Free the Belgrade anarchists : Protest in Sydney

Above : video of protest action at Serbian Consulate in Sydney, September 11, 2009. Below : Machine translation of article from Serbian media noting letter of concern from academics at the University of Belgrade (and other public figures), one drawing attention to the fact that the charge of ‘international terrorism’ levelled at the anarchists in Belgrade far exceeds, in seriousness, the charges against others responsible for a much more serious attack on the US Embassy in February 2008 (see : US embassy in Belgrade attacked, BBC, February 22, 2008). In that instance, 80 people were charged with hooliganism, theft and resisting arrest (see : Serbia Charges 80 People Over Riots, AP, February 29, 2008).

Double standards disastrous
September 11, 2009

Belgrade group of public figures concerned about the accused for the attack on the Greek Embassy

BELGRADE – A group of professors of Belgrade University and public figures from the culture on Friday sent an open letter in which the public expressed concern about notice that against six suspects for the attack Molotov cocktails at the Greek Embassy in Belgrade to be indicted that they charged for an act of international terrorism.

“No desire to in any way justify this act, we believe our duty to point out to what we recognize as the political background of application of double standards, which can be disastrous impact on the further development of our society,” says the In an open letter signed by Zaga Golubovic, Želimir Žilnik, Todor Kuljić, Vladimir Ilic, Boris Dežulović, Sonja Drljević, Ljubomir Zhivkov and Vladimir Arsenijevic.

The group pointed out that during the protest 21st February 2008, years after the declaration of independence by Kosovo, torched the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade and was significantly damaged by fire, while one of the attackers lost his life on that occasion.

“The only participant in this attack which is found on the accused bench, charged with serious offenses against the execution of general security. In contrast, the authorities breaking a window at the empty building of the Embassy of Greece with two lighted bottles that are not led to fires, characterized as an act of international terrorism, which is the work of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia stands next to the exercise of genocide, war crimes and conducting aggressive war”, says the letter.

Suspect that the 25th August, first wrote the graffiti on the facade of the Greek Embassy, and then threw two Molotovljeva cocktails are Ratibor Trivunac (28), Tadej Kurepa (24), Ivan Vulovic (24), Sanja Djokic (19), Nikola Mitrovic (29) and Ivan Savic (25).

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