I Googled for something completely different!

While soon-to-be-ex PM John HoWARd reckons the KKK is a bit of a laugh (PM plays down KKK soldiers, AAP, The Age, August 5, 2007), a New Zealand MP has drawn the world’s attention to one of the heretofore unappreciated aspects of the Nazi Holocaust:

MP feels the heat over Nazi camps comment
Angela Gregory
New Zealand Herald
August 4, 2007

National MP Maurice Williamson has angered New Zealand’s Jewish community by saying there were no fat people in concentration camps. Mr Williamson made the comment in an email to TV One’s Close Up after it broadcast an item on Wednesday night debating the merits of surgery as a tool for weight reduction for the morbidly obese. On Thursday, host Mark Sainsbury read out Mr Williamson’s email, which had been sent in as feedback. “If some people can’t lose weight no matter what … how come there were no fat people in the Nazi concentration camps?” it said.

When Sainsbury asked Mr Williamson on air if it was wise to use such an analogy, the MP replied: “Maybe it wasn’t”. But he said it was a good example of people getting a very low level of nutrients and working hard. “No one’s saying put them in a concentration camp but it is important to know that if you are working hard burning calories and not taking them into your mouth you won’t put on weight.” Mr Williamson yesterday apologised for his comments, which he said he now regretted…

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  1. He has a putrid sense of humor our John. That he could defend such an act is quite frankly not surprising.

    ‘Anyone else for PM 2007’

  2. Stalinist League of Australia should just rise up and take control of Australia by revolution. Peter Watson for supreme fuhrer of Australia. Peter for life.

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