Meanwhile at the process plant…

I can remember seeing this video for the first time on Beatbox (for which it was made, as it so annoyingly reminds the viewer), ABC TV’s yoof program of the mid-80s (1985–1988). Unfortunately, Beatbox was replaced by The Factory (1987–1989), then Countdown Revolution (1989–1990), then Recovery (1996–2000): two-and-a-half of the worst fucking yoof muzak shows ever made. The Factory, as I’m sure you’ll remember, was hosted by Andrew Fucking Daddo (and er, Alex Papps), and featured the truly execrable talents of Tania Lacy… and let’s not even mention Countdown Pirate TV (CDPTV). Countdown Revolution also featured Lacy as host, as well as another hugely-talented ex-soap ****, Mark Little. Recovery, on the other hand, was hosted by Dylan Lewis, who after four years found his proper home at Pepsi Live.

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