uri got blog: it’s alive!

so does chuck morse, who’s a negative nelly

this article is heaps interesting: ‘Specters of Malthus: Scarcity, Poverty, Apocalypse’, Iain Boal in conversation with David Martinez, Counterpunch, September 11, 2007

while this one’s funny-sad: Student’s path to FBI informant — Using alias, woman tells of alleged terrorism plot, Denny Walsh, Sacramento Bee, September 12, 2007. it’s about an fbi informant named “anna”, who’s currently testifying in the trial of eric mcdavid: “She said that in the fall of 2003, as research for a class project, she dressed in “grunge” clothes and mingled with protesters at an international free trade conference. After she presented a report to the class, the witness recalled, a fellow student who was a state law enforcement officer asked for a copy of the paper she had written about her experiences. The paper found its way to the FBI in Miami, and she was recruited to infiltrate the “anarchist movement” that consistently has a presence at anti-establishment demonstrations, she said. The bureau’s proposition that she report all violent and criminal activity she witnessed at these events “intrigued” her, she said…”

…and i need to spend more time away from blogging, writing more serious stuff…

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