“The Serbs can say what they like.” Heil Thompson!

Croatian star’s gig sparks outrage
Greg Roberts
The Australian
October 31, 2007

SERBIAN and Jewish community leaders are outraged that the social arm of the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club is hosting a concert by a Croatian rock star with a strong following among neo-Nazi sympathisers.

The revelation follows the club’s apology for staging a concert for neo-Nazi skinheads at its North Sunshine complex this month.

A concert by Marko Perkovic will be hosted by the Knights-affiliated Melbourne Croatia Social Club at the complex on December 28.

Perkovic, Croatia’s top rock star, uses the stage name Thompson, in honour of the American-issued submachinegun of the same name that he carried as a soldier in Croatia’s war of independence against Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

George Markovic, the publisher of Melbourne’s Serbian Voice newspaper, said the Knights should steer clear of extremist elements.

“People in our community are thinking of the Knights as the Gestapo Club,” Mr Markovic said.

Mr Markovic said Perkovic had been granted visas for previous visits to Australia, while Serb singer Ceca Raznatovic has been denied a visa in 2005. “It’s double standards,” he said.

B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission director Manny Waks said Perkovic’s visit reflected badly on the Knights and the Croatian community. “It is unacceptable,” Mr Waks said.

The Weekend Australian reported on Saturday that Melbourne Knights chairman Matt Tomas had censured his club’s social arm for providing a venue for the October 13 concert by skinhead [that is, bonehead] rock bands.

Mr Tomas yesterday again expressed exasperation at the Croatia Social Club.

“I can understand why people are upset and just wish the social club would focus on its football identity,” he said.

Croatia Social Club committee member [and former Football Federation Victoria VIP] Ivan Skunca said the club was not concerned about outside criticism.

“The Serbs can say what they like. It doesn’t bother us,” Mr Skunca said.

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said Perkovic had yet to submit a visa application, but it would be carefully considered.

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27 Responses to “The Serbs can say what they like.” Heil Thompson!

  1. gregg says:

    Someone on Stormfront claims that this is from a Thompson concert.

    [And they would be right.]

  2. Steve says:

    Yawn. I’d actually like to see a Thompson written song that is in anyway racist. Have any of you ever actually listened to his music or read his lyrics? That would be a no.

  3. @ndy says:


    I neither speak nor read his language. However:

    Just look at some of the lyrics from the song I’ve mentioned in my previous post:

    “U Capljini, klaonica bila, puno Srba Neretva nosila” (Translation: “In Capljina, was a slaugtherhouse, lots of Serbs in Drina river”). And you complain how it is all due to media taking sides? How can you say that when dickheads like this are proud of that?

    Let’s look at some of the other songs he sang, very popular with nationalists: “Oj ustase braco mila, duboka je voda Drina, Drinu cemo pregaziti, a Srbiju zapaliti” (Translation: “Hey Ustashe dear brothers, Drina river is deep, we’ll cross over Drina and burn Serbia”).

    That’s not even “re-telling” what happened as you said, but re-fueling the hatred every time those words are sung.

  4. dj says:

    This is becoming like that joke where the macho jock guy complains about all those gay blokes sucking his cock.

  5. Steve says:

    The songs you mention are Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara, and Evo Zore, Evo Dana. They are classic Croatian war songs from WW2. They are not Thompson written songs. Thompson has never written a song on his albums that inspires hate or pro Ustasa messages. Keep distorting the truth. I love how you keeping making mistakes, just like your previous one of blaming the Knights for hosting the neo nazi event, only to later back pedal. It would actually be nice for you to offer an apology for your malicious attack on the Knights.

  6. Evan says:

    The Knights have issued an apology for the gig.

  7. RPC says:

    That’s a silly argument, Steve. Many (most?) singers do not write songs.

    You describe them as “classic Croatian war songs from WW2”, which is no doubt correct, but they are also pro-Holocaust songs. When Thompson chooses to sing them, and doesn’t discourage his fans from saluting along, he is choosing to support their pro-Holocaust message.

    Stop making pathetic excuses for him.

