Australia First Party makes like a banana…

…and splits, into three factions:

1) Australia First (AF) in New South Wales;
2) Australia First in rural Victoria;
3) The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) in South Australia.

Bad news for AF, great news for rightist trainspotters.

The first grouping, based in Sydney, remains under the leadership of James Saleam; the second, under the leadership of the (nominal) President of the Party (since 1997), Diane Teasdale, and a small number of others (Barry and Jeanette Woods). The third grouping, the APP, is under the leadership of Andrew Phillips, and claims representation in the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

The South Australian branch of Teasdale’s AF, being under the control of Phillips, has been lost to the APP. In the ACT, the APP has obtained the allegiance of a PO Box — and who knows, perhaps even the person who rents it — also previously belonging to the AF. In NSW, the APP has gained the support of Darrin Hodges / the Anglo-Australian National Community Council — a development which, given Hodges’ energy and enthusiasm for The Cause, will no doubt prove to be a great boon… that is, if Hodges is able to balance his commitment to the APP with that of his commitment to New Right. Best of all, in Queensland, the Party appears to have God on its side, its PO Box address belonging to the Reverend Jon Chandler of the ‘John Knox Presbyterian Church’ in Rockhampton.

Finally, closer to home, in Victoria the Protectionists have obtained a new PO Box, in the same outer-eastern suburb of Croydon as what was once, and may still be, the contact address for AF in Melbourne. Significantly, the APP also appear to have obtained control of (Manifest) Destiny, launched in August as an AF publication.

As for Saleam’s mob, they appear to retain strong influence in NSW, but only scattered support elsewhere. This is reflected in the fact that the Party has finally been registered with the AEC, not as a Federal Party, but in NSW. According to Herr Doktor, “The ‘Australia First (Council Elections) Party’ (to be known as Australia First Party on the ballot) has been registered in New South Wales under the Local Government Act (1993)… The Councils party has named the following officers: [Neil, ex-ONP] Baird, Registered Officer, N. Smith, Deputy Registered Officer, [James] Saleam, Secretary, [Terry, ex-ONP, AAFI] Cooksley, Agent.”

The usual suspects, in other words.

The only significant branch outside of Sydney, it’s unknown at this stage which way the Newcastle branch will jump. Given its close relationship to Stormfront — the moderator of the Down Under section is a member — and given Saleam’s recent apparent rapprochement with his colleagues in the United States, it’s possible the branch will remain loyal to Herr Doktor rather than join the APP.

Finally, after having purged the Party of unruly elements, President Teasdale appears to be left with the rump, and even that appears to have been split between herself and Saleam. On the other hand, word on the virtual street is that Teasdale may decide to put Campbell’s bastard-child out of its misery, and simply join with Pauline’s mob for the upcoming Federal election.

Oh, and in a sad note for trainspotters, the Patriotic Youth League (that is, the fifty-something John Drew) appears to have finally lost the struggle for survival altogether, its final hurrah — a website containing Drew’s thoughts on patriotism, ‘why soccer is not an ethnic sport’, and the importance of eating well, among other matters of significance to ‘nationalists’ — has disappeared into the ether. Obviously, a far cry from the heady days of December 2005, when Melbourne PYL spokesperson Luke Connors stated “Mate, I’m going to get brain cancer from having the mobile phone pressed to me ear all day and all night. Answering membership and media inquiries.”

What a meathead.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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42 Responses to Australia First Party makes like a banana…

  1. Are you saying that the Australia First Party has split into three different organizations? And that the main one has dissolved?

  2. Dr. Cam says:

    I think if he was saying that he would have opened by saying that Australia First has split into three factions, Peter.

  3. Well thats great. I was a member of the AFP before I was kick out. So than the Stalinist League can change it’s name to AFP and become it’s replacement. Thus becoming the fourth faction.

  4. Dr. Cam says:

    Peter, that is a fantastic idea.

  5. Asher says:

    Cam, that’s a bit mean… you shouldn’t play with your food, y’know 😛

  6. vents says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha ^

  7. Shut the hell up both of you. Think about it people. The SLA is not going any where so fare because of some things. But if it changes it’s name and reforms it’s political position from Stalinist to moderate social nationalist than it will grow and become a strong national political Party. Plus Fight Dem Back couldn’t call attack a Australia First Party that was moderate nationalistic socialist.

