Hammerfest 2007

    Don’t tell me I can’t believe from where it was I came
    200 years of separation, my blood is still the same
    We don’t want your thunder, this now you must know
    We are paying tribute with the sounds of our own

    ~ ‘Viking Power Rock ‘n’ Roll’, Blood Red Eagle (2005)

    We are the children who grew too fast
    We are the dust of a future past
    We raise our voices in the night
    Crying to heaven
    And will our voices be heard
    Or will they break like the wind

    ~ ‘Break Like the Wind’, Spinal Tap (1992)

For reasons best known to themselves, in their home country of the United States international neo-Nazi network the Hammerskins have been unable to maintain a site [ http://www.hammerfest07.com ] to promote their annual music festival, Hammerfest. Nevertheless — by the beauty of Freya and the mighty hand of Thor — the event itself is still scheduled to take place, in a little over a week’s time, in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Further, the Australian guest * has been revealed as being none other than Douglas Schott‘s band of Viking warriors from Newcastle, NSW, otherwise known as Blood Red Eagle.

Hail Odin!

Formed in 2000, for the last seven years the band has apparently been “proud” to support Blood and Honour, and has played “many” shows for B&H Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins. In fact, within Australia, almost all of its shows have been performed beneath the skirts of these two organisations, the last such event being the Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig on September 23 last year at The Worst pub in Melbourne, The Birmingham Hotel.

According to Douglas, during their brief time in the fascist spotlight, the band has “had the honour [of supporting] some of the greatest bands the movement has ever seen. Bands such as The Bully Boys, Fortress, Deaths Head, Bail Up!, Ravenous and more”. In other words, in addition to a group of wankers from Texas, BRE has played with almost every single one of the other handful of bands the Australian far right has been able to produce in the last decade or so. Oddly enough, Joel, the drummer for three of these four bands, can still be found on stage, pounding the skins for local Melbourne band Bulldog Spirit. (In fact, if you’re not attending the ISD gig, you can catch the flag-waving Spirit — along with La Haine, The Corps and The Worst — at the Barleycorn on October 13.)

Best of all, Douglas describes BRE’s racist lunacy as constituting “a fresh take on … ethnic cultural promotion and positive activism”. Which, to be fair to Douglas, bears some resemblance to the truth, just as one might describe Albert De Salvo as a man whose unconventional techniques involving population control and applied psychology are worthy of due recognition. In any case, at Hammerfest, BRE will be joined on stage by Attack, Down Right Hateful, Frontline, No Tolerance, Rebel Hell and Rolling Sevens. Curiously, the vocalist with Attack, Forrest Mackley Fogarty, a member of the Tampa, Fla., unit of the National Alliance, was deployed for 18 months during Operation Iraqi Freedom with his Army National Guard unit. (“There are some dirty Arabs enjoying their 70 virgins because of my actions and that of my fire team,” Fogarty boasted in the Winter 2005 issue of Resistance. Fogarty was identified in the article only as “Forrest of Attack.”) Further, three of Fogarty’s Hammerskin comrades from Florida will be facing court just a few days prior to Hammerfest, facing charges brought against them over their involvement in the (failed) home invasion of a local antifa.

Portland is an interesting choice of city for the short-haired racists to hold their annual knees up, and an Ad Hoc Committee has formed in opposition:

PORTLAND, OR – The Hammerskin Nation, a neo-Nazi skinhead organization, aims to attract hundreds of hardcore racists to the group’s twentieth-anniversary celebration, to be held October 5 – 7 of this year in the greater Portland area. The Hammerskins, then known as the Confederate Hammerskins, began life in 1987 as a Dallas, TX gang specializing in violence against Jewish people and people of color, sexual minorities, as well as activists. The Hammerskin Nation—a masthead for Hammerskin racist skinhead crews—has since gone national, and later international, with their bigoted agenda. The upcoming Hammerskin Nation event in Oregon was planned in conjunction with Volksfront, a Portland-led white supremacist group with links to Kenneth Mieske and Kyle Brewster, two of the killers of Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in a 1988 racially charged crime. Volksfront’s short-lived musical division “Upfront Records” released a benefit CD for Mieske in 2002, and Brewster had his parole revoked last year after his association with Volksfront was revealed on the internet. The October Hammerskin Nation gathering is currently being openly advertised on such Hitler-admiring websites as stormfront.org…

Speaking of Scumfront, it’s been fairly quiet of late — at least insofar as the section its Yanqui führer Mister Black allows the ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie lickspittles to populate. And speaking of Hitler, following yet another perilous undercover investigation by FightDemBack! member Agent Gerbil, the moderator of the Down Under section of Shitfront, a Novocastrian named Rhys McLean, has been revealed as being yet another one of the incestuous coprophiliac‘s admirers; one, it seems, of literally thousands that infest the world’s leading anti-Semitic online forum. Strangely, an anonymous commenter blames David Innes for Gerbil’s success, and as a result it appears that the website for the New Right in Australia and New Zealand has disappeared into the ether; Innes also, apparently, after having served first as a dedicated publicist for David Duke and Scumfront, then volunteered his services as the New Reich’s IT expert.

Godwin knows what the Tinfoil Hat Brigade will make of this development.

The funny thing is, they (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more say no more) probably think the fun and games are over.

Many have made that mistake regards Gerbil.

    See also : MI5 records reveal gerbil spycatcher plan, BBC, June 30, 2001: “Security Service MI5 once planned to recruit a team of specially-trained gerbils as a secret weapon to sniff out spies, it has been revealed.”

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