  8. Steve says:

    Thompson is actually a band, a band that takes its name from the nickname of frontman Marko Perkovic ‘Thompson’. And most rock bands write their own songs RPC. You must only listen to manufactured pop if you think otherwise. Thompson has released 6 albums, all material written by themselves. None of their music contains hate or pro Ustasa material.

    And those 2 classic Croatian songs are about the war fought against the Serbs and communists, hence being war songs. They are not pro holocaust songs. Every nation has its war songs, you need to get over it. Also those are songs he has sung on a handful of occasions. But you probably didn’t know any of this given your clear ignorance.

    So keep showing your ignorance RPC, maybe actually get informed about what you are talking about before opening that stupid mouth of yours.

  9. @ndy says:

    G’day Steve,

    On the subject of an apology, I have already written about the circumstances surrounding anti-racist activists obtaining information regarding the gig’s location on the evening of the gig, contacting the Melbourne Knights, and their initial denials; further, the manner in which it was eventually established that the MCSC was responsible, not the Melbourne Knights per se. Here’s a copy of the statement issued by the MK:

    Melbourne Knights Soccer Club Media Statement

    Melbourne Knights Soccer Club wish to publicly clear up a campaign of misinformation that is permeating about the club’s role in a recent rock concert held at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club, allegedly supporting racist sentiments.

    In the first instance, the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club wishes to put on record that the Soccer Club is a wholly separate physical and legal entity from the Melbourne Croatia Social Club.

    The knights are simply a tenant of the Social Club, which is located adjacent to our Somers Street, North Sunshine home ground.

    Melbourne Knights Soccer Club does not have any control over the operations of the Social Club, including the hiring of the venue to third parties, however the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club together with the Melbourne Croatia Social Club will ensure that these types of functions will never be booked at the social rooms in the future and that we do not in any way support these types of racial concerts.

    As a two – time champion of Australia and a producer of a long-line of Socceroos including World and Asian Cup captain Mark Viduka, the Melbourne Knights Soccer Club is proud of its history, present and future as one of Australia’s premier sporting clubs and denounces racism in all forms.

    In addition, Mark Tomas, MK President, is on record (Neo-Nazis split Croat community, Greg Roberts, The Australian, October 27, 2007) as follows:

    The Melbourne Knights Soccer Club yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on its social arm, the Croatia Social Club, for hosting the October 13 concert by groups that incite violence and attacks against Jews and other minorities. “I am deeply disturbed that the good reputation of our football club has been tarnished by the social club’s incompetence,” Knights chairman Matt Tomas said…

    Mr Tomas said he did not know who was attending the concert, but he would investigate Mr Smith’s claim that Knights members were contacted, adding: “I don’t associate with that sort of scum. I’m utterly disgusted about this.”

    Mr Tomas said the concert was approved by the Croatia Social Club, a separate legal entity to the football club.

    And further, in response to the scheduling of a performance by Thompson (Croatian star’s gig sparks outrage, Greg Roberts, The Australian, October 31, 2007):

    Mr Tomas yesterday again expressed exasperation at the Croatia Social Club.

    “I can understand why people are upset and just wish the social club would focus on its football identity,” he said.

    You’ve yet to address Tomas’ remarks. AGAIN:


    The Melbourne Knights soccer club has apologised for allowing a rock concert to be staged for neo-Nazi skinheads. Deep splits have emerged in the club, which was founded by the city’s Croatian community 55 years ago.

    It’s an unlikely venue for a neo-Nazi rock concert, but believe or not, this was where a group of [boneheads] gathered just two weeks ago – the Melbourne Knights Social Club. And this was the headline act – American neo-Nazi rock band Final War, and this is their message of hate.

    FINAL WAR SONG: # By voices loud and clear # Inform the youth of the truth # The Jews’ greatest fear…#

    On the clip taken from YouTube, Final War performs a song it calls ‘Aryan Pride’. In another, it boasts “We fight Jews.” Final War was brought here by the Australian arm of the neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour. Group members in the United States and Europe have reportedly been jailed for assaults, bombings and murders, but the Melbourne Knights chief says he had no idea about the concert and has condemned the band’s poisonous message.

