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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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12 Responses to GO PIES!!!

  1. Jamie-R says:

    Wow, you even inserted the words like art.

    I just realised something.

    Fuck Melbourne.

  2. Jamie-R says:

    You know what? I can’t even remember the ending. I woke up and checked the AFL website after having terrible nightmares. And that confirmed it. But I love beer. I’ll drink it right now. And I’ll surround myself with positive things. Hint: Not you.

  3. Jamie-R says:

    It takes a lot to hold me down. Cause I’m a happy traveller. Holding it down. Holding out for love! Jesus baby!

    But that really pisses me off.

  4. Jamie-R says:

    My friend from Boston called me an emofag. No. I’m not.

    Nothing in life is easy. And when it’s good, I can feel it, and when it’s bad, I go through it anyway, all I know, I do care. Today, I suffer injustice.

  5. Jamie-R says:

    Fuck Melbourne.

    Fuck Victoria.

    You stopped playing state of origin cause South Australia scared you.

    We’re playing in a league that hates us. But that’s cool. And they divide us amongst ourselves cause of the fucktard Porties, we’ll never unite! But we’ll beat you bastards in the future.

    I don’t want to hurt no more! No more hurt!

  6. Jamie-R says:

    Dream Team vs Victoria my arse. At least I can talk about my fears!

    Collingwood represents everything bad. Collingwood is wrong. No. No I’m cool. I’m in full chill. I just gotta let go. Just don’t seem right. How wonderful can it all be? When the VFL controls this game? I can find unity with the Porties at work on this, and we agree on NOTHING. I mean nothing, and there you go, we all hate Victoria. It’s like that independence Day movie scene when the Palestinians and Israelis with the British are fighting the aliens, we can all gather and fight fight fight!

    This will be remembered in infamy forever. This team shouldn’t be sitting around. Not this team. They should be working. They should be playing Geelong next week.

  7. Jamie-R says:

    I haven’t talked to my mum yet. Visiting her. That will be hard. She listens to Cornesy and Rowey everyday, drive time radio here beatch is Crows! I can hug her but I can’t do nothing. Crows are everything to some people. Eddie smiles, but he’s a cunt. Football is a hustle. We’ll be back. Straight over there. 2010 is how we care.

  8. Jamie-R says:

    Enjoy your fucking VFL finals.

  9. @ndy says:

    Mental toughness is Crows’ next stage
    Jason Phelan
    September 13, 2009

    ADELAIDE coach Neil Craig was beaten but not bowed after his team’s season ended in gut-wrenching fashion with a five-point loss to Collingwood at the MCG on Saturday night.

    After dominating the opening term, and leading by 32 points in the second, the Crows were powerless to stop a surprise six-goal blitz that ultimately cost them the game and taught them a powerful lesson according to Craig.

    “The lesson we learned from it is [about] hardness,” Craig said after John Anthony booted the last goal of an epic final term that decided the game.

    “It’s not a physical hardness, it’s a mental hardness and we’re still developing as a club and as a group of players [and learning] that we just can’t have those sort of lapses because when the best play the best … the best don’t do it…”

  10. Jamie-R says:

    It was another Neil Craig season. Fucked up the arse come finals.

    I’ll drown Chopper cause these dam walls can’t hold my tears, fuck Chopper!

  11. Wombo says:

    **Maniacal black’n’white grin**

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