APEC : NSW police arrest suspected terrorist Greg McLeay

Mr HoWARd sends his congratulations:

…at a function to thank police involved in the APEC operation yesterday, Mr Howard expressed his complete support of all police actions. “I think the Commissioner has done a first class job. A decision was clearly taken – the right decision – that pre-emptive and forward action was better than retaliation and, Commissioner, it worked brilliantly, it really did.” The Premier, Morris Iemma, said police acted appropriately and declared “mission accomplished”. “It could not have happened without the extraordinary level of professionalism,” he said.

And in Wellington [correction: Tamakimakaurau (Auckland)], Aotearoa / New Zealand…

On Sunday September 9 @ 9.30am, two police officers arrived at A Space Inside social centre, on Symonds Street, and arrested one activist for alleged breach of bail conditions in relation to Saturday’s demonstration against the detention of Iranian asylum seekers in Mt Eden prison. When other activists came to his aid, the police sprayed several people in the eyes with pepper spray. According to witnesses, the police did not have a warrant. The arrested activist was beaten by police once he was taken outside the building and was then taken to a police station.

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9 Responses to APEC : NSW police arrest suspected terrorist Greg McLeay

  1. Ana says:

    Kia Ora Andy
    A Space Inside is in Tamakimakaurau (Auckland)

  2. @ndy says:

    Ooops! Sorry Ana. Cheers!

  3. I think along with the Stalinist League that the police powers have gone to fair. They have infultrated into protest groups. They have powers to attack peacful protesters even if they are doing nothing illegal. They even arrested a man in front of his ten year old son.

  4. George says:

    Allegedly Mr McLeay has a history of violence and pushed one of the police officers before they arrested him. Sounds like his own stupid fault.

  5. @ndy says:

    Who alleges this George? Do you have a source for this allegation? And even if he has “a history of violence” — whatever that means — what has this to do with what appears, on the part of the police, to be a sizable over-reaction to the crime of jaywalking? Or do you believe that individuals should in fact be arrested, held in jail overnight, and strip-searched, if police catch them doing so? What, exactly, was his fault?

  6. The joke is that the federal or state governments spent 86 million dollars on APEC security. They brought in three thousand police officers. They introduced new powers for the police. George Bush had heaps of FBI agents. But yet a ABC programme got within a hundred metres of Bush’s hotel. They past two check points and the police waved them along. Does any one here think that it made the whole attempt at making Bush safe a joke?

  7. ozman says:

    My theory is that the police were trying to provoke violent reactions so as to justify being there.

    According to the news a number of people were arrested with the pretence that they were in a restricted zone, and it turned up that they were not and later released. The method with which they were apprehended however was violent to say the least, if anyone treats a policeman the way the police treat innocent bystanders he would get shot on sight, see what they did to Greg McLeay for not putting his hands behind his back. The past couple of generations of Australians and Americans have given their lives to fight against fascism, now we have fascism right on our doorstep. I don’t want to live in Australia much longer.

  8. @ndy says:

    G’day ozman,

    Interesting theory. What were the police doing, do you think, that was designed to provoke violent reactions?

    I’m aware of the incident you refer to: Paddy Gibson and Daniel Jones were arrested as they sat in Hyde Park, drinking cafe lattes. As it happens, Hyde Park was outside of the restricted zone that three NSW Supreme Court Justices had earlier declared, should the pair stray within its borders, police were legally entitled to arrest them for so doing, on the slightly, ah, dubious grounds that the NSW Police Commissioner had declared them to be ‘potentially dangerous’ — possibly because they’d mastered the art of not-so-spontaneous human combustion and declared a jihad on world leaders… or perhaps because they’d entered into a conspiracy to lead their followers in a mass recitation of Vogon poetry, who knows? Not them, and not the public, as the basis upon which the blacklist was compiled was also declared to be a state secret, and not subject to appeal.

    Which the Justices thought was both just and Constitutional.



    Anyway, here’s a poem by Attila the Stockbroker called ‘Contributory Negligence’, written some 25 years ago following the decision by an English High Court judge to issue a fine to a rapist ‘cos the victim was hitching late at night when the rapist picked her up…

    Hitching up the M11
    Coming back from a Dexy’s gig
    Got picked up at half eleven
    By a bloke in a funny wig
    Flash Mercedes, new and gleaming
    Deep pile seats and deep seat piles
    I got in and sat there scheming
    While the dickhead flashed me smiles
    Told me he was back from sessions
    With a load of braindead hacks
    Told me he’d made no concessions
    To the boot-boys and the Blacks
    Said it was stupid to put “Rapist” on the news
    The guy was only playing cupid
    Girls like that they don’t refuse
    He asked me if I bore him enemy
    Asked if I bore a grudge
    Told he came from Henley
    Said he was a High Court judge
    I asked him to pull over
    “Needed a slash”, that’s what I said
    When the anger beckoned
    I smacked him in the head
    Took his keys, took his wallet
    Crashed his car into a ditch
    Though he moaned “They’ll get you sonny”
    I got away without a hitch
    I know they’ll never find me
    As I’m many miles away
    But if one day they’re right behind me
    I know what I’m gonna say
    He’s rich and snobbish
    Right wing, sexist, racist too
    Fat and ugly
    Sick and slobbish
    Should be locked in London Zoo
    He wanted me to beat him up
    It was an open invitation
    Late at night he picked me up
    An act of open provocation
    High Court judges are a blight
    They should stay at home in nice warm beds
    And if they should be out late at night
    They should never pick up Harlow reds
    A five pence fine is right and proper
    And to sum up my defence
    It was his fault he came a cropper

  9. At one point I thought I was the only person who was funny enough to write stuff like this.

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