    MATT TOMAS, MELBOURNE KNIGHTS CHAIRMAN: In my eyes, these people that support these Nazi regimes are scum, OK? They are not affiliated with this club, they will never be accepted by our club.

    Mr Tomas says the Knights’ social club must shoulder the blame because, legally, it’s a separate organisation. And in an extraordinary attack, he’s accused the club’s organisers of utter incompetence. A social club committee member admits they made a mistake. The Jewish human rights watchdog is outraged.

    MANNY WAKS, B’NAI B’RITH ANTI-DEFAMATION COMMISSION: In our multicultural society here in Australia, these sorts of views are not to be tolerated and are unacceptable.

    MATT TOMAS: I’d just like to apologise to all communities that this may have brought any heartache to. It wasn’t intended and it’s not supported by the Melbourne Knights.

    The social club which accepted the reservation has apologised for failing to check the background of those booking its venue. But this is not the first time that the Knights social club has found itself in hot water. It’s been criticised by Jews for ignoring protests after naming its hall in inner-city Melbourne after a Nazi collaborator. Jewish groups want the police to investigate. They say the concert was held amid a climate of fear in the community. Just weeks before, they say, four Jewish people were punched and beaten with baseball bats in three separate incidents.

    …or to answer any of the questions I have asked you inre this affair.

    I repeat:

    I accept that the Melbourne Knights did not authorise the gig, and that the MCSC did. The issue is: what now? Is it acceptable for the MCSC to support neo-Nazism? If not, what is the MCSC going to do in order to make reparations? If it is, what attitude should the general public — including the Melbourne Knights, who continue to have a close association with the MCSC — adopt towards the MCSC? Ultimately, this is a political question, which is why I previously asked for your honest commentary on the subject.

  10. RPC says:


    Bands regularly play songs written by other people. They do not do so if they do not like the song and support its sentiments.

    “Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara” is a song about ethnic cleansing during World War II.

    Thompson performed this song to sieg-heiling fans. They did not stop playing and tell the crowd that sieg-heiling is unacceptable (which is the bare minimum acceptable response, in my view). Rather, they kept playing and later said the sieg-heiling fans were proud Croation patriots.

    Why don’t you have a problem with this?

  11. Steve says:

    It is not seig heiling you idiot. Last time I checked it was called the Roman Salute.

  12. RPC says:


    Just… wow.

  13. Steve says:

    So RPC the Romans were Nazis as well were they. The Roman Salute is used by many nationalists across many races. Obviously you have serious [trouble] accepting people with a different political outlook to you. Just as you are a Croatian-hating bigot.

  14. Dr. Cam says:

    Wow, it’s been a while since a neo-Nazi trotted out the Roman salute line. The NZNF tried explaining away all the photos of their members sieg heiling a few years back as them just getting in touch with their Roman heritage.

    We pointed out that this is a disingenuous explanation when they are also dolled up with swazis. The same is true of neo-Nazi Croats who give the “roman salute” while decked out in Ustasa uniforms.

  15. Steve says:

    You people have a hard time understanding that Nazism and the Ustasa are not the same thing. You fucktards label anything right wing as fascist or Nazi, has no ideological grounding. I might as well call all you leftys Communists. But you would probably take that as a compliment.

  16. RPC says:

    The Ustashi are fascists. And they were nazi collaborators.

  17. Steve says:

    Nazi collaborators yes, fascists no. You need to read up on political ideology and open your eyes.

    You have no understanding of what was taking place in Croatia during WW2 and prior to it. Croatia had been forced into Yugoslavia in 1918 by the Treaty of Versailles. The first Yugoslavia (1918-1941) was ruled by the Serbian monarchy, it was nothing more than Greater Serbia. Croats were persecuted, there were massacres (not only against Croats) and political assassinations. The Croatian language, culture, traditions and religion was suppressed. Serbian culture, language etc was imposed. You leftys like to ignore this.

    The Ustasa was started in 1929 as a reaction to this, it was a militant liberation movement in the style of the IRA and ETA, not a political organization like the Nazis or Italian Fascists.

