Kevin Strom, Martyn Gilleard, Carsten Ovesen…

“We must secure the existence of our people and sexual access to young children.”

The dead German incestuous coprophiliac dictator Adolf Hitler set a very high benchmark for sexual and political pathology, but that hasn’t prevented his ideological descendants from trying to emulate their dear departed leader. Of late, there was Kevin Strom of the US-based National Vanguard — he went to jail in January 2008 for the crime of possessing child pornography. Then a few months later, Martyn Gilleard of the British Peoples Party and the National Front (UK) was found guilty of two counts of ‘terrorism’-related offences after having pleaded guilty to ten charges relating to the possession of child pornography. Now Carsten Ovesen, a poster boy for Danish neo-Nazis, is in heap ’em big trouble after allegations surfaced regarding the very special relationship he developed with a comrade’s 12-year-old daughter:

Nazi rocker accused of pedophilia
ninemsn staff
September 29, 2009

The lead singer of the official band for the Danish neo-Nazi political party [Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bevægelse/DNSB] has been expelled from the group and asked to commit suicide after he was accused of pedophilia.

Carsten Ovesen, the frontman of the band Daneskjold, allegedly had an ongoing inappropriate relationship with a friend’s 12-year-old daughter.

“It turns out that Carsten has repeatedly been visited by the 12-year-old girl in his apartment in Amager (a suburb of Copenhagen),” Danish National Socialist party chairman Jonni Hansen wrote on the band’s website.

“None of us expected to find such a thing in our own ranks, among our own people.”

Hansen also told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet he had personally asked Ovesen to kill himself.

“I said simply to him that I invite him to commit suicide.

“That, I think, is the only real way out of it here,” he said.

The three-piece group Daneskjold was disbanded after the allegations emerged, and their website has been replaced by the message from Hansen and a large photograph of Ovesen’s face.

Hansen said Daneskjold was a central icon of the Nazi political movement in Denmark,

“It is extra uncomfortable — I’ve known the man for some years now,” he said.

The Danish National Socialist Party is believed to have around 1000 passive and 150 active members.

The party is officially recognised by the Danish government and has contested for seats in some elections without success.

Danish authorities have not commented on whether they are conducting an investigation into the pedophilia claims.

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    Crows’ loss sparks three-day riot
    September 30, 2009 12:00pm

    A RIOT that lasted three days broke out in a Northern Territory town after Collingwood beat Adelaide in a footy final this month, a court has heard.

    If I get rich off the blood and sweat of the poor like the bolsheviks I’m hiring this crack team of Crows supporters to come with me to the next Collingwood vs Adelaide finals match.

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