacist couple and leading Stormfront Down Under members Baron von Hund (David Innes) and his partner Lilith (Peterson) have decided to abandon the sinking ship, taking with them only fond memories… and er, a small amount of money given to them by credulous fascists; donated, ostensibly, in order to sponsor their journey to this year’s fascist Sydney Forum. Whether or not Innes actually means it this time is difficult to say, as his last retirement was quite short-lived. If fair dinkum, however, Innes and Peterson will be the second and third online White supremacists to have retired so far this year (the first being war widows’ retirement village vandal Ben Weerheym) and the first scratching from this year’s Forum.

Baron von Hund and Lilith’s Swansong
Baron von Hund
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Well folks – we are outta here, [e]nough is enough for us. We’ve put up with an amazing amount [sic] of insult[s], threats and such over the years – and it’s over.

No, we won’t be attending the Sydney Forum, and we’ll be shutting down the [Down Under Nationalist Resource site]. The radio shows are over, and we will be deleting our contacts.

All the best.

Baron von Hund.

As for the reasons why Innes and Peterson have decided to retire, at least temporarily, from the public eye, these may revolve around accusations — probably originating with ideological rivals Peter Campbell and Jim Perren — that the couple have in some way been acting as informants for FDB!. On the other hand, it may also have something to do with the couple’s own allegations regarding the fitness — given that he is of non-White descent — of Dr James Saleam to lead the Australia First Party. Or perhaps it’s due to the lack of support shown by AF members for their pursuing this line of enquiry on SF; especially the Perth couple’s erstwhile allies in another couple, Nichola and Rhys (‘AustralianEuro’) of Newcastle AF…

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