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There’s Good News and there’s Bad News. First the Bad News:

‘White Power’ shirt man to face court
Eric Tlozek
September 14, 2009

Northern Territory Police have charged a 48-year-old Alice Springs man [Denis Donohue] who tried to sell “White Power” merchandise with offensive behaviour in a public place. The man has also been charged with making a false report to police regarding the alleged theft of his car numberplates. The Southern Region’s Acting Commander, Kym Davies, says the matter only became criminal after people told police they had been offended by the merchandise. “As a result of our investigations the 48-year-old man was arrested in Alice Springs in relation to those matters,” he said. “So he was arrested for making a false report to police and offensive behaviour in a public place and he’s been bailed to appear in the Alice Springs court.”

Now, the Good News:

On Saturday, boneheads from around Australia goose-stepped and jack-booted to their heart’s content at a gig in Melbourne organised by racist psychotics belonging to ‘Blood & Honour Australia’ and the ‘Southern Cross Hammerskins’ (principally Jesse !@#$%^ and Justin ^%$#@!. I would’ve gone, but sadly my invitation was lost in the post.

I think?

As for the muzak, at least three bands played: Open Season, Ravenous and The Commieknockers.

Jim from Open Season:

These days, finding suitable venues for a gig can be a real pain in the arse. Did you find it difficult to secure venues back in those days?

Back then we actually advertised when and where we were playing, we never had trouble in Sydney but a show we did in Melbourne was changed at the last minute when reds called in a bomb threat. Haha it is probably the same cowardly scumbag who does the same shit today, but now he hides behind his keyboard instead of calling from his closet. The only real trouble that we had at our gigs was guys and girls getting pissed up and fighting. One band that we played with The Bride Wore Boots came down from Queensland to do a show with us. They got lost going back to where they were staying and got beaten up fairly badly when they stopped in some [M]iddle [E]astern slum area.

Left wing losers. These days, their opposition toward us exists in the form [of] tough talk on internet forums, prank phones calls and the like… more of annoyance than anything else. Were they ever able to amount to being a real problem for you back then (don’t laugh I have to ask)?

Like I mentioned before, we never really had any trouble, only the one time with the bomb threat and we still ended up playing that night though in a different venue to say the least. As today everybody back then was scared of boneheads unless they outnumbered us by about 10 to one. They all talked the talk behind our backs but were nowhere to be seen when we were actually about.

Why are people so unkind?

Anyway, here’s a taste of what I (and you, probably) missed out on, courtesy of some d00d on YouTube, a track by ‘Open Season’, the 20-year-old band of boneheads who (like Quick & The Dead) have recently re-formed.

You can find Open Season and other nutzi merch for sale on Jesse’s website http://9percentproductions.com. Among the books on offer is The Turner Diaries by ‘Andrew Mcdonald’ (sic), the 1978 novel by good fascist William Pierce (1933–2002), former fuehrer of the US-based ‘National Alliance’. The novel has provided masturbatory funs for neo-Nazis the world over, but also allegedly inspired the good fascist Timothy McVeigh (1968–2001) to go blow up the FBI building in Oklahoma in 1995, and in 1998, before three white men in Texas beat and dragged James Byrd Jr. to death behind a pickup truck, one of the men, John King, reportedly announced, “We’re starting The Turner Diaries early.”

Pretty funny stuff eh?

Sadly, there are currently no Ravenous vids on YouTube — but moaron these and the other fascist bozos involved in the gig later (maybe). In the meantime, and on the plus side, the song ‘Ravenous’ by the band Arch Enemy has been uploaded. And here it is:

Note that the vocalist for Arch Enemy is German-born Angela Gossow, and Angela is no friend of fascism:

What is your political orientation? Are you a conservative, a liberal, a socialist maybe? Or do you think politics is just a piece of shit and you don’t care for it at all?

I am liberal, coming from the word LIBERTY. I do not accept racism, intolerance, hatred and discrimination in any shape or form. Everything we do is politics. Using textile bags instead of plastic is a political statement. I believe people are afraid of change, that’s why there will never be the much-needed reformations in our [W]estern society. Most people like to complain but do not like changing anything either. I believe each one of us can make a difference and I do stand up for my beliefs. I believe in respect and protection/preservation of this world and its creatures. I think most politicians have to make many compromises to step up the ladder. Many sell their integrity for power and money. Let[‘]s put it this way: There isn’t one politician out there I would trust.

She’s a vegetarian too(!).

Bonus metal!

Kreator, like Angela, are from Germany, kick arse, and are resolutely anti-fascist.

Acceptance of neo-fascist
Persecuting anarchists
Put the wrong ones on the list
Let the new age begin

Carcass [1985–1995], the band out of which Arch Enemy emerged, are also not known for their fascist sympathies.

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  1. Liam says:

    “got beaten up fairly badly when they stopped in some [M]iddle [E]astern slum area.”

    Haha awesome!

  2. @ndy says:

    I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  3. Pug-In-Boots says:

    awesome. I’ve just started a SHARP blog, it’s

    I’ve emailed you about it @ndy but I think the email fucked up.

  4. @ndy says:

    My email is fuct at the moment — sorry Pug-In-Boots.

    Blog looks ace!

  5. @ndy says:

    Btw… wanna go bowling?

  6. Metal head says:

    On one of their album’s liner notes, Kreator thanked the AIDS virus “for killing faggots”.

  7. @ndy says:

    You’re right.


    Kreator apparently wrote “no thanks to faggots and gays for spreading AIDS” in the liner notes to ‘Terrible Certainty’ (1987).

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