    The Croatian independence movement, meaning not just the Ustasa but beyond that, sought help from the West. The West as it likes to do ignored the pleas of Croatia. The Croatian cause had the support of the likes of Albert Einstein. As WW2 came you had the Communists moving [their] way through Europe. Croatia is left with only 2 options, lay down and accept Communist domination within Yugoslavia (meaning no independence) or gain Croatian independence by siding with the Axis forces.

    This is the reality, Croatia has been a pawn throughout its history being tossed around from one empire to the next. All the while our desire has been to simply be free, and see our beloved homeland have its independence. This has been a struggle we have fought since 1102 when we came under Hungarian rule. That’s an 800 year struggle, can you people even comprehend that.

  18. Steve says:

    To Andy.

    It’s simple, you accused the Melbourne Knights of being to blame for the event. You were wrong, you should apologise. Are you that unreasonable that you are unable to accept that you have made a mistake?

    You keep missing the point Andy. Should not the actual event, the neo-Nazi concert, be bearing the brunt of your attack? You have not done that, rather you have focused on the venue and completely ignored the event itself. That is just stupid and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  19. RPC says:

    I have seen the “they weren’t fascists, they were separatists” defence and it doesn’t hold water. Fascists are organised around an historical homeland, which does not necessarily match up with national boundaries. In most cases the proposed boundary was larger than the country concerned, but that’s not necessarily the case.

    I have nothing against national liberation movements per se. I have something against fascist, nazi-collaborating national liberation movements.

  20. RPC says:

    Oh, and it’s disingenuous to suggest that the Ustashi are like the IRA or ETA. They are on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

  21. Steve says:

    Not everything is about left or right, my point is the Ustasa like the IRA and ETA was a liberation movement rather than a political party or ideology. The IRA and ETA may be on the left, but they are still nationalist organisations. Both organisations have widespread support amongst the Croatian right despite being on the left. It’s about the right to self-determination, that goes beyond the simplistic confines of the political spectrum.

  22. @ndy says:


    I’ve made a small number of posts on this subject. They are:

    2) Fascism versus Football
    3) Ah, Melbourne: neo-Nazi concert one day; anti-Semitic assault the next
    4) Stamp out racism! Thursday, October 25
    5) Racism row over hiring (of Knights Stadium by neo-Nazi groups)
    6) Neo-Nazis split Croat community

    In the first entry, made on the night of the gig (October 13), I made note of the fact that it was being played at “a football (soccer) club located in the Melbourne suburb of North Sunshine”, and that this would harm the reputation of the Melbourne Knights. In the second entry, October 15, I referred to the gig as being a result of a decision by the Knights, and again argued that this was a major mistake, contradicted FFV policy against discrimination on the field, and was taking place during a period of increased ethnic and racial tension. The third entry, on October 18, ascribed responsibility to “the Melbourne Knights Football Club / Melbourne Croatia Social Club”, following my discovery of the possibility that one or both might be responsible for authorising the gig.

    The fourth entry (October 22) simply promotes a protest (on October 25) at FFV, one organised with the intention of requesting/demanding that, in the absence of any official admission of responsibility by either the Knights or the MCSC, FFV conduct some kind of investigation in keeping with its mandate.

    The fifth and sixth entries, published on October 25 and 26 respectively, reproduce media reports in which — finally — Melbourne Knights’ President Matt Tomas made a statement disavowing responsibility for the gig, expressing regret over its occurrence, apportioning blame on the MCSC, and declaring neo-Nazis to be what they are: scum. Further, Roberts reports: “Contacted by The Weekend Australian, social club manager Catarina Malacic denied the event was held. “There was nothing on at the venue that night,” she said. Later, club committee member Ivan Skunca confirmed the premises were booked for a concert, but said the club did not know who made the booking. “It was a mistake. Perhaps we had an obligation to check these people out and we didn’t. We apologise for that.””

    In other words, I’ve reported the facts as I’ve known them, in good faith, and — assuming Matt Tomas’ and the Knights are doing the same thing — believe the responsibility for the gig now lies with the MCSC (despite Malacic’s lie).

    In short: I have nothing to apologise for.

