Leave Kyle Sandilands and the military-industrial-entertainment complex alone!

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Kyle Sandilands is ace. So is Jacqueline Ellen Marie Last O’Neil Henderson. Sadly, their brand — ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Show’ — has been badly disembiggened by its strong word association football with the terms ‘rape’ and ‘concentration camps’. Unless your name is Adolf Hitler (a number of whose worshippers are gathering in Melbourne this weekend), ‘rape’ and ‘concentration camps’ are not normally categorised under the heading ‘Fun’, and so other brands which rely on ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Show’ brand for ‘fun’ (meaning: profit) are at risk of also being disembiggened via their own association football with Kyle and Jackie.

And rape.

And concentration camps.

Worryingly, one major sponsor, US-based corporation Optus, has withdrawn its support for the show. If others follow, Kyle (but not Jackie — she’s a grrl, and made of Pepsi) is fuct. The fact that ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Show’ may continue to rate its socks off, or that the pair have 367,532 followers on Twitter means jack shit. Blank Political Economy of the Mass Media 101. Speaking of Jack (and shit), Mister Marx has penned a short essay in defence of Kyle: ‘Leave Kyle Sandilands alone, says Jack Marx’ (NEWS.com.au, September 10, 2009).

At least Kyle didn’t upload a video like this to YouTube.

See also : Leave (Britney Spears and) Peter Garrett alone! (July 16, 2009).

9/11 Bonus!

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