Hissy fits

…are breaking out all over. Following the exposure of the Melbourne Knights (nee Croatia) as being the latest mob to provide a venue for the annual knees-up by local boneheads Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, comes another fascist hissy fit.

Mr. Hitler still has a lot to answer for!

On Stormfront Down Under, a brief conversation, involving a fascist twat and a fascist twat named Rhys McLean (above), current moderator of SFDU, member of Saleam’s Australia First Party* (and like Herr Doktor, silly enough to be captured wearing his ideological heart on his sleeve):

1) Here is the links:

[[link removed]]

Click on the link and it takes you [straight] to FDB.

Looks like i was wrong about BvH folks, and i sincerely apologise to any White Nationalists i have offended, criticised or hurt over my defence of him. Whether or not he was a true White Nationalist all along i dont know, but his actions of late prove he is no longer a WN, and has turned dog.

Not only this link, but i read on FDB thread that he has gone to FDB so… I apologise for defending him [at?] all.

I hope you all forgive me for my actions.

2) Yep…

FightDemBack will never be discussed here.

They need to come to Stormfront to keep themselves entertained. They cannot come up with anything of their own.

They talk about us to stir us up, create division and try and scare people away. If nobody pays any attention to them, they have nothing. Nothing at all.

They are a banned topic here. Period.

You want fries with that?


Oddly enough, a similar closed door policy was pursued by McLean’s predecessor, Emma Peterson (‘Lilith’). Of course, the recent departure of Emma and her husband David Innes (‘Baron von Hund’) from the Yanqui Stormfront site (under a cloud of suspicion) has not only meant the end of the ‘Down Under Nationalist Resource’ site, but that of the ‘New Right Australia/New Zealand’ as well.

Over-the-water, in Christchurch, Kyle ‘The Pieman’ Chapman, former fuehrer of the New Zealand National Front, has failed to set tongues wagging with his stunning popularity among local citizens. Or to put it another way — in fact, in in the inimitable stylee of sexy Semite Asher:

Chapman fails miserably, beaten by a pothead and a communist

The Christchurch local body election results are in, and everybody’s favourite fascist Kyle Chapman has failed miserably.

In the Mayoral election Kyle received a paltry 673 votes, putting him in 3rd to last place, and behind Byron Clark (from the Worker’s Party) and Blair Anderson (from the Mild Greens). For the record, ex-gameshow host and all-round scumbag Bob Parker won with 46104 votes.

In the Hagley-Ferrymead community board, where Kyle thought he had a better chance, especially seeing as 5 out of 11 candidates were to be elected, he received 1459 votes, putting him in LAST place, with less than half the votes of the 2nd to last place getter!

For the record, Jason Orme, who is in the same fascist party as Kyle, the National Democrats, ran for Mayor of Waimakariri. He came last, 4th out of 4, with just over 1/3 of the votes of the 2nd to last place getter.

* “…In recent weeks, racist anti-Sudanese pamphlets have been distributed in Sydney’s western suburbs and across the New South Wales Central Coast. The pamphlets are attributed to the Australia First Party, but the anti-immigration group denies it’s behind the campaign.

JIM SALEAM, AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY: Allowing for Australia’s racial vilification laws, I can’t say to you that I agree with the content of the pamphlet, but I can say to you that I would defend the right of free speech of the person to distribute the document.” ~ Immigration Minister denies inciting racial tension, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcast: 11/10/2007, Reporter: John Stewart

Note that the pamphlets in question contain racist cartoon images originally produced by White Aryan Resistance in the US. These are also currently featured on Martin Fletcher’s site, Down Under Newslinks.


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  1. Oh Andy I was so wrong. I want to defect to Fight Dem Back. Sorry am taking drugs.

  2. Asher says:

    All is forgiven @ndy, and the 24 hours of love begins now!

  3. Evan says:

    so can we confirm that the gig was on at the soccer club

  4. Evan says:

    Fucking liars

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