    “You keep missing the point Andy. Should not the actual event, the neo-Nazi concert, be bearing the brunt of your attack? You have not done that, rather you have focused on the venue and completely ignored the event itself. That is just stupid and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

    An absurd accusation. I’ve been monitoring these and other fascist groups for several years, and written about these and related subjects extensively. For example, I first wrote about this particular gig in June; four months ago. I’ve also been engaged in promoting a campaign to boycott the location of previous ISD memorial gigs in 2006, 2005 and years previous: The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy. I’ve written extensively on both Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins. (If you Google “Ian Stuart Donaldson”, one of my blogposts about him and related issues is one of the first to appear.)

    The point of writing about the venue is because B&H and the Hammerskins attempt to keep it a secret. They cannot. Exposing the locations of their events embarrasses them and jeopardises future gigs. It also serves to let future venue owners and managers know that if they are willing to stoop to providing neo-Nazi scum with a platform, they too will be exposed to public criticism.

  23. gregg says:

    Not everything is about left or right, my point is the Ustasa like the IRA and ETA was a liberation movement rather than a political party or ideology. The IRA and ETA may be on the left, but they are still nationalist organisations. Both organisations have widespread support amongst the Croatian right despite being on the left. It’s about the right to self-determination, that goes beyond the simplistic confines of the political spectrum.

    This is where the lines get blurred indeed. I’m sure that many people in Northern Ireland couldn’t give two fucks about the IRA’s fight for self-determination and would see them as nothing more than a gang of thugs with an agenda of power grabbing rather than liberation nowadays much like any other fascist organisation. Just hear what Irish anarchists have to say… Personally I think that nationalism of any kind is kinda mental – Left, Right or Indigenous for that matter. It’s all about the ‘Class Struggle’ baby, yeah.
    All the best.

  24. Lumpen says:

    The Roman Salute is used by many nationalists across many races.

    That’s about as convincing as “they were playing with invisible yo-yos”.

    The historical evidence for the role of the Ustase is pretty clear. It’s fucking disgusting to frame the murder of hundreds of thousands as part of a “liberation” movement for self-determination. Any sane person would be ashamed of this. Neither ETA nor the IRA come close to this level of monstrosity, which makes the comparisons inaccurate (and desperate). Oh, and for the record: fuck the IRA and fuck ETA.

    The Ustase saw themselves as the exact equivalent of the NSDAP and were willing to go the extra mile to prove this; by murdering 77,000 Jews for example.

    14. All classes of the Croatian people constitute one unified whole, defined by their Croatian blood, who can trace back their origins and who maintain a permanent familial connection with the village and the land. In ninety-nine out of a hundred cases someone in Croatia who does not originate from a peasant family is not a Croat at all, but a foreign immigrant.

    17. Balanced breeding, the promotion and perfection of these virtues and branches of national life is the goal of all public welfare and of state authority as such, because they have guaranteed survival for centuries of existence and will guarantee the prosperity of future generations of the Croatian nation and existence of that security in the independent Croatian state.

    This above, from Principles of the Ustase Movement(1929), is your standard description of commonly understood fascism, only transferred to a Croatian context. Granted, Nazism is often conflated as the same thing, though outside of academic circles this is acceptable as part of the vernacular. As someone who has spent too much time having to read this shit at an academic level, I’m pretty comfortable calling the Ustase a fascist group. They’re not Nazis in the sense that they were not in the NSDAP, but they are in the sense that they are racist national-socialists and contemporaries of the Nazis who served in the same fucking army.

    I think from now on Steve, I’ll be treating you with the contempt you deserve for that level of fuckwittery. I might bother to quote Pavelic’s ‘Aryan Decrees’ to embarrass you further if you continue this line. Though I think debate with you is a waste of time and energy.

    Oh, and by the way, the Ustase did have an ideology. I just quoted some of it.

    P.S. Thompson sucks.