  8. @ndy says:

    Comrade Watson,

    You make many excellent points. I wish you the best of luck dealing with some things. Here’s to a moderate form of social nationalism. Or possibly national socialism. Or possibly nationalistic socialism.

    Have you considered socialistic nationalism?

    Red *s,

    Comrade Fleming.

  9. I reject national socialism because of Hitler and Germany. I think you Andy would know what I am talking about.

    Socialism and Nationalism have great points. Many people have tryed but failed to mold them together to create some kind of Social Nationalism. Hitler tryed but he was a capitalism’s bitch. People must reject extremeism because the masses do not understand.

    What we need is a basic understandable programme that covers all policies of Social Nationalism.

    A Social Nationalism that is not racist nor insulting to any racial or ethnic group. A Social Nationalism that accepts all people for who they are. Why must other people bully and exploit others based on class or racial attitudes?

    Let class and race be abolished. For we are all humans living together.

  10. Asher says:

    Peter, I take back everything bad I ever said about you. “Hitler tryed but he was a capitalism’s bitch.” is sheer brilliance!

  11. Hitler was capitalism’s bitch because he got billioins of dollars in funding from them. He said many anti capitalist things but in the end he didn’t do any thing. He just exploited the proletariat even more and cut back their wages and rights. He sent them to die in a imperialist war. Hitler was the working class enemy of his day.

  12. Asher says:

    “Hitler was the working class enemy of his day.”

    Along with Stalin, for sure 😉

  13. Andrew says:

    Many thanks for the free publicity guys- the article twists the truth a little, but not a bad effort all round.

    First, Destiny never was, nor was it intended to be, an Australia First publication. The magazine was made from contributed articles from people both within and outside of AFP- thereby being an independent patriotic magazine.

    All contact points for APP are not in any way connected with AFP- they are separate organisations.

    Those in AFP NSW and APP have no interest in what Teasdale chooses to do in future, more than likely she will continue to do as she always has- nothing.

    Keep up the great work “Comrades”!

  14. red october says:

    i think that is a great idea comrade peter, you should start the AFP branch in queensland straightaway i will support you in such a grate struggle

  15. The Australian Protectionist Party is clearly a split from the Australia First Party.

    Stalin is not the enemy but the hero and greatest leader ever of the internatioanl working class.

  16. Andrew says:

    I’m not so sure those who have descended from the starving millions in Ukraine would quite agree with you there Peter.

    Perhaps there were no workers in Ukraine? No, they were all filthy rich persecutors of the proletariat and all deserved to have their crops burnt and their families herded into labour camps, I’m sure.

    Stalin was a bloody arsehole- most in the former Soviet Union would agree with the statement. You look at what he did with his so called comrades like Trotsky…

    International worker- stupid slogans for unthinking cattle.

  17. Trotsky was atraitor to the great October revolution. He deserved todie like all trotskyists. The peasents starved because they burnt their crops and killed their animals. They didn’t understand that their farms were to unproductive and so Stalin had to merg[e] every 50 [to] 100 of them into more productive collective farms.

  18. People of Australia, The Stalinist League of Australia launches the Party of Social Nationalists as the League’s electoral wing. The PSN has no policies, no members, no paper work and no constitution. It has no ideology and no structure.

    Party of Social Nationalists is run and headed by the League’s Political Bureau and thus the League’s Central Committee. The League’s General Secretary is in charge of running PSN.

    The PSN is a united front of nationalists, socialists, communists, Stalinists, National Socialists, libertarians etc. Organizations including political parties can join the PSN and run candidates under the name. I repeat, the PSN is no more than an electoral front.

    The PSN was formed by the League in response to Trotskyist manifestation known as the Socialist Alliance and Communist Party of Australia forming the Communist Alliance.

    The Party of Social Nationalists will not run against either the CA or the SA. The PSN is neither left or right in politics it is what ever the League is.

  19. Andrew says:

    Now THAT’S an interesting coalition if I ever saw one. While I’m the first to support anyone wanting to give the S.A, CPA or Resistance (is useless) a good kicking- I’m not sure your formula for such a bizarre alliance will work.

    Commies, Nazis, Nationalists, Libertarians- all working together without their own agenda to remove their coalition partners from the scene?

    Hmmm, it’s either very idealistic but devoid of reality or there’s a very strange mixture of pills you’re taking there…

    “Neither left, nor right”- hmmm, sounds a little like National Action to me.

