Class War: Oh I say! Steady on old bean!

From Henley to Notting Hill: Class War is on the move again
Ian Jack
The Guardian
Saturday October 6, 2007

The anti-rich movement has Cameron in its sights, but the warriors’ weapons have lost their edge

Next month, on Saturday November 3, a demonstration will head for David Cameron’s house in Notting Hill; just possibly, he may be prime minister by then. The postcard from the promoters, Bash the Rich, has on one side a ragged-looking boy (actually the boy from Ken Loach’s Kes) sticking up two fingers at members of Oxford’s Bullingdon Club (young Cameron second from left) in their dress shirts and tails. The other side has a picture of Cameron with “parasite” across his forehead. There’s a list of what the protest is against, with a cross against gastropubs, swanky brasseries, yuppie lofts, gentrification, posh estate agents, gated communities and Lord Snooty. What does the protest want? A tick marks real boozers, affordable housing and public spaces. “Toffs out!” in big letters. “Old Etonians fuck off!”…

See also : ‘We need to push and shove and throw things’ | Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy | Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy (Part 2) …if there’s one thing worse than a rich toff, it’s a rich toff pretending to be ‘working class’ by acting like they’re fucking stupid. Oh, and props to Vents for informing the Revolver mob about the boycott last night. Now go buy his album! (Incidentally, this record is available in the foyer. Some of us gotta live as well, y’know… etcetera.)

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