Fuck the FBI! Free Elliot Madison! (And other stuff…)

The wascally wabbits at CrimethInc. have two neat-o reports on the G20 shenanigans in Pittsburgh:

Breaking News from the Pittsburgh G20 Protests &
G20 Mobilization: Preliminary Assessment

In Battening Down the Hatches: Secret State Monitors Protest, Represses Dissent (Antifascist Calling…, October 11, 2009), Tom Burghardt rudely sticks his big nose in where it’s not wanted, drawing further unwanted attention to the case of “Elliot Madison, the 41-year-old anarchist arrested in Pittsburgh September 24 at the height of G20 protests”.

Twitter Revolution: when anarchists tweet, the state twembles!

“It appears Twitter is playing an important role at a crucial time…”
— P.J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs

We believe that now is a “crucial time”.

We believe that resistance is important.

We believe that new communications modes can have an “important role” to play.

And we believe that this applies as much in the rest of the world as in Iran.

Elliot Madison appeared to believe many of the same things. And the FBI believed that he should be stopped.

You turned your twitter avatar green to show solidarity with the people of Iran.

Now turn it red and black to show solidarity with the resistance movement in the USA.

NOT BORED! done published an interview with cheese-eating surrender monkey Claude Guillon on his hot new book Democratic Terrorization.

I hope his publisher remembers to send a copy to Glenn Beck.

Speaking of books…

How to Make Trouble and Influence People

is a wonderful new book by some trouble-making bloke called Iain McIntyre, and is published by the redoubtable and not-at-all nervous Breakdown Press.

Launched in Newcastle at TINA — where L kindly grabbed me a copy — it will be launched again, kicking and screaming, in Melbourne on THURSDAY the 5th NOVEMBER at the BELLA UNION BAR (Victorian Trades Hall, cnr Victoria and Lygon Streets) between the hours of 6 and 8pm.

The book compiles tales of unconventional political dissent included in three previously-published pamphlets — How To Make Trouble And Influence People (1996), How to Stop Whining and Start Living (1998) and Revenge Of The Troublemaker (2003) — and, as an EXTRA! ADDED! BONUS!, interviews with a number of pranksters, photos galore, and er, other stuff.

See also : How To Make Trouble & Influence People (March 19, 2008).

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  3. supportmariemason says:

    for information on the charges against Madison, as well as the subsequent raid on Tortuga House, see: http://friendsoftortuga.wordpress.com/

  4. @ndy says:

    Cheers supportmariemason (and rad and grumpy).

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