Stormfront Down Under : White Bread & Circuses

Argh! They’re at it again!

For those of you who’ve been following the sordid saga of Stormfront Down Under with as much rapt fascination as I have: a few months ago David Innes and his partner Lilith / Emma Peterson decided to up stumps and depart — according to Innes, because he was sick and tired of having his (not inconsiderable) efforts to popularise David Duke‘s crackpot ideas regarding race and nation Down Under continually denigrated by his fellow White supremacists. As a parting shot, David not only told his Yanqui boss, jack_boot, to take this job and shove it, but also alluded to his willingness to provide information regarding his former comrades on SF to the authorities and/or FDB!: “Jerk us around until we go to the police and anti-fa with all the information we have and become the very thing the extreme right has said we were since [the] day dot. ****, I don’t care either way.”

That, briefly, is the relevant background. Recently, however, a debate has erupted on SF regarding Innes’ kosher status among ‘White Nationalists’, triggered by the sudden emergence of a new member, MrNR, claiming to be working on behalf of the New Reich. Accused of being Der Baron in disguise, MrNR left in a huff. Shortly thereafter, jack_boot emerged to refreshen everyone’s memories regarding the circumstances under which Innes and Peterson were banned from the forum, while adding that the host of the SF Down Under radio show, Dead_Raven, had his toy taken away from him for being a very naughty boy and conducting an interview with the persona non grata in question. In addition, Delos (Alex Fogerty) makes a rare appearance to, among other things, state that “I am under no illusion now that [David Innes] cannot be trusted with any and all information pertaining to where events will be held and especially personal information”. Incidentally, despite being a Kiwi, Fogerty is one of two persons responsible for administering the Australian New Nation forum; he’s also quite careless regarding the consequences for himself of making childish threats towards antifa (though that’s another story).

Another dotty racist called Dottir, despite quite possibly not being a barrister, recommends taking Innes to court over his collecting monies from the more credulous members of SF in order to finance a trip to the Sydney Forum; a trip cancelled following threats made by members of ANN to do harm to Innes should he be unwise enough to do so.

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