  20. PSN would deliver a united front. Commies, Nazis, Nationalists and Libs have all got one thing in common. That is the desire for a end to imperialism and a end to capitalism.

  21. Andrew says:

    And then? And then and then and theeen? We get rid of global capital and rip each other apart over what’s left coz the common enemy is gone?

    Hmmm, very attractive short term, but long term you will have a vacuum in which former “allies” return to their original lines and animosity…

    Your interpretation of “Nationalist” is actually a civic patriot mate. Even they would not maintain this wishy washy alliance once the internationalist multinationals had been removed.

    Let’s face it, the alliance looks pretty on paper but will never happen as most of us can see the result in the long term.

  22. @ndy says:


    You’re arguing with a fifteen year old Internet warrior.

  23. Yes I know Andy. I have a long history on the internet fighting the enemies of Marxism-Leninism Stalinism.

    The Party of Social Nationalists will work. Once in power, people will dance on the streets singing and their will be free love. Never ending beer and sex. All this will hail the new order of Socialist Nationalism.

    Than capitalists will be drag by their necks and bourgeoisie private property will be abolished. Collectivism will be introduced and a massive nationalization programme will be introduced.

    Goths, Nerds, anarchists, bourgeoisie will be arrested by the People’s Police Force and never herd from again.

    Nazis, Libritarians and Nationalists will run wild and free doing what they like.

    Surplus capital will be distributed via welfare, programmes, services, subsidies etc.

    Porn will be free and any one can get it any where. Porn will be legal at schools.

    Victoria and it’s capital Melbourne will be turned into a colony where rubish, crap, fat people, retards, goths, nerds, capitalists, bourgeoisie and any other crap a Socialist Nationalist government can find will be deported to the idiot colony that will be Victoria.

  24. Andrew says:

    Oh, I get it- it’s all a joke, right?? LMFAO!!!!!!
    Porn will be legal at schools? How about we teach paedophilia as well? Get some bestiality onto the curriculum as well!

    Surplus capital? Exactly WHO is going to provide this surplus capital with everyone running amok in the streets doing as they wish consuming vast amounts of beer and performing sex acts in the gutters?

    Sounds like a world perfect for Libertarians and the anarchists you appear to hate so much- pervert paradise, but for the rest of us mate it would just be one giant bloody turkey shoot- so many arseholes, so few bullets!

    Keep up the fight comrades! Beer n sex all round! What a formula for revolution!!!!!!!

  25. Dr. Cam says:

    Andrew, I think you need to be aware that Peter is actually 15 years old and has certain mental issues. I don’t think much of you or your party, but I have to tell you that you are degrading yourself by attempting to seriously debate anything with him.

  26. Um, sorry people but the dream is over. The Central Committe[e] of the Stalinist League of Australia voted against the formation of the Party of Social Nationalists. It was a stupid idea any way. Andy was right all along. Its totally stupid to think a alliance of parties can work. Just look at Socialist Alliance.

    “Peter is actually 15 years old and has certain mental issues.”

    Can any evidance to back that up? Do you want me to take you to the police?

  27. Dr. Cam says:

    Peter, either go to the police and ask them if they know anyone who can help you, or find a social worker who you can talk these issues out with. I can help you arrange the latter if you like.

  28. What the fucking hell, I just said that Andy, Andrew and you were right. Any alliance can’t work. Socialist Alliance is a great example. Any alliance is doomed to be dominated by a single party. Socialist Alliance is totally dominated by the Democratic Socialist Perspective. The Communist Alliance is dominated by the CPA.

    Dr Cam, please explain what is your problem with me?

  29. Andrew says:

    Dr. Cam, Thanks for being so brutally honest! Our friendly neighbourhood Stalinist might be only 15, but if he doesn’t engage in debate he has no hope of working through his issues at all. Who knows, perhaps deep down there really is the making of a sensible political thinker- even on the extreme left side of politics which is where he seems happiest…

    Peter does seem to be all over the place like a headless chook, but at least he’s having a bloody go which is more than can be said for all the sheeple out there, happy getting pissed and watching footy while the nation goes to hell in a hand basket.

    Considering the modern world makes much of condemning Nazism, it’s amusing to see how they utilise Goebbels’ strategy of “keeping the general populace amused” through cinema (as it was 50 years ago) so they wouldn’t question the actions of the government of the time. Haven’t progressed much, have we?

