But wait! There’s f@#$ing more!

    Update : The story of the racist, potty-mouthed priest from Melbourne has now also been picked up by Reuters: Catholic dean on leave after YouTube outburst. The story itself is typically garbled but, given the recent treatment of Indian national Mohammed Haneef by Australian authorities, no doubt of interest to an Indian audience in terms of establishing the racial climate in Australia…

    CNN too.

    BBC also.

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Priest in new swearing footage
Herald Sun
August 1, 2007

MORE footage has emerged of Melbourne’s priest cursing and abusing skateboarders.

Last night, Monsignor Geoff Baron was stood down as dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral following his racist and obscene tirade against a group of young skateboarders who had abused and threatened him. Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart suspended Monsignor Geoff Baron indefinitely. Shortly after the church made its announcement, new mobile phone footage of the priest abusing young skaters emerged…

Skater Kyle Brophy, 18, said the priest had a terrible temper and had recently chased him down the street with a broom. “I wasn’t even on the church grounds that time. I was just skating past on the footpath,” Mr Brophy said. The Lilydale man said the priest had used foul language on other occasions, and in front of teenage girls. But he said his friends never wanted Monsignor Baron to lose his job. “I do feel sorry for him. I’m not happy that he’s been suspended and I don’t think any other skater wanted that to happen. I think it’s very sad,” Mr Brophy said. “He’s obviously got some problems in his life that he needs to deal with.”

Another skater, Eltham teen Matt Leigh, told how his own encounter with the priest turned nasty. “He asked us kindly to leave, very rationally,” Mr Leigh wrote on a skater website. “Then as we were walking away he just became possessed, yelling ‘Get the f— off the property’. “He ran at me and tried to hit me over the head with a magazine.”

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