O Salvation! From Portland to Serbia…


Hurrah! Jeff ‘Free’ Luers was ‘free’… for a few hours, anyway, before prison authorities decided that he should be caged again. “October 2, 2009 – this morning Jeff enjoyed a few hours of freedom, after being released early. Then in a bizarre turn of events he was taken back into custody because the prison had made a “mistake”. December 2009 is now his release date.”


On September 3, 2009 — and in the days following — six members and associates of the ‘Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative’ in Belgrade, Serbia were arrested by Serbian authorities and charged with the crime of ‘international terrorism’. The six are alleged to have been responsible for spraying graffiti and throwing a Molotov cocktail at the Greek Embassy in Belgrade on August 25, 2009. The six deny the charges. Placed on 30-days detention by a court, that term is now due to expire…

The investigative phase of the case was meant to come to a close on the 28th, however people are still being questioned. Greek Embassy people who were supposed to testify did not show up.

A member of ASI was interrogated and the police are calling more of them in.

If the investigation concerns a crime which carries a sentence of more than 10 years in jail, the comrades may be held up to six months.

Although things are not certain, it looks as if the police have decided to prolong the case as long as possible. In this case, we call for the escalation of protests.

Protest actions have taken place in Bratislava, Czech Republic (September 7); Ljubljana, Slovenia (September 10), London, England / Sydney, Australia / Vienna, Austria and Warsaw, Poland (September 11); Zagreb, Croatia (September 14); Moscow and Kiev, Russia (September 15); Athens, Greece / Denver, United States and Hamburg, Germany (September 16); Berlin, Germany / The Hague, Holland / Sofia, Bulgaria and Thessaloniki, Greece (September 18); Komotini, Greece (September 19); Frankfurt, Germany and Skopje, Macedonia (September 25); London, England (September 28); Budapest, Hungary (September 29); Bern, Switzerland / Madrid, Spain and Oslo, Norway (October 2).

See also : International solidarity with Serbian anarchists (September 19, 2009).

Free the Belgrade anarchists!

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  1. li_k says:

    zagreb is not in poland, it’s the capital city of croatia!!!!

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