    So, as mad as young Peter might be, I’d rather try debating with a confused, delusional extreme leftist/rightist whatever, than bang my head against the wall with some numbnut who doesn’t give a shit about anything.

    On a personal note, as for “not thinking much about me or my party”, it’s ok- it matters not, you don’t know me at all, my experiences, where I’ve been etc that have formed the opinions I have now, so speaking from a position of relative “ignorance” I wouldn’t hold your opinions against you.

    I don’t think much of extremists either, but I still respect the fact that you feel strongly enough about the world to actually do something about it…

  30. lumpnboy says:

    I find that most self-proclaimed ‘moderates’ make very immoderate claims as to the virtues of moderation, often asserting these virtues as a common sense by pathologising any kind of commitment to anything which might attempt to seriously break with the deadening logic of the reproduction of the status quo. Moderates with power tend to use immoderate means to oppose those who refuse their moderation, except in the case of those useful extremisms which can be deployed against their enemies eg. the moderation of the Social Democrats in Germany happy to use right-wing extremists against revolutonary Leftists after World War One. Extremism in the defense of moderation is no vice, it seems.

  31. it’s amusing to see how they utilise Goebbels’ strategy of “keeping the general populace amused” through cinema (as it was 50 years ago)so they wouldn’t question the actions of the government of the time. Haven’t progressed much, have we?

    That sounds like what Rome did two thousand years ago.

    So, as mad as young Peter might be, I’d rather try debating with a confused, delusional extreme leftist/rightist whatever

    I am not mad. What is so delusional or extremist about being a teenaged stalinist?

  32. Andrew says:

    No offence Peter- the terminology I used was that of others. I merely referred to your plans as “being all over the place like a headless chook”. No different to that of Howard when faced with an electoral whipping.

    Lumpnboy, any ideas as to where I could find the fabled extremist (like yourself I’m assuming) willing to defend my immoderate claim to power?

    Extremists are everywhere- particularly found amongst the so called “intelligentsia” who firmly believe they have a right to mould the thinking of average citizens. They are the extremists used by the governments of the day and internationalist multinationals to maintain the current “status quo” and bleed nations dry of their resources for the gain of a minority.

    They’re in the government and opposition, the media, the universities and the education system- they are the ones aiding the “deadening logic” of the status quo, forcing average people to remain silent for fear of character assassination and smear campaigns. Alternatively, the sheeple are convinced their opinions do not matter and submerge themselves in a hedonistic lifestyle revolving around materialistic accumulation and self gratification.

    Somehow, I doubt the status quo extremists would be defending my “immoderate claims to power”.

  33. Timma! says:

    So, yeah, I know this is a bit late and all, but heh. Great conversation.

    I remember when I was in high school, people used to be “Nazis” and shit, and the reason they did it was to piss off certain teachers and try and be different and stuff.

    Pass the bong, I’m going to go smash some banks in a minute.

    (Anarchy, at least it isn’t authoritarian, nationalistic bullshit. Freedom, it’s what I want.)

  34. Peter Watson aka Stalinist says:

    [Fly away Peter.]

  35. THR says:

    This is a perversely amusing thread. A self-declared Stalinist running amok, and a conservative come to chastise him.

    What is so delusional or extremist about being a teenaged stalinist?

    Surplus capital? Exactly WHO is going to provide this surplus capital with everyone running amok in the streets doing as they wish consuming vast amounts of beer and performing sex acts in the gutters?

    These guys need their own sitcom.

  36. Monkey Chops says:

    A colourful way of putting his point across, but I can kind of see the point the conservative is making here.

    If everyone is pursuing individualism to the “N”th degree and society is running only on the basis of individual agreements or contracts, then how will there be any production?

    Can’t believe I’m agreeing with a conservative… Oh my god, I’m a reactionary in disguise!

  37. Jazzy says:

    Hitler knew the German Army would be defeated, that is what he wanted. Why do you think there was such a big resistance movement against him in Germany. He was a Far Left Psychopath, just like Andy, who wanted to cull as many Europeans as he could, just like Andy does. We are on to your Eugenics, Randy Andy.

  38. @ndy says:

    When Harry met Sally he knew the Red Army would be cheated, that is what Elvis wanted. Why do you think there was such a Big Pineapple built for extra-terrestrials in Nambour? Henry Miller was a penny-farthing bicycle enthusiast, just like me, who wanted to tattoo the skull and crossbones on as many East-Enders as he could, just like me. All your base are belong to us, Jimmy.

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