  25. @ndy says:

    Says a lot, you are clueless. Honestly, get over it. You didn’t give a shit when the Ustasha came out of Croatia in 1929 to butcher their enemies in the 1940s, so why do you care now? Lumpen you quote things you have no idea about, or who’s handled them: get some sense into that head of yours. The fact you call yourself an anarchist is quite telling, you need to grow up, and buy a dictionary. It’s about the right to self-determination. That goes beyond the simplistic confines of the political spectrum. Look at the past few weeks Lumpen, you have gone on a crusade against the Croatian community. You were wrong, you should apologise. Nazi collaborators yes, fascists no. You need to read up on political ideology and open your eyes. Are you that unreasonable that you are unable to accept that you have made a mistake? You are a Croatian-hating bigot. Read the comments comrade. Logic says yes, but instead what we have seen is idiots like you choose to go on the attack against the Croatian community instead. It is not seig heiling you idiot. It’s not my problem if you cannot read Lumpen you left wing faggot. But you probably didn’t know any of this given your clear ignorance. If you don’t like it maybe you should fuck off to some other country. They are classic Croatian war songs from WW2. You are a Croat hater, it’s as simple as that.

    (Roman salute.)

  26. Max says:

    In the hierarchy of Hell that created the Holocaust, one group of killers stands out as more vicious, murderous, and bloodcurdling than all others. Who were they? Where did they plow their killing fields? How and why did they come together to sear a chronicle of atrocities a magnitude worse than Auschwitz? The answer: None were more savage than the Ustasha of Yugoslavia, a Muslim-Catholic alliance of Nazi killers so gruesome and beastly that even Berlin shrank in horror at the slaughter. This berserk army of ghastly murderers, the Ustasha, and three related crack divisions of Arab-Nazi Waffen SS comprised of tens of thousands of Muslim volunteers, terrorized people of all faiths in Yugoslavia. In large measure, these murder machines emerged through the efforts of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. The Grand Mufti was on a mission to accelerate the extermination of all Jews everywhere. His partner was Adolf Hitler — personally. NDH President Pavelic declared early on, “This is now the Ustasha and Independent State of Croatia. It must be cleansed of all Serbs and Jews. There is no room for any of them here. Not a stone upon a stone will remain of what once belonged to them.” He later assured, “The Jews will be liquidated within a very short time.” To this end, more than 20 Ustasha concentration camps were established for the killing process, manned by combined Catholic and Muslim forces. The most notorious of these camps was the hellish complex known as Jasenovac, considered by many to be more sadistic than Auschwitz by an immeasurable magnitude. Gas chambers were not needed. All death was personally inflicted.Mass throat-slittings at great velocity were achieved with a small hand blade wrapped tight to the wrist and dubbed the “Serbcutter.” They were specially designed and manufactured for the purpose. One night, guards at Jasenovac wagered amongst themselves to see who could cut the most throats with their Serbcutters. Guard Petar Brzica, a Franciscan priest, was determined to prove his skill, which he did by slicing the throats of an estimated 1,360 defenseless inmates. Guard Ante Zrinusic lost the bet by only cutting the throats of about 600 helpless prisoners. Guard Mile Friganovi was close behind the winner, murdering only about 1,100 Serbs that night. NDH president Pavelic himself once showed a journalist a wicker basket filled with some 40 pounds of eyeballs. Pavelic joked that he could make an oyster stew with them.Women were carted away and raped endlessly until their captors were finished — at which time they were horribly mutilated for souvenir body parts. “A good Ustasha,” Pavelic told his troops, “is he who can use his knife to cut a child from the womb of its mother.”Cruel and inhumane as the Nazis were, they retreated in wide-eyed astonishment when they learned of the joint Catholic-Muslim Ustasha atrocities. German General Edmund Glaise von Horstenau, the commanding officer of the region headquartered in Zagreb, reported back to Berlin, “According to reliable reports from countless German military and civil observers during the last few weeks, the Ustasha have gone raging mad.” He added, “The Ustasha camps … are the ‘epitome of horror!'” In revulsion, Glaise von Horstenau wrote, “The most wicked [concentration camp] of all must be Jasenovac, where no ordinary mortal is allowed to peer in.” Hermann Naubacher, Hitler’s personal assistant for the Balkans, called the Ustasha exterminations “a crusade that belongs among the most brutal mass-murder undertakings in the entire history of the world.” Naubacher somberly added, “According to the reports that have reached me, my estimate is that the number of those defenseless slaughtered is some three-quarters